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Something really cool (pun intended!) is happening around here!  All of that winter weather is breaking up literally in front of our eyes and it being washed away.  The river near our house was covered with ice and broke apart this weekend.  There was so much ice and movement that the ice was pushed from the river out into the roads and nearby land around the riverbeds.  We stopped at the river to check it out because it was simply amazing.

2015-03-15 15.59.33 2015-03-15 15.57.14

The roads were completely impassable and the street signs had been knocked over by the massive force of the ice.

In the process we did get that really awesome picture of our family.  We climbed up there and a random stranger offered to take our picture and send it to us!  That’s how you know we live in a great place 🙂

Weekly recap

I finished up last week with 49.6.  Let’s just round that up to 50 miles! Here’s what is on the agenda for this week:

  • Mon – 5 miles (done!)
  • Tues – 8 miles of hills (need them!!)
  • Weds – Rest (and bunco night with the girls.  Woohoo!!)
  • Thurs – 8 miles with 1/2 mile intervals @ 5K pace (or faster)
  • Fri – long run, 20 miles.
  • Sat – REST!
  • Sun – 10 miles
  • Total mileage =  51 miles

My long run was actually supposed to be 17 miles, but I’m bumping that one up to 20 and the next week I’ll do a 22 miler.  Then, the distance will be shortening as I approach taper time!  I think that I really need to prepare myself for those last miles of the marathon.  I’ll be the first to admit anything over 18 miles is tough for me, so I want to be prepared.  Why can’t marathons be only 18 miles long??  I’d really enjoy them more if that were the case 🙂

I don’t know when the heck I’m going to get to the gym this week.  Once again my schedule is messed up with me working at a different location.  I’m going to try to lift some weights on Tues night so I can rest fully on Weds.  After that, I don’t want to get sore legs before the 20 miler, so maybe it’s just one day of weights again this week.

Q: Is anything exciting happening in your area?

A: I saw some flowers trying to poke their way out of the mulch today.  Go flowers, go!

Q:  What’s the longest distance you’re ever run?

A: A 50K.  One word – ouch.

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