Ok, it wasn’t actually scary.  But I was thinking it was going to be.  I prepared for my Friday morning long run by bringing along a headlamp!  The run started when it was dark out, but by the time we got to the path it was actually light enough to see.  So I wore my headlamp for 10 mins just because it was the first time I’ve ever used one!

10 miles done.  My glutes were pretty sore by the end of the run.  Still recovering from the Columbus half I guess.  I’m training with Jamie for her first half marathon in a few weeks, and she did awesome!  Kudos to her on her longest outside run so far!

2015-10-23 09.06.52

The rest of my afternoon off work consisted of finally getting a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks.  I gotta say, I was not super impressed.  The Starbucks lady assured me that people do drink PSL iced, but maybe that makes the difference.  I’ll stick with my mocha and chocolate varieties for now.

2015-10-23 09.35.02
The leaves are turning such beautiful shades right now that I had to stop the car and snap a picture!

2015-10-23 10.14.00

Then I finally got around to pulling all of the dead plants out of my garden (you’re welcome neighbors!), washing my car, and giving my shoes a bath too!  The trail got my shoes pretty dusty.

2015-10-23 13.55.29

And to kick off the pre-Halloween festivities, we went to an entertaining show in the evening.  We were not the lucky one who won the dead body.  It was a pretty funny show which some cool magic tricks, including some very good card tricks!

2015-10-24 15.20.00


Q: Are you ready for Halloween next weekend?

We just bought a bunch of candy and selected costumes.  Bring it on!

Q: What is your favorite candy treat?

I’m all about the chocolates!

Q: Do ever run with a headlamp?



6 thoughts on “Into the scary woods”
  1. I will be celebrating Halloween in Times Square trying to contain the pre-race butterflies before NYC on Sunday. Without any small children around the house, I tend to just turn off my porch light and retreat to the bedroom on Halloween. I have only run with a headlamp a few times (Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon) and I find it a little disorienting. Makes me a tad dizzy but seems to get better the further you run.

    1. We are running a night run at a park next week, so maybe the kids will let me wear one of the headlamps and I can give it a real try.
      That’s so cool that you are running NYC!! I would have to keep myself from splurging on candy pre-race. That would not end well. Good luck!!!

  2. So cool that you are running and training your friend for her first half! Awesome!!! Wish I could run with you…. I think you would help me pick up the pace 🙂

    My favorite candy bar is snickers!!!

    Halloween? We are spending the day at my son’s school… First a 5k to kick off the day followed by a halloween carnival

    1. Your Halloween sounds really fun! I’m crossing my fingers that your race will go off without a hitch. But it sounds like you’ve got it under control, so it will be great!

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