I haven’t had a chance to copy the pictures off my cameras yet, but I’ll give you a teaser from a pic or two from my iPhone.  Needless to say, it was a pleasure to be surrounded by the beauty of the tropics!

2015-08-01 14.14.20

2015-08-01 08.51.00

I did get out and run almost every day of my trip.  Not because I was training, but just because I wanted to!  I enjoyed the time with my husband and it started the day off right.  And heck, what else am I going to do because I just woke up naturally at 5:50 am every day!  Mostly because we were so tired from our busy days that most nights we were in bed, lights out, by 10:30.  Ah vacation, so much sleep!!


I ran at home this morning and it was a nice break from the heat and humidity of Punta Cana.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find my watch charging cord so my Garmin was dead.  Quick thinking, I put a skirt on (which has a big pocket in the back for my iPhone!) and turned on RunKeeper.  It notified me of each mile.  The odd thing was, it told me some wacky paces!  Also, the miles were happening later than with my Garmin.  A tad annoying because I had to run farther than normal, and it said my current pace was in the 11:00’s when clearly none of my miles were slower than 10!  (well, except the last smidge of a mile, because I had to get the phone out of my pocket to stop my run!)

2015-08-04 15.14.46

But the point was just to run today, so it really didn’t matter what the pace was.  So technically it didn’t matter, but even so… when it’s telling me I’m 2 minutes slower, that’s a bit unsettling!

2015-08-04 07.11.54
A headlamp? Why no, it’s just the morning sun shining on me!

On a great note, it was a beautiful morning and I got to wear my new Newtons!!  Love the happy colors staring at me 🙂

2015-08-04 07.11.35

This morning I also ran into an older guy whom I have seen running near our neighborhood many times (in the dead of winter, and all year round!).  I saw him at a race earlier this year and decided to introduce myself so I could give him a wave next time I see him, and he won’t think I’m crazy.  I’m glad I did because I got to chat briefly with him this morning and he remembered me.  And I didn’t even seem crazy!

More vacation pictures to follow!!


So tell me….

Q: Do you ever use your phone for running?

I wonder if it would have tracked differently in Strava.  Hmmm…

Q: Have you ever met a new runner friend by stopping them on a run, since you always see them running your same path?

I’m not quite that brave yet!

Q: When is the last time you’ve bought new shoes?

4 thoughts on “A tiny vacation preview…”
  1. OH, the vacation photos look delightful!!!

    Love the new shoes!!! Especially the bright pink!!! 🙂

    I too am a little hesitant to stop local runners, for he fear of seeming crazy. Even the locals I see at all the races… some have sent me fb friend requests and I gladly accept, but I don’t dare send them one due to worry of them thinking I might be stalkerish…..LOL…. but I love when they send me one… now, isn’t that crazy?!? LOL

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