As I’m writing, I can hear the winds whistling past my windows at 25 mph.  Gusts of up to 40 mph expected today!!  Yikes.  Small poodle alert! I laugh because the half I am running this weekend is ALWAYS windy.  It’s been pretty calm around here lately, but sure enough, rolling in just in time for our race this weekend, here come the strong winds.  Ugh!

2015-11-11 09.56.33

Quite the opposite of yesterday.  It was a great to have a mid week day off!  Hope you all had a good Veterans day and gave thanks to all who serve our country and protect us.  I started off my day with a run at the park with Alan.   As promised, we saw several deer.

2015-11-11 09.38.18 HDR

2015-11-11 09.56.52

The trails were beautiful with the Fall leaves and color.

2015-11-11 10.04.20

Even though I had a great run the other day, my run today felt like a total struggle!  Maybe it was the hills.  Maybe it was the humidity?  Maybe I shouldn’t have wasted my energy trying to capture a jump?

2015-11-11 10.00.00

Well, who knows, but it was a beautiful morning and I was happy to be outside, running, and with Alan 🙂

2015-11-11 10.02.29-1

In addition to a variety of short trails, the best part of this park is going over the hanging bridge.  There is just no way to correctly cross this bridge without bouncing all over the place!

You should see how out of control that bridge is on the “group runs” we have at the park!  After those tough 7 miles we had some bagel sandwiches.  Just the perfect mix of a ton of meat, and salty deliciousness.  Yummm!

2015-11-11 11.38.01

After dinner I decided it was time to dust off the Just Dance game and get moving.  My favorite song is One Direction “One Thing”.  I love the song, but also, I’ve danced it a lot so it’s pretty much the only song I can crush the kids with!!!  Victorious again!

2015-11-11 18.41.42


Q:  Do you play any video games?

I totally suck at using the controller, so I’m pretty bad at Mario Kart and Mario Bros.  I do pretty good on Just Dance, and the Wii Fit games though – ski jump and the other ones that use body motion and not hand eye coordination!

Q: Favorite sandwich – cold cuts, or something grilled?

Q: Have you seen any animals on your runs lately?




8 thoughts on “Blown away Thursday”
  1. What a BEAUTIFUL trail! Man I need to get my ass on a trail quickly before fall is over.

    I play minesweeper, does that count? I do it while I watch old trials on youtube. I was up until 2:45am last night doing that! 🙂

  2. I totally hear you on the run! I had a great run yesterday, but the whole thing was a struggle. I’m battling with a recurring injury and whilst I’m actually supposed to run even though I have symptoms, it’s really hard! But I met a cute St. Bernard’s aaand saw a heron!

    1. Injuries stink!!!!! I had a foot injury a few months back and not running for almost 5 weeks was so hard!!! I thought I was going to go crazy! It did get me a little down…. plus, my family couldn’t wait for me to get back to running… running keeps me sane! LOL! 😀
      Hang in there!!!

  3. WOw! Looks beautiful up there right now! Love it! I so love running in the fall when you can hear the leaves crackling under your feet!! I never wear music when running outside because I love the outside sounds!!! Calms me in a way! I see deer all the time hear, but I can never seem to get a picture in time. The deer always are gone in a flash!

    We have been fortunate for cooler temps the last couple of days here in South Georgia and cooler temps do make you want to jump for joy like up in the one pic!!!! It is definitely a celebration! Especially here where summer seems to last forever!

    1. Ok, I totally ripped that jump off your blog… but you know that! You inspired me (and I shocked myself that I didn’t throw my back out doing it!!). Crunchy leaves under your feet are pretty awesome indeed.

      1. HA! HA! I thought the same thing when I jumped like that…. with being 40+, I too thought, uh oh, my back!!! LOL! 😀 And if anyone inspires anyone, you inspire me!!!! Who knows, maybe one day I will end up in Ohio and we can run together and jump for joy at the end!!!! 😀

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