Did everyone have a good weekend?  I did!  I got to go on a “date night” with my husband.  We went to a wedding reception which was “adults only”.  It was a nice night.  Look at me, I flat ironed my hair!!

2015-07-18 18.20.30

Both Saturday and Sunday were spent around the pool since we finally had a hot sunny weekend!  Booyah!!

2015-07-19 14.15.21

Then on Sunday night we went to “Music Under the Stars” which is a free symphony concert at the Toledo Zoo.  I remember going to these events with my family when I was a kid.

2015-07-19 20.11.11

The past week seemed a bit lazy since it was a cutback week on my training plan.  Cutback weeks give your body time to recover and prepare you for the upcoming pain, I mean, tough work.

And here comes the tough work!… upcoming workouts this week:

  • Mon – 8 miles hills
  • Tues – 11 miles, speedwork, 7 @ half marathon pace
  • Weds – Rest!
  • Thurs – 10 miles GA
  • Fri – 20 miles!!
  • Saturday and the next 8 days…..  chillin’ by the pool, frolicking in the ocean, running in the early AM along the beach!  (and eating all the desserts!)
  • Total mileage = 49 miles (maybe adding a little here and there to make this 50 miles!)

Even though my week looks quite challenging, I think it’s a great way to head into a vacation.  Feeling like I’ve gone that extra mile (literally, haha) and am ready to enjoy myself.

Of course I’ll be taking along my running gear and I am looking forward to getting in some early morning runs with Alan.  Nothing better than going for a long sweaty run on the beach, cooling off with a dip in the pool, and then heading out for breakfast!

Let’s discuss a run from last week… it was an average 8 mile morning run.  I figured I would just cruise through the first half, and pick up the pace a little on the way back.  Practicing my negative splits.  Here’s what happened… ran into my friend (complete surprise!) around mile 6.  Had a nice little chat.  That put some power into my run.  Ran into my husband around mile 7.  Also another uplifting visit!  But the final lift was that a guy joined me right before mile 7.  Not really joined me, but was running a tad faster in front of me.  Then he headed into my neighborhood.  I figured I would try to keep following him although he was quite a bit faster so I wasn’t really “racing” him.  But I glanced at my watch and saw my pace started with a “7”.  What the heck?  Am I really running this pace?  Super excited with this new information I busted it out for the whole mile and ended with a 7:43 pace for my last mile.  I was pretty darn pleased with myself on that one!

2015-07-16 09.23.01

Fingers crossed for some good runs this week.  Especially that 20 miler.  Gulp, those always make me nervous!


Q: Do you workout or run on your vacations?

I think it’s just an enjoyable part of my day, so yes, I like to get some activity in during vacation.

Q: What was the last concert you attended?

We went to see the Beach Boys last year!!


4 thoughts on “Working for that vacation”
  1. I’m with ya! Running is enjoyable for me so I do like to do it on vacation. 🙂 I used to have to workout every day NO MATTER WHAT but now I am a little more flexible. If there is a vacation day where I am feeling lazy and just want to sleep in and relax, I do it. Buuuut to me part of the fun of vacation is getting to run/explore in a new place.

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