I’m usually not one to be checking out nutrition labels – mostly because I tend to stay away from junk food, but I was shocked this morning when I saw how many calories were in just a half cup of eggnog!! I bought some on New Year’s Eve, thinking the kids would like to try it. Also, when I was a kid, I remember having eggnog milk flavoring that tasted really good, so I bought some. Well, that eggnog quickly was dumped down the drain when I saw it has 210 for just a half cup! Yikes. It did taste ok, but not that great. I’d rather just eat a Snickers bar 🙂


I ran 7 miles on the treadmill this morning because when I got up it was windy and the “feels like” temperature was 9 degrees. I thought there was a good chance that we wouldn’t be running in the Hangover Classic as we had scheduled.
After we had breakfast, we all agreed that it would be a good way to start the year, so we bundled up and headed out. I guess we bundled up a little too much (2 layers of everything!) because the kids were actually complaining they were too hot.

Zachary ended up running with Alan, and Sydney was my running buddy. Let’s just say it wasn’t Sydney’s best race. But, she didn’t stop to walk, and of course she sprinted past me at the finish line. I just let her go because I don’t need to stress out my knee anymore than it already is.
The best part was that they were giving away old race shirts and we all got one that fit.

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