Throwback Thursday!!  You know how Facebook shows you “memories” pictures of years gone by?  Mine have all been Thanksgiving festivities lately, so I started to wonder just how long my family has been running our Willford Turkey Trot…

It began in 2010 as a run around my neighborhood.  Alan was injured, so he couldn’t join us, and Zachary, well, he was just being a typical 5 year old and didn’t think running around in the cold would be that fun… but Sydney (7 years old) graciously decided to join me and we ran around the block.  The annual tradition was started!


In 2011 we had full family attendance!  We ran 2.3 miles that day around the neighborhood, 11:28 average pace 🙂


2012 brought a change of venue – our favorite location to run along the Maumee River towpath.  We made the kids run The kids decided to run 5 miles (!) – 11:48 avg pace.  I clearly remember a protest from my daughter that year, but we survived!


2013 followed suit with a 5 mile run, 11:43 avg pace.


Back again in 2014 for 5 miles.  11:11 avg pace.  We even ran into a friend on this Turkey Trot and she took our picture!

2014-11-27 09.57.23

Due to the morning neighborhood 5K this year, we changed it up a bit and followed our 3.1 run with an additional 2.1 miles at a different metropark.  Equally enjoyable though!  I was so surprised when I saw this shot of my family – dang, my kids are getting SO big!  Ages 10 & 12 now.

2015-11-26 10.21.29-5

I love the fact that we have this family tradition.  My parents think it’s odd, but hopefully my kids will grow up knowing it’s normal to get out, exercise, and enjoy the beautiful area we live in.  Each day brings us something new to be Thankful for, and each year that we can get out and run together is an extra bonus.

2014-11-27 09.58.58-6 copy


Q:  Does your family have any traditions on Thanksgiving?

Q: Got any plans for this weekend?  

We are heading out for Christmas shopping.  Hope it’s productive!  Also, 2 runs with friends.  Social running – the best!

Q: … Christmas shopping – do you preferring hitting the malls/stores or online shopping??


7 thoughts on “TBT – family Turkey Trot!”
  1. This is so inspiring! Even though my husband is not a runner and my daughter just turned one, I would love to make this a family tradition. Maybe I can start small and just get a run around the block next year. This is what holidays are really about anyway…being together as a family!

    1. Thanks! We’ve tried to involve our kids in activities we love from a young age and it’s paid off. They are pretty awesome downhill skiers now – had them on skis around 18 mos old! I think they ran in kids runs since they were 4 yrs old. It’s a way of life now!

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