Week 2 of marathon training for the Glass City Marathon ended with 36.5 miles of running. I had a few good strength workouts at the gym and even did some rock climbing! I have been quite busy visiting my Dad in the hospital and also helping out when my Dad went back home. He has good days and bad days. I’m very thankful to have an EV with all of the traveling back and forth! With the way this year has ended, I am looking forward to saying goodbye to 2022 and crossing my fingers for better days in 2023.

Mon – 7 miles, tempo run on treadmill.  Gym visit!  The gym visit was fun because our daughter joined us. She showed me all of the exercises she does on the Smith machine, and I did them with her. Can you guess where this is going? Yep, I did them with her, with her weights, and I was feeling it afterwards!! The worst pain was on my neck from the weight bar. Ugh.

Tues – 5 miles, treadmill. My legs were locking up due to the workout on Monday, but once they got moving they felt was OK. Standing around at work all day wasn’t the best! This really summed up me right now.

Weds – Rest day! My Dad was released from the hospital today to be in my Mom’s care at home. Fingers crossed they can figure everything out and keep my Dad out of the hospital again. I wouldn’t say he’s “feeling better” but he is at a manageable level for home care.

Thurs – 6.5 miles. This was supposed to be a “hilly interval workout”, but I just wasn’t into it and the recovery parts of my workout were just walking. The hill program on the treadmill is pretty intense! It was a WFH day and my cat thoroughly enjoyed me being home.

It was 50 degrees… at night! We took advantage of the great weather and saw the Toledo downtown lights.

Fri – 4 mile run, and gym visit. I got to try out the Noxgear light I got as my Christmas gift (it was dark when I started). I loved it!! Even though it was drizzly out, the 55 degrees felt good. 9:07 avg pace.

Our Planet Fitness was all decorated for New Years Eve… or maybe to welcome all of the new people who will be flooding the gym soon!

Rock climbing!! My family went to a climbing gym to Planet Rock in Ann Arbor. It was so fun! It was the first time for my kids but my husband and I had gone there almost 23 years ago! I especially liked the tall walls, but my kids did quite well bouldering. My husband wasn’t really feeling the vibe because he has a fear of heights (in some situations).

Sat – 14 miles, long run. This run turned out surprisingly well – especially since I didn’t start running until 3:30 pm which meant I’d be finishing in the dark! My last 3 miles were a little slower than the rest, but my average was 9:07 so I was very happy with that. Ironic that my pace was exactly the same on Friday’s run!

For the first time since we’ve had kids my husband and I were the only ones home to celebrate the new year! Kinda weird!

Sun – Rest day! My only goal for the new year, besides my never ending quest to be more organized with meal planning and grocery shopping, is to log something active on Strava every day in 2023. I’ll start with a walk today 🙂 Maybe this year I can hit 1,000 miles of cycling too… if I start using my stationary bike again.

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

I hope 2023 brings you all the best!!

Q: Do you have any goals for 2023?

Q: Did you gather with friends or family to ring in the new year?

29 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – Goodbye 2022!”
  1. That’s a great Strava goal! I didn’t think to do screen shots of my Garmin running and cycling until this morning so I’m missing January 2022 on both and can’t figure out a way to show 2022 instead of 1 year. Boo!

    Here’s to a happy, healthy, and fit 2023!

    1. As much as I would like to take the credit for remembering the screen shot of miles, I only remembered because I saw people doing it on Facebook! 😉

  2. What a fun week, happy new year! How nice it was just you and your husband.

    That’s a great Strava goal, I like it! Rock climbing is such a good workout.

    Week two- how exciting!

    1. I did really enjoy our trip to Planet Rock. There is a climbing gym being built right now in our town so I am anxiously waiting for it to be completed! It was funny because my daughter was the most sore the next day. Granted she did a bit harder climbs than I did!

  3. Wow, 14 miles! That’s very good. And nice work in the gym too. I used to love the Smith machine when I went to a regular gym, it felt safer than free weights when you’re not used to doing squats and such.
    The rock climbing looks scary but cool, well done!

    1. I think the Smith machine really has a badass look to it, doesn’t it? I haven’t used one in a really long time and it showed. I am going to start using it, with less weights and make sure I have a towel for cushioning. I’m surprised they didn’t have a cushion but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

  4. Nice running miles for you this year! I only use Strava for running, but I can see the benefits of logging everything there.

    Maybe position the bar a little lower than your neck, on your upper back, so that it doesn’t hurt you so much? Some people put a towel on the bar to pad it? I’ve never used that machine for strength!

    1. I think the problem was the bar being up too high on my neck, and too much weight! I was using my towel but it didn’t help much. Since my legs were so sore I think that’s a good sign I needed to back off on the weights. I look forward to using it more though!

  5. Rock climbing sounds like fun! Love that photo in your blog header.

    Good to hear that your dad is home – I hope your parents can find a system that works. I know how stressful it all can be!

    I like your daily Strava goal! Here’s to a happy and healthy 2023!

