Now that the Thanksgiving eat-fest is over, you are probably making your list for the gift giving season!  Or, if you much more organized than me, you’re probably 80% done shopping already.  Unlike me, who has only purchased one gift thus far!  But if you are in need of some thoughtful gifts for that runner in your life, take a look at these items I think every runner should have!

GPS Watch


Ok, let’s be honest here.  You could absolutely go for a run with your phone and an app.  That works!  But if you really want to get your inner geek going, you’re going to want a GPS watch that will tell you how far and how fast. AND, so much more.  I’ve had several Garmin Forerunner watches now, and the latest model I am eyeing up is the Garmin Forerunner 225.  My friend Polly just got one, and I now have runner’s envy.  Heart rate monitoring built right into the watch band??  No more terrible chaffing around my chest from an HR strap, which I always forget to wear?  What’s not to love about that?!  btw, go visit Polly @ MyTimeRunner if you’d like to hear about her journey as a first time full marathoner in training, and about how she freaked out about a spider today.  She cracks me up!

Half/Quarter Zip

One of my favs from Athleta!

Around here in Ohio, it gets pretty darn cold in the winter.  But, on a sunny snowy day, it also gets warm! A quarter zip is a must on any day so you can easily adjust your body temperature as your run changes.  Layer it up, zip it up to protect your neck, and take it off when you get too warm!  You can pretty much get a nice quarter zip anywhere from Walmart to Lululemon, but look for a nice soft one that fits you well, and has a pocket to store a GU, car key, or maybe even your phone!



I have a rainbow of running socks in my collection, but my favorite brand by far is Balega.  With my daughter now running too, I often lose half of my socks in an given week, but at least she’s properly equipped for her sport.  I have also discovered wool socks this past year.  I always thought they would be itchy, but they totally are not and they are great for both winter (thick ones) as well as summer (thin ones).  Who knew!  SmartWool brand is really nice.

Nip Guards


Even though us ladies complain a lot about chafing issues with sports bras, it turns out that dudes have issues too!  I’m talking about those delicate nips.  I bought NipEaze a few years ago for my husband, after Google suggested them to me (thanks Google!!) and they totally rock.  My husband said so.  These things are so stealth-like, and so adhesive, that my husband has found one of them still stuck to his nips a day after a long run, lasting through several showers or swimming!  I suggested he save money and just apply them monthly, but he didn’t go for that.  Whatever.  If you know a guy runner, you should get these immediately!  He will be eternally thankful.

Fun stocking stuffers:

You might not think these are “fun”, but any runner would love them…

  • Body Glide – You can never have too much of this stuff!
  • GU/PowerGel/energy gels – Several of their favorite flavors, with a couple new ones mixed it!
  • Gloves – A nice warm pair is the perfect way to say “I love you”!
  • Hand Warmers – If your glove choice wasn’t as great as you thought, it’s good to have a backup plan to show that you gave it some thought 🙂
  • Gift certificate to a local running shop.  Duh, who wouldn’t want this??


Q:  I’m also pondering a FlipBelt.  Do you happen to use one?  If so, let me know!  I need something to hold my iPhone and wondered if I should ditch the armband…

Q:  Is there anything on your running wish list this year?

Q: Afraid of spiders??  

Heck no!  Bring it on, you stand no chance against my mighty tissue!

Q: If you have a GPS watch, what brand and model do you have?



8 thoughts on “Holiday Gift Ideas for Runners”
  1. I have a flip belt and would highly recommend one, when I got my iPhone 6, I knew I didn’t want another arm band. My phone fits great, plus keys, shot blocks and my inhaler. It’s comfortable and I’ve never noticed it riding up or bouncing, also never worried about anything falling out.

  2. You totally made me LOL with the nip guard idea- monthly sounds perfectly economical to me 😉 I am SO scared of spiders and in Australia they are huge! I was at the beach a few days ago with bestie and there was one the size of my hand just chilling in the changing rooms! I just about died. I need to work on my horror of them if I’m going to continue living here for a while ?
    Jessica @ kiwiyogirunner recently posted…The one with a post-uni update and GOALSMy Profile

    1. I’m much less found of long leg spiders who hang out in changing rooms or bathrooms. Something about those long legs just really creeps me out! We do see quite a few of those when camping.

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