After the Erie marathon on Sunday (race recap here!), not a whole lot of exercise was happening around my house!  The first part of the week was spent just trying to walk in a normal fashion with minimal pain.  I am happy to report that I have no residual pain in my glutes, abs or any area other than my quads.  This seems normal to me. It was a boring first part of the week as I was really out of sorts without my workout routine and running. I rank recovery week right up there with taper time as my least favorite parts of training! At least I have time to enjoy the beautify of nature as I get my recovery in…

Race pictures are out.  I have to say the best one of me is the one verifying my identity!  Haha!  The Erie Marathon is a very popular qualifying race for Boston and they take extra measures to make sure no one is cheating at their race.

We’re enjoying the company of our foster kittens.  I am sad to report that the smallest one passed away though (the little black one). I’m not sure what was wrong with him but he lost interest in eating and even though we did our best intervention, he did not thrive.  The other 5 have been growing at a great rate and doing just fine!  They are adorable.  And hungry.  Always hungry! Just look at them scream in this picture. They do this every morning!

Mon – Happy 30th wedding anniversary to us!  We enjoyed a celebratory anniversary dinner along with our traditional “day after marathon” meal.  I even leveled up my drink from a beer to a sangria in honor of our special day 🙂

Tues – 1 mile walk.  Needed to get my legs moving after sitting down to work all day. I kind of felt like Frankenstein stumbling around a couple of times, but I loosened up.  This helped a lot!

Weds – I can finally get off the toilet without wincing in pain.  Winning!

Thurs – Kayaking!  1 hr, 45 mins.  It’s hard to keep me down for long, so we took advantage of the cooler temps and went for a kayak trip.  It turned into a really loooong kayak trip and afterwards I actually had a few blisters on my hands!  Phew!  

Mountain biking, 7 miles.  Once again, trying to take advantage of the great weather and get some time in with my son, we went out for a mountain bike ride at the local park.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been on my mountain bike and I missed it!  We got done right when the sun was setting.

Fri – Cedar Point day!  Since the kids are back in school, we knew the park would be dead in the morning so we got there for early admission (an hour earlier than regular ticket holders) and got to ride lots of big coasters within that first hour.   It was decorated for Halloweekends. The day warmed up, and the park got more busy – just in time for us to head home.  

Football Friday – With a 20 min turnaround we got ready for senior night at marching band!  We got to escort our son with his banner carrier.  I think the banner turned out great!  It was fun and we are very proud of his high school accomplishments.

Our high school football team is on a roll. They won again, 15 to 0, so now they are undefeated 4 -0. The half time show had new songs. I was skeptical when I heard they were Elvis songs, but they sounded great!

Here’s a short 30 second video of Viva Las Vegas…

Sat –  1.5 mile run.  I decided it was time to try out a run!  And then, I decided it was time to head home! 🙂  Oof, still feeling sore.  

Random excitement for the day – it was new iPhone day!! I do love new technology. Purple iPhone 14 🙂

Sun –  1.5 mile run.  Yep, only slightly less sore, and feeling a bit wonky when I run.  Good enough!  It was time for our annual apple orchard visit. We picked a huge bag of apples. Yum!

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Q: Is fall showing up in your area?

It was great to see some leaves turning colors, but it’s still a bit warm here!

Q: Any fall activities in the plans soon?

23 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – recovery mode”
  1. Well a new iphone is very exciting! I really drool over the telephoto lenses on the newer models (mine is an 11). But I just got mine this year so not anticipating a new one any time soon — I’m sure I’ll be drooling over something else then, LOL!

    Happy Anniversary!

    The poor kitten. No doubt he had some sort of underlying health issue, but that’s always so heartbreaking.

    1. I agree – It’s amazing how much technology they pack into phones – especially the camera! The cinematic video mode is pretty really too. I just hope the battery life really is a good as advertised!

  2. oh, I’m so sorry that little kitty didn’t make it. That is the circle of life, but still sad…

    I plan to catch up on your race recap tonight! That’s so interesting that they have to take extra measures to make sure no one cheats.

    Happy anniversary Lisa! 30 years, so impressive!

  3. I knew you would keep yourself busy, even without running. Congratulations on your 30 YEAR anniversary- that’s amazing.
    Our school does something similar for senior night, but we missed it with my son because it was the Covid year : ( With any luck we’ll get to experience it with my daughter (fingers crossed nothing else goes wrong.)
    Those kittens! It must be so hard to lose one. And just from the picture I can imagine their demanding little meows!

    1. I was just looking at pictures of our marching band during COVID times. We were all spaced apart in the stands and only a fraction of band was playing. It was so silly looking!! That really is a shame that the kids missed all of those traditions.

  4. “Recovery”–it’s just a suggestion, am I right? Good on you for not running and giving your legs a little rest. You kept plenty busy! off to check out your recap!

    Happy anniversary! Ours is this Saturday.

    So sorry about the kitten. I just couldn’t foster animals–I’d hate to lose one or actually let them go!

  5. Happy Anniversary! Nice celebration, post-marathon none the less 😉 Isn’t it amazing how good a walk can feel after a race, especially a marathon? At least for me, movement is crucial…if I sit for too long, things start cramping up and then I have the Frankenstein walk. I’m glad your recovery went well 😉 (sorry to hear about the kitten who passed; so sad)

  6. Happy Anniversary!

    lad you hear you are feeling well after your marathon.

    Those kitties are adorable – sorry to hear about that little one.

    I have the iPhone 8 so sorely need a new one and purple is my favorite color. But we have a token on it for work and you have to apply to get a new token… too complicated to get a new phone.

  7. No fall here. Boo.

    Oh, look at that band! Ours is small in comparison: 90 students. Because of bad weather, they still haven’t been able to have a full performance on the field. We are hosting the first competition in our area in two weeks, and I am so excited about their showcase.

    Happy 30 years! That’s huge!

    1. We have 150 students in the marching band this year. We are also having our “Showcase of Bands” this weekend, but it’s 8 bands who are each doing their half time shows, not a competition. Is yours a marching band competition? We haven’t had our event in two years – one for COVID and last year it got rained out!

  8. It sounds like you’re finally loosening up after your marathon. I always cracked up at how I walked, descended stairs, etc. after a race.

    A few of the leaves are turning slightly yellow here. There was a more noticeable change in the leaves in the higher elevation at the farm, though. We’re heading to Maine on Friday for a week of riding our gravel bikes and I’m looking forward to some color up there!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Weekly RunDown: September 18 – 24 / Modified WorkoutsMy Profile

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