Traveling home is a bummer. Well, getting back to the comforts of your own home is awesome, but spending the day flying and driving could be better 🙂

Until I can get some pictures from my camera, here are some things I found on my phone from yesterday…

Started with another chilly morning run. It did not make my foot happy! It was beautiful out and above zero. I think it was 2 degrees! Still, I got quite cold on those 4 miles. We went on a few more hills too. Whew, exhausting!  We saw the oddest thing – a guy was out running wearing only shorts and a short sleeve t-shirt!  Not even gloves or a hat. Not sure what was up with that since I was frozen in multiple layers. 

We returned from our run to find the kids hanging out. I love to see them getting along so well 🙂

Our big highlight of the skiing day was our hike to extreme terrain (more on that later). Suffice it to say we were all near dead from exhaustion after the hike, as my daughter is demonstrating. 

At night we watched fireworks at our resort. A beautiful ending to a wonderful, yet short, vacation. 

Tomorrow, back to reality!!  Hope you are enjoying your weekend. 

Q: are you an “on time”, “early”, or “late” person?

A: as my husband can confirm, I like to be “barely on time”, which offer ends up being late. I don’t like to be early and hang around and wait. However, we were actually early getting back to the airport on this trip. And yes, it was me who got the luggage packed this morning. I helped make it happen!

3 thoughts on “Random pics from my phone!”
  1. You and your hubby are too cute, I love that you run together 🙂 I ran with my bf one time and it was super fun but he’s not quite as crazy about it as I am 🙂 he always does yoga with me though so I have no complaints! I am definitely an on time or early person. Never late, that stresses me way out haha.
    Being home means you can start planning the next trip 😉
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