With July rolling along, the heat and humidity are in full force here in Ohio. I’m sure it’s probably the same where you live too? Despite the temps we were able to fit in a camping trip which was quite fun – in the shade! And our camper has air conditioning so no big deal. With the addition of a lot of little bike rides around the campground I ended up with 55 miles of bike riding and 39 miles of running.

Mon – 3.5 easy miles.  And sweaty miles.  Oh so humid again 🙂 No pics today, but I’ll give you one from Sunday at the bike park. My son got a new BMX bike which was a lot of fun to jump into the pit!

Tues – 9 mile tempo run.  This was as good as it was going to get in the summer heat.  A few rest breaks were taken!  These hot runs are character builders!

Ladies Ride Night!  It was super hot, but it felt wonderful on our ride.  

Weds – Rest day!  My parents were camping at a local campground so we joined them for a few days.  It was a nice weekday getaway! 

My Dad just bought a scooter since he can’t manage a bike anymore.  It’s a game changer!  That thing is fast – it goes 20 mph!  Luckily my Dad doesn’t go more than maybe 9 mph.  Yes, this is the same Dad who was laying in a hospital bed a couple of months ago.  Crazy, right?  

We saw a beautiful sunset on the beach that night.

Thurs – 8 miles.  A run around the campground.  We also did some bit of biking and hiking. We saw a cool little Praying Mantis on our nature hike. We also played euchre! I haven’t done that in a long time. My kids and mom were beginners and we played pretty good. 

Fri – I was going to go on a short run, but it quickly turned into a walk when I saw my parents on the trail.  I joined them for a 2.5 mile walk.  My Dad was zooming around so I just got to enjoy talking to my Mom.

By Friday afternoon we were back home. My training plan said “Fun Workout”, so I chose inline skating.  My son and I skated while my daughter rode her skateboard.  After that, we had ice cream.  A perfect ending to the night.

Sat – 16 miles, long run! The clouds were rolling through and luckily I got some rain on my run!  Yes, it was a good thing to be rained on.  I was very happy the sun didn’t make an appearance either.  We’ve got a Disney trip planned for Thanksgiving week so I spent this entire run listening to Disney travel podcasts.  The perfect way to multitask 🙂

This year our zoo turned on the seasonal Christmas lights (since apparently they are still hung from last Christmas) and they had a Christmas in July event.  It was a fun night, but super crowded and hot!  I’m glad Christmas is actually cold around here.

Sun – 26 miles biking.  I fueled up with some donuts then went out for a long ride.  Sweaty, but a good ride.  16.7 mph riding on my own.  Yay! Saw some beautiful flowers along the way.

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: What is your favorite card game?

Q: Did you do any “Christmas in July” themed things?

We have a party at work on Monday too!

17 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – weekday getaway”
  1. that is great that your dad is up and mobile again. Those scooters can do a lot for confidence and independence. I hear ya on the summer runs! They are tough going for sure way to get it done out there

  2. We’ve been in a couple of different Euchre card groups, but it’s been a couple years since our last get-together for cards (we have dinners and go on bike rides with some of the peeps frequently). The Christmas in July zoo event sounds fun! There’s a small zoo in Des Moines (an hour away), and I hear they have weekly Zoo Brew nights on Wednesdays (with no kids allowed, LOL). The daughters want me to join them some time 😉

    1. I am definitely in the “Turkey before Tree” group when it comes to the holidays, but it was a fun time to be at the zoo after dark. I can wait until December for Christmas otherwise 🤣 That place was packed. I think every zoo member in town was there!

  3. It’s funny because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Christmas but I never do anything for Christmas in July. To be honest, I’m already thinking about Halloween for real- it’s coming right up!
    You had a great week of workouts, on top of throwing a camping trip in there! Great job on the long run- yes, a little rain helps tremendously. And I love the picture of flowers from your bike ride!

    1. The flower picture is from a “you pick” farm we have along the bike route. Super beautiful flowers there! We have never done any Christmas in July things, and this year I have two of them! Go figure. I am the person who would be giving thumbs down responses to all of the people on Facebook who say Christmas is almost here. haha!! I can wait. I forgot to mention that the campground was gearing up for a Christmas in July event that weekend too, but we were gone by then (luckily haha!).

  4. Look at your dad go! That’s awesome!

    Yes, it’s hot and humid. I’m over it and can’t wait for winter!

    Great week for you – that BMX course looks incredible! We don’t have anything like that here.
    Jenn recently posted…week 82: stormy weatherMy Profile

    1. The BMX picture is from that indoor bike park we visit. Unfortunately it’s a 2 hour drive to get there (each way!). During the summer they are only open on Sunday, and with my son working now we have limited opportunity to go. But sometimes he does talk us into going 🙂

  5. How great that your dad found a zippy scooter for getting around! The camping trip looks amazing.

    I thought Euchre was a Wisconsin thing–I guess I was wrong!

    1. I used to play it with my coworkers years ago. I’m glad the basics of the game were not too hard to remember. We also played BS. Turns out my mom is a decent liar! 😂

  6. Full week! Love the flowers on your bike ride. Great job on that tempo in the heat. It will pay off in the fall even though its tough to run in the heat/humidity!

  7. So nice to see your Dad up and about. Those bikes are great for those who need them.

    Gee I haven’t played cards in a while.

    Looked like a fun getaway.

    And yes, I love running and podcasts never enough time to do both.

    Congrats on a full week of workouts and runs.

  8. Sounds like a great week for you! I love that you have “fun workout” on your training schedule.

    Awesome to join your folks camping. Some wonderful memories there, for sure.

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