I had a happy morning run today.  It started before the sun was up, and was a crisp morning – none of that humidity!  I’m excited anytime I see a “8” in the pace on my watch and it ended up being a progressive run, with a little 7:23 sprint at the end.  8:23 overall is A-OK in my book. Yahoo!

I think the best part was when I saw my BRF’s family driving to an early morning school event.  I was out on the main road at that point and we waved at each other.  This is what I’m dreaming the conversation was:

“Hey, Isn’t that Lisa running?  Wow she looks great!  She must just be finishing up her run.  Such an early hour, good for her!!”

This is what was probably said “Isn’t that Lisa???  What the heck is she doing on this road.  Is she insane? She might get run over at this early hour.  And did you see that big rash on her neck?  Ewwwwwww!”

BTW, texted my Dr. friend tonight and she thinks the neck “rash” is hives, but agrees that the stuff on my arms is poison ivy.  Will be taking Benadryl tonight!


Now for the BIG news part of the post.  And this really is BIG news.  Not one of those, “I got new shorts” or “I ran a fast interval” news.  It’s real life big stuff….  my husband is leaving his job!  He’s a programmer like me.  He has decided that this is the time in his life to move on to something else.  And the something else is staying home with the kids, at least for the summer.  His last day is June 1st.  He has been a full time working man for all of his life, so this is HUGE!

Wow, right?  That means my kids will not be going to camp this year, and will be having the luxury of having their Dad home with them all summer!  It also means a lot of other things, for the family and for me, but above all, it’s going to be a great opportunity.  Sure, I might be getting a little jealous  that they are snoozing while I’m heading off to work, but hey, I only work 4 days a week, so that’s better than 5 day!  We’ll have longer weekends together, and hopefully get a lot of things crossed off the very old to-do list (home repairs, yard work, cooking and cleaning, etc) and still have time to go on day trips and camping trips.

Big, big changes.  In the Fall he might go back to working part time at the university again (where he works now), under his terms.  Maybe working when they need help on a project.  🙂  I know he has seen how much I like working part time and how it helps me keep my sanity with my non-working life.


Q: Do you have anything big going on this summer??

10 thoughts on “Happy run and BIG news!”
  1. Good luck to Alan as he transitions to this new stage of life! When we saw you yesterday morning, our conversation was more like your first imaginings! You are a beast! 🙂

  2. WOW!!!! That was definitely a speedy run!!! Man, if only I could have pace times like that!!!! I always try for times in the 9 range!!! You rock!!!!!!

    Good luck with the new changes this summer! Change is always a good thing! Always exciting in so many ways!

    Hope the rash clears soon!

    1. Thanks, pretty excited about that run – even though it’s not near where it should be for the distance, based on my most recent half PR! But heading in the right direction. Best run I’ve had outside in a long time!
      It will be a very different summer for sure. I am looking forward to it!
      And looking forward to the rash going away…. but it hasn’t happened yet! 🙁

    1. It’s going to be different for sure, but really nice too! I’m just hoping he keeps up on the housework 😉

  3. Wow that is soo exciting! Definitely sounds like there will be lots of changes and it sounds like it is gonna be awesome! 🙂
    Our seasons are opposite to your ones, but in our spring (September) Curtis is moving here and I am just beyond excited about that as I’m sure you can imagine 🙂 we are planning to spend the summer and Christmas in New Zealand and travel the whole country which I am super excited about too! 🙂
    Jessica @ kiwiyogirunner recently posted…The one with random stuff that made me happy aka Friday Favourites a day lateMy Profile

    1. And I look forward to reading all about your travels!!! What a great thing to look forward to!

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