This week’s stats  as of Sunday  – 12 weeks until Berlin Marathon, 11 weeks post injury… you know what that means??  Yes, it’s time to really start “training”!!  This means I found and printed off a 12 week training plan to which I will loosely follow.  Look out world, I will start crossing off some boxes on my calendar next week!  But before I get into that craziness, it’s time to see how the week went down.  Activities this week: 101 miles biking (yay!!), 9.87 miles running (no, I couldn’t make it to 10 miles 😂), 1 hr 45 mins of pool running (wow!), and 3 miles of walking.

This seemed like an extra long week, in a great way, although I didn’t have any extra days off in my work week.  It was all of the fun things I fit into the week and it had us wondering what day of the week it was!

Mon  – 30 mins of pool running and some exercises my Dr gave me.  It was also a stressful day at work. Tacos were needed!

Tues – 1.25 miles running!  Things were feeling different today.  Was I magically cured from the pool running?  Probably not, but I’m happy with whatever is going on. It wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t completely suck!

30 miles biking.  My husband and I biked to and from the group rides.  There was a big group of ladies tonight!  On the way back home we had a mama skunk and two babies run out in front of us.  They were so cute!!  We did not get sprayed but it looked like one was thinking about it.

Weds – 3 miles running.  Things were feeling quite good this morning.  I didn’t even feel the normal cringe of pain when I started out my run.  Woohoo!  I probably could have gone farther, but didn’t want to over do it.  I also did 30 mins of pool running after work.

Thurs – Happy 4th of July!  I started my day with a bike ride, 21 miles.  My ride was cut a bit short when the road on my route had loose gravel on it. This is the same road my husband got a flat tire on earlier in the week, so this was a solid “Nope” on this route!  Corn is definitely “knee high” 

We were all set for a pool day, but then the rain came in.  Whomp whomp.  Luckily we already had afternoon plans to go see Despicable Me 4.  It was good!

Fri – 5 miles running.  Yep, I did a “long run”!  This distance is perfect for the starting point of my training plan.  It wasn’t pain free, but maybe a 2 on the pain scale.  This was also a good test because I had another PT appointment.  I got a dry needling treatment again in three spots.  One was quite reactive, but the other two were weak, so that’s a good sign that it’s improving.  I also learned some interesting facts… my therapist was an Olympic bobsled hopeful after his track career ended and his wife won the Canadian Olympic trials in the 10K! I did get one exercise to do until my next appointment.

3 mile walk with my friend.  Very nice to catch up with her.  After that I got a lot of cross training in doing yard work at my Mom’s house.  There was a big pile of dirt left in her yard when some  trees were torn down in a recent storm.  Yard work is not my thing (might be poison ivy! could hurt my back!), but we spent 2 hours moving the dirt.  My mom is 84 years old, so if she can do it, I can too!  It was a lot of work but we got it done.

Sat – .5 miles running.  I was feeling pretty good before I started, but quickly determined just a half a mile was plenty because of pain.  Feeling beat up from the dry needling.  That’s fine, I will be patient.  

We had a fun thing on tap today… 19 miles biking at Cuyahoga National Park!  This was our first time biking on this trail – the Ohio and Erie Canal towpath.  It was really nice! We also enjoyed lunch at a farmers market along the trail.  Delicious food and entertaining music.

After we had dinner with my daughter and her boyfriend, we played ping pong and then saw fireworks.  It was pretty much the best summer day ever 🙂 

Sun – 30 miles cycling.  My favorite route along the river to the u-pick flower farm.  This might have been a top speed for me – 16.6 for 30 miles, and almost hitting 32 mph down a hill… 31.7  so close!!

45 mins pool running!  Although running around in circles isn’t the most exciting thing, I really appreciate that fact that I don’t have to get my hair wet and I don’t feel completely inadequate like do trying to swim laps!

If you’ve made it this far – kudos to you! As you see, it was a busy, and fun week. Here’s an update on my son’s status out west with the Rocky Mountain Conservation Corps. He’s working hard, and playing hard! They went to Moab on their days off after a long work week. He’s loving it out there.