    1. Oops, I just removed my header photo! I was playing around with it. I still have a lot of layout work to do on this new theme but that will have to wait.
      I wanted to do the same thing with Strava last year, but on Jan 1 2022 I was sick with COVID. I felt like crap and being active wasn’t happening. Here’s hoping I’ll be feeling good every day in 2023!

  6. Nice running mileage to end the year! Strata keeps track of my run miles and all of my Peloton classes too so that is helpful. Rest days are a great goal. Hope this year is better for your dad and he is feeling better. Happy new year!

    1. It is really nice how well Peloton integrates with Strava. My “active” every day will be very flexible and could even be yoga or stretching. No need to get mileage in on my rest days!

  7. I did a daily outside 1 km (minimum) walk in 2022. It was a great daily habit and I definitely went outside many days only because of this goal.

    That said, I am SO relieved to not have a daily exercise goal in 2023. Today I did nothing at all, and it felt…amazing.

    My sister also logs something daily in Strava; she recently had a bike accident and broke her neck, back, some ribs, and a collarbone and she told me she manually logged a workout in Strava of walking the halls of the hospital so she wouldn’t miss a day. I definitely don’t have THAT level of dedication!!!

    I’m so glad your Dad is able to go back home, though I’m sure that is a lot of work for your Mom and also worry for you as to how they manage. Praying all goes smoothly and he is on a steady road to recovery.

    The climbing gym looks so fun!

    And my husband and I celebrated NYE home alone (well, the kids were with us, but they had an early “sleepover” with a movie in my daughter’s room) and were in bed – asleep! – 9:30 pm. How lame! But our son has been sick most of December, so we’re tired. And, sure enough, he came into our room at 10:30 pm, so I would have been better off staying up until midnight anyway!

    1. Oh no on your sister’s accident!! I hope she is recovering well. It’s funny that you mention about feeling relived about not needing to go for a walk, because on my walk today I starting thinking about what I would do on rest days from my running. Already on day one it seemed like a chore! haha!!! And, Strava used to send out a recap with number of Active Days, but now I think that is a subscription feature which I don’t have. Hmmmm. So where’s my motivation now?
      There really isn’t anything that exciting about the NYE celebration on TV anyways, so you didn’t miss much. I did miss having my kids home though! sniff sniff

  8. You logged some serious miles in 2022! Congrats!

    I hope your Dad continues to improve and is able to stay home. That’s so stressful.

    So I guess your daughter is strong!

    1. My Dad’s situation does cause a bit of stress, mostly for my Mom. I feel like a nurse when I go over there so it’s a nice break for her and if my Dad is being cranky he reacts better to someone who isn’t my Mom. It makes me feel very useful and I’m glad I live close enough to help out whenever they need it.
      I forgot to mention that my daughter was ready to leave Planet Rock and then we said we’d give her $100 if she made it through one of the climbing paths (which was hard, and a bit upside down). She got a new spark of energy and did quite well. I was really impressed at her strength!

  9. Wow, all those running miles! As much as I’m in awe, I know there’s no way my body would allow that, LOL. I make it a habit to get outside, everyday, no matter what. I never used to “log” these daily fixes, but with my Garmin (I got it early July of last year), I’ve started tracking the walks and bike rides (as well as running). I haven’t accessed and yearly totals, mainly because those numbers wouldn’t accurately reflect the entire year, but I’ll be curious to see them this time next year. Those climbing walls look fun!

  10. Well, we both ran 14 miles but I can tell you my pace was NOT 9:07!
    I wish your daughter would come to the gym with me and show me how to use the Smith Machine. What does she use it for, other than squats?
    I hope your dad gets better soon. I’m glad he’s out of the hospital, but that’s a stressful situation for everyone involved.
    Sounds like you have some good goals for 2023- hope it’s a happy one!

    1. Two kinds of squats on the Smith machine (regular and 1 leg) but also calf raises. I am going to keep at it!
      I was surprised to get that 9:07 pace. It was a big confidence boost!

  11. Wow… what a busy week!

    Good news on your dad… hope he continues to improve.

    That’s some serious miles for 2022. Congrats.

    My cycling remains at zero. Maybe I can improve that for 2023. My miles will hopefully be at least 1000.

    We do usually celebrate with family or friends but were solo this year.

  12. Happy New Year! How awesome to get such a big run done so late in the day. Kudos! Thing 2 had friends sleeping over on NYE so we were sort of “chaperones” Haha! Glad your dad is home!

  13. Happy New Year! I hope your dad continues to improve.

    We enjoyed the New Year with some friends, and I came home early. I never make it to midnight.

  14. I know your dad has had a rough time over the past few months. Happy to hear that he is home and hope that he continues to improve and feel better.

    Happy New Year! i hope 2023 is great for you.

  15. The Noxgear vest and lamp is the best! I have them too and love them! I know the situation with your dad is stressful. It helps that you live close by and can help out. I want to do one Peloton activity each day. I know I can do it since there are so many options available. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2023!

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