This was kind of an “in limbo” week. Still the holidays. Not really the holidays. Getting back to work, but not working much! The kids are still home from college, but that’s wrapping up soon. I tried my best to monopolize their time, but also give them freedom. Luckily they stay up much later than I do, so any time after 9pm is pretty much fair game for them 😉 My training plan for the Glass City Half Marathon hasn’t started yet, but I did run 20 miles this past week. The plan starts on Monday!

Mon – 3 miles.  Just a little run around the neighborhood to start out the new year!  We watched the ball drop last night.  We also watched the Netflix movie “Leave the World Behind”.  It was good!  Anyone else seen it?

Speaking of movies, the family went to see Wonka.  I LOVED it!  

Tues – 30 mins elliptical.  It’s been quite awhile since I’ve used our elliptical machine.  It’s always a nice active recovery activity.  We got these nice water bottles as a gift at work.  It’s really helped me be more mindful of my hydration goals.

I went with my kids to the climbing gym.  We climbed for two hours.  Phew!!  I also learned quite a bit from my kids.  One of the cool things about climbing is that it’s part physical and part mental.  It’s like solving a puzzle when you try to figure out which holds to use and how to get the next hold.  And sometimes, it’s not very clear to you as you are on the wall, but people watching can give you advice to help you out.  We did a lot of that and I completed several new routes.  I felt most accomplished with this orange route.  It’s higher up than I feel comfortable with jumping down, so I had to down climb in order to get lower before I jumped down.

I also got to the top of this more advanced route.  It was a tricky one.  I often think us short people have a bit of a disadvantage on some of the routes due to our shorter arm span! Any also maybe smaller hands? Probably not, but who knows!

Weds – 4 miles, treadmill.  Finally back to my morning treadmill running.  I took some time to finally rotate my running clothes. The warm temps are finally done!

Thurs – 3 miles.  My morning run was not especially exciting, but my evening was! I went to the climbing gym again with my kids.  This time I got to do a “lead climb”. Actually I did the “less scary” part of the climb, which was the 2nd half.  First, someone has to go up the wall and clip the rope in, and loop it in up top.  This is a task for someone who is definitely not afraid of heights, because you could potentially fall maybe 5 feet between the wall clips.  After the clips were set, I got to climb up and take the clips out as I ascended.  So in addition to the skills of climbing up, I also had to keep my balance and strength to get the rope unclipped.  It was a fun new challenge!  My daughter’s boyfriend was the one who set the clips (that’s him setting the clips in the first picture).

In total it was almost another 2 hours spent at the climbing gym.  My arms and hands were toast!

Fri – 3 miles.  Most of my runs have been pretty unmemorable this week, and here’s another  one haha!  Just getting some miles in before my busy day.  I spent a few hours at the eye doctor (have to get all of the doctor appointments done before college starts again) and many hours helping my Dad with his computer (what a technology mess!!!).  I restrained myself from just throwing his laptop out the window and thankfully, by the time the day ended, it was all fixed.  A frustrating day, but in the end, mission accomplished.

Sat – 7 miles, long run.  Another gloomy day in Ohio!  I had hoped my day would be full of snow and sunshine, but I guess I will have to continue to wait on that. 

We enjoyed one last family day together at the Detroit Institute of Art. It’s twice the size of our local art museum and we spent most of the afternoon there.

Sun – Rest day!  We finally did get a dusting of snow.  Just in time to be in the car for hours taking my son back to Ohio State.  Whomp whomp.  My daughter will still be around for another week, so that’s good.  Kind of a bummer that OSU starts back to class so early!

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q:  Have you seen the new Wonka movie?

My husband thought it was a little too much singing, but we did all enjoy it.  

19 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – ascending into 2024”
  1. Haven’t many movies lately. Barbie.

    Wow. Great job on the climb.

    That reminds me. I may revisit the Met in NYC next week.

    1. I am surprised you never saw the original Willie Wonka! It’s a classic. A bit dark though. This movie was a prequel which did a good job of staying true to the storyline.

  2. I saw those climbing photos on IG, and nope, there is no way I would do that! I’m impressed by your skills!

    I had to help my parents out with their computer–my mom is struggling with memory issues and every time she forgets her password or username, she picks a new one. She had about 10 for each bank account and they locked her out. So I spent a couple of fun (!) hours cleaning that out. I showed them how to look up their passwords and of course, my dad called me the next day because…she couldn’t remember her user name. I even had it set up to autopopulate. I have no idea what she’s doing, but it’s not good!

    1. Ah yes, you know exactly what I’m talking about with the computer stuff!! My Dad accidentally turned on OneDrive (cloud backup) and it was super hard to disconnect from it and not lose his files! And then of course the password issues are a super common thing I need to help him with. Serenity now! 😆

  3. Wow on all the climbing! You are amazing. How short are you? I’m 5’1″ and yes I could see how it could more challenging for a short person!

    Sun would be nice. In Winter it only seems to come out when it’s really cold, have you noticed that?

    Definitely more than a dusting here, but I expect a lot of it to be gone by the middle of the week, which is absolutely fine by me!

    I’m sure your Dad was really appreciative of your help!
    Chocolaterunsjudy recently posted…Forget Cool Runnings . . .: 1/1 – 7 WRDMy Profile

    1. I’m 5’3. My son has a bit more reach than I do and I just couldn’t grab some of the holds he could. Of course his age also has a lot to do with it, but still, way less effort to get some of them!

  4. I have not seen the new Wonka movie. I don’t know if that’s a theater watch for me.

    I am so impressed with all the climbing! Once upon a time, I could, but my foot won’t rotate all the way out and I don’t have enough grip in my toes anymore, so it’s a no go for me. Boo.

    1. For sure you would need the toe strength for climbing. I forgot about your injury! Hopefully it doesn’t slow you down too much – it doesn’t look like it does!

  5. All that climbing! I’m impressed with all the hours you spent on the wall(s). I’ve only climbed once, at a Dick’s store in East Lansing. I think it was a 2-story wall (?), but in a mall…so a huge vaulted ceiling. I made it to the top, but it was a challenge figuring out where to grip.

  6. As always I’m very impressed with your climbing! It makes a lot of sense that climbing would be like a puzzle with figuring out where to go next, what to hold on to etc. Sometimes I feel like playing the concertina is a bit like that! But much less physical, lol!
    I hope you get the weather you want soon.

  7. Even though I know you’re tethered and can’t fall to your death, those climbing photos still make me nervous! I’m sure it’s an amazing workout though. I can see how it would be good for arm and hand strength.
    As long as the kids are home (well, home for my son and still on break for my daughter) it feels holiday-ish. My daughter starts back at school tomorrow- ugh, not looking forward to that- and then my son will be leaving in a week. It’s so nice when everyone is home, and hard to say goodbye, always!

    1. I hope your transition back into a “normal” school week is going ok! My cat is now starting to attack the Christmas tree ornaments. She had been so good all season. It’s definitely time to take everything down!

  8. Climbing is an incredible workout! I’m sure shorter people have a disadvantage.

    Gloomy and clear paths is better than ice!

    I’m impressed you hang your running clothes! So organized. Have to leave out some of the warm weather stuff for the treadmill though, right?

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