I hope you had a great week too! I will start putting my training plan into my calendar. I’m not healed yet, but this week was encouraging. Fingers crossed I get to 100% pain free running soon so I can properly train for Berlin!

Almost forgot – here is the Sam picture for the week! He makes it challenging for me to comment on blogs!! 😆

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Q: Did you have good weather on July 4th, or watch any fireworks?

20 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – making progress”
  1. Our weather turned good about mid-morning (heavy rain that stopped, and full sunshine thereafter) on the 4th. It turns out my neighbors behind me (on the other side of the road) are pyromaniacs…lots of HUGE fireworks both on the 3rd and the 4th. I guess I’ll be hosting an Independence Day extravaganza next year 😉

    1. You would be a fabulous host for a 4th of July bash! How fun. We had a few neighbors shooting off big fireworks, and then there was us with our sparklers and snakes. Haha!

    1. Pool running is working out – other than the chafe marks I just got! Will need to wear a suit with more coverage I guess. It’s a good workout, very tiring!

    1. I’m really surprised about the great results from dry needling. It’s so odd! 12 weeks should be enough time… let’s hope my body goes along with the plan!

    1. My training plan will continue to include a lot of cycling for cross training (yay!) but hopefully I can get a bit more consistent with running.

  2. What a great week with a lot of promising news! I’m so glad things are starting to look up for you. Wishing you a successful next week!
    Well done with that yard work – your mother is so strong doing all that at age 84, like it’s supposed to be!

    1. My mom says she is exhausted listening to my workouts – and she is doing non stop crazy yard work! Yard work is just not my thing. It’s like torture! But she does an amazing job keeping her yard looking good. Us on the other hand… might be a few (or lots) of weeds in the landscaping. I am too worried about getting poison ivy rash to dig into our plants very often.

  3. Sam! So cute!
    I don’t know about for you but it feels like it always rains on 4th of July. Always. And then clears up for the big show, but I hate going out in the weather.
    Keep on keeping on! You’re making great progress!

    1. Our biggest challenge in the past is having a clean pool by the time July 4th rolls around. We are crushing it this year with an amazingly clear pool. I don’t know why we struggled so much in the past since we’ve had a pool for 23 years now! I’ve been enjoying it a lot with the pool running.

  4. You know I’m a fan of pool running! It’s gotten me through many injuries and I still do it once a week. I tether myself to the side of the pool so I don’t move–it helps me get a better workout. I hope it helps you!

    Ok, the skunks are cute but they are evil. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Cocoa would agree, as she has had her share of encounters with them. I mean, who sprays someone in the face with a vile oil when all you want to do is say hello?

    1. When we saw the baby skunks I was not concerned with them, and laughed when they pointed their butts at us. I figured they didn’t have the ability to really spray us. Later Google info tells me that they really could! But probably lack the accuracy at that age. Phew!!
      My pool running isn’t really very intense, but it’s active. Maybe it’s more like pool jogging – no speedwork!!

  5. This is great news! A 5 mile run!!! You’re moving in the right direction. I would like to get some dry needling for my calf. And, I see you’ve joined the pool running crew- I was just in the pool for a “run” this morning.
    It looks like your son is having an incredible summer. And- hee hee! Sam’s little face!

    1. My son is having the time of his life. We may have lost him!! I’m so happy that he stays in touch with us frequently.
      Go pool running gang! Your calf might be a good candidate for dry needling. Maybe your PT does it too?

  6. Glad you have the pool running option.
    Progress is good.. not getting worse…

    Fingers crossed it continues to improve.

  7. Good work on the PT. I saw my physio for my knee on Monday – I’ve got runner’s knee not from running but from doing all the campaigning for the general election – twisting and turning and going up and down millions of front door steps! I have exercises but I can’t roll my ITB until the bruises from her working on it have gone down … Hope training continues to go well!

    1. Yikes on the bruises! PT does have a way of making you extra sore, as it makes you better! Go figure that you got a knee issue from all of the good work you have been doing with the election. Hope it all feels better soon!

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