8 more weeks to go until the Glass City half marathon! For me, it’s not really about the race. It’s a whole event for me. I’m signed up to help set up the finish area, work at packet pickup, working at the kids races, being a sub coach for the marathon/half marathon training group and … next week I’ll be starting a new role as coach for the 5K training plan! Yes, I do love our local race 🙂 I started out as a 5K coach seven years ago with the Dave’s Running training plan, so you can say I’m going back to where it all started. This week I ran 26 miles which was a cut back week. But I did manage to fill up my calendar with a lot of other stuff because a busy Lisa = a happy Lisa! Here’s what went down…

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Mon – 3 miles running, treadmill. Due to forecasted bad weather later in the week, I went for a park walk with my Mom today. 2.25 miles in 45 mins. Perfect timing!

Tues – 6 miles with 8 x 800m intervals. This was a good workout! The temps were warmer than they looked, so clothes were shed. It was 55 degrees at 7am. Probably should have worn shorts, but that just seemed odd when I looked out the window. I was pleased to see my intervals were pretty consistently around 8:20. I do love how Garmin breaks down the info on intervals! My watch made it look like my heart was going to explode, BUT I did discuss the situation with my Dr just recently and he did not have any reason to be concerned with it.

I took a lunch walk and was able to finish my audiobook. I am loving this series! Has anyone else read it? So well written and entertaining. At night I went out to dinner with my Mom. I don’t know what I was thinking when I ordered this turkey club sandwich. The egg made it pretty messy and gross. And, I’m not a huge fan of turkey!

Weds – Rest day! Lucky thing for today… I found some money in an old pair of jeans. Winning!! I went out to dinner with a group of friends, but took no pictures. Lame! The sangria was good, and we spent 3 hours talking at the restaurant. We have plans to get together for a game of bunco, and hopefully some scheduled games beyond that. We used to play monthly bunco about 10 years ago, but then life got busy. I am really looking forward to it!

Thurs – 7 mile pace run. This had a mile warm up and cool down, with 5 in the middle at race pace. This went well!

Fri – Rest day! What, another rest day? 😐 I opted for some cross training and did the elliptical, PT and an abs workout. It was a good start to the day!

Sat – 10 miles, long run! This run was more of a social event. I ran into the parents of my son’s girlfriend, so I walked a bit and chatted with them. I also ran into every training group from the MIT plan (which I ran with last week). There were at least 18 groups, so yeah, a lot of people! I was running opposite direction so everyone said Hi as they passed. All in all, this was a decent run. A bit dreary out, but seeing everyone was the highlight.

My mom and I took a few more walks this afternoon. She came over to my house and I took her to my local parks. She enjoyed the change of scenery I think and I got to show her all of the places I run. After that, we supported the local ice cream shop on opening day. yum, yum, yum!

Sun – Rest day! I am feeling a bit sore from my solo long run, which was faster than my previous two weeks. The big thing on tap for today is a ride on our new bikes!!!! It’s still a bit chilly, but we want to get some miles on them. Fingers crossed I can figure out the new technology on them and don’t fall over on the first day out. haha!!!

I did read everyone’s blogs this past week, but often I end up reading them on my phone later in the week and most don’t have the ability to easily comment from a mobile device. So, if I didn’t get to comment on your blog, I do apologize! I will make an effort to do so this week.

And finally, did you know…. my town will be in the path of the solar eclipse on April 8th!! Yep, we will be in totality! We went to a show at the university planetarium. It’s going to be so cool!! (yes, I have already requested my time off from work to witness this event! 😉)

Q: Have you ever seen a solar eclipse?

We had a partial eclipse several years ago. It was so freaky being in the darkness during the day!!

19 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – 8 weeks to go”
  1. Wait? Is it ice cream time? I better check that out.

    I love volunteering for beginner runner group. I’m part of two this spring. It keeps me from worrying about my big races.

    I saw one when I was a kid. Lucky you about being in the path. I need to drive north or west,

  2. We drove to Grand Island, NE in 2017 to see the full eclipse…it was AWESOME!!!! I have been toying with finding a place to go to see it this year, but my schedule is a bit sketchy (and the Fight for Air Climb is the day prior). I’ve always been a bit of an astronomy nerd, so I’d really like to make it happen, though…

    1. My challenge with coaching this group will be trying to fit my half marathon runs as we will be meeting twice a week for 5K workouts. This week will be a good indicator of what to expect I hope.

  3. Congrats on your 5K coaching gig! I love “busy Lisa = a happy Lisa.” I feel the same way and that’s one of the reasons I’m dragging my feet on retirement!

    How exciting that you’ll be in the solar eclipse path! We were at the beach during the last solar eclipse. It got pretty dark, but it was no where near totally dark. April’s path will be well west of Virginia and we’re on the eastern side of the commonwealth.
    Debbie recently posted…Weekly RunDown: February 25 – March 2 / When a Marathon Coach Sets up a Training Plan for a Bike RaceMy Profile

  4. Sounds like a fun week, as usual! I love all the time you’re spending with your mom.
    That money you found should buy a post-run Starbucks drink!
    Yes, I have read that Horowitz series and I love it!!! I’t looks like a new one is coming out in April.
    And… I did know there’s an eclipse. Where my son is in Waco, they’re supposed to get over four minutes of totality. I’m excited for you guys- it sounds so cool. I’ve never experienced a total eclipse.

    1. Your son is lucky!! We only have 1 min 47 seconds of totality, but still, it will be weird! The planetarium show we watched said the animals would all get quiet like it’s nighttime. How crazy!

  5. Oooh! That eclipse sounds freaky!
    I love all the work you do for Glass City. Giving back is so important!
    Check out that ice cream! So good! Ice cream is my weakness.
    I can’t comment from mobile devices, so I do my best to response to all comments in as timely a fashion as I can. Sometimes it takes a little longer, but that’s ok!
    Jenn recently posted…On The March Towards Spring BreakMy Profile

    1. I love when the ice cream parlor is open! Every time we get those sundaes we wish comment that they are “too big”. Yep, I say that! It’s so hard to resist when it’s only 50 cents more for the bigger size, but really, it’s a bit too much – and that’s the medium size!

  6. There’s nothing better than finding money in a pocket!
    I love that you meet up with your mom. I’m sure she loves that you are so close to her.
    I have seen a total eclipse before–it was so weird because not only did it get dark, but it got cold!

  7. We had a partial eclipse a good few years ago now. I made a pinhole camera to view it through and had it in our front yard, and quite a lot of people stopped to have a look at it! So exciting (I’m amazed I remembered how to make one, too).

    And great to run into all the training groups on your run! My 11 miler for my May half will be solo so I’m going to do loops in the park and recruit friends to come and do a mile with me!

    1. Oh yes, I remember pinhole cameras! I haven’t heard any mention of those around here though. Many businesses are giving away glasses and having social events to view the eclipse together. I think we are just going to stay home to avoid the traffic!

  8. I live in Cleveland we are in the path of the eclipse as well – but we will be out of town sadly! Good luck with Glass City! I’ve thought aboutdoing that race for years but never have. One of these years we’ll make a weekend out of it, take the kids and explore Toledo as well. I used to go there monthly for work but haven’t been there in years.

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