So the other day it happened.  I ran that “Run for Pi” and after I finished the race I felt something odd about my shoe.  Like it was falling apart.  From a quick glance at it, all looked good, but it was raining that night and my shoe was soaked.  Now it made a squeak noise too.  Odd.  After it dried out I investigated it more.  And then I saw it… my Newtons had reached the end of the road.

2016-03-18 13.24.22

Newton shoes use the “lug” technology.   A series of raised lugs along the forefoot to help encourage forefoot landing and to give your running some “pop”.  For the first time with the new lug design, several of my lugs had become disconnected from the shoe!

2016-03-18 13.24.06
Oh no, that is not right.

But don’t be sad.  Me and shoe #14 have had some good times together!  We’ve run just over 700 miles together!  Trained through the hot summer when I BQ’ed in the Fall.  Ran the Holiday Hustle 5K together.  Ran Girls on the Run 5K together.  Last training cycle, we ran a 22 mile long run together!  Oh, and let’s not forget the many many early mornings on the treadmill… and the more scenic views around the resort in Punta Cana.  Good, good times!

The thing I’ve found most interesting about my shoes is the wear pattern I’ve developed.  Have I mentioned that I have either a hip imbalance or one leg is longer than the other?  I know this because my pant hems always hit in different places on each of the legs, regardless of the pants.  So that’s no surprise to me that one side of my shoe gets worn down more.

2016-03-18 13.23.46
Very worn on left heel!

I got 750 miles on an older model of Newtons, so 706 for these is pretty darn good I think!  I got my money out of them for sure 🙂

Did I mention what our celebration breakfast for all of that running last week was?  Yep, trip to the donut shop!

2016-03-20 09.39.58

We actually used the donuts to pacify the kids who were not super excited about hitting several home stores to buy some supplies for our basement finishing project.  We bought our first door!!  Woohoo!  Basement finishing is getting real now!

2016-03-20 10.46.35

And… it’s getting really close to my treadmill space.  Soon my little comfort zone will be moving.  But the end result will be worth the hassle I’m sure.

2016-03-23 07.16.32


Q:  Do you have a finished basement in your house?  

We’ve never had a finished basement (been married 23 years now).  I’m excited for this project!!

Q: Have you ever done any home renovation projects on your house?  Are you the DIY type??

Q: How many miles do you typically get on your running shoes?


9 thoughts on “Ode to shoe #14”
  1. Since I also run in Newtons, I found your tread pattern to be interesting. I noticed your lugs still show some tread. The outside lugs on my Newtons are worn completely FLAT after only 200 miles. I guess that makes me a supinator. I have tried to consciously change my gait to pronate more, but the shoes don’t lie. I will try to post up a picture of mine. I ditch mine after 300 miles and buy the replacements on Ebay.

    1. Oh yeah, Ebay is great!! Those were my more expensive pair… $99! I know, I’m not getting the forefoot quite so much on these. My earlier pairs of Newtons were much more worn down on the lugs. Maybe the old design (single molded piece for lugs) wore out differently? My previous models do have some heel “drag” too. I’ve been trying to run a little more forward on my new pair. Yep, the shoes don’t lie!!! Gait Analysis CSI.

  2. I’ve always wanted to try Newtons. I am so stuck and so loyal to my Nimbus, but just recently have started running with Brooks Launch and I loooove them so far! So change is good sometimes.

    I’ve checked out the wear on the bottom of my shoes and it’s very boring. Yours are fascinating!!!! So are those donuts. YUM.
    Suzy recently posted…PositiveMy Profile

    1. Nimbus have been my other shoe choice when I am having feet problems. I switch over to them as a solution, and it usually helps. Luckily I haven’t had to do that this training cycle. Love that cushy Nimbus ride!

  3. Holy cow!!! You sure do get your money’s worth out of your shoes!!!! The most I have gotten out of a pair of shoes has been around 400miles. I have read that people tend to change out shoes every 300-500 miles….. but you definitely exceed that!!!!!! 😀

    Oh goodness!!! Those donuts look awesome!!!!!!!!! I bet they were yummy!!!! I son has been on a donut kick! Requests them on Saturday mornings!!! 🙂

    Down here in the south we do not have basements!! I sure wish we did though! I would love the extra space!!!

    I am excited about your upcoming marathon! I think you are going to rock it! 🙂

    1. Oh, that would be tough without a basement!! Do you know how much stuff we don’t need that we have stored down there?? haha! But I’m guessing you do have a barn at your house, so that would make up for the storage issue?
      Thanks for the support – the race is coming soooooon! I really have mixed feeling on it, but I’m hoping the taper will help solve some soreness issues.

  4. That is a lot of miles! Are those shoes designed to endure a ton of miles? We have a finished basement but I think it was finished in the 70s because you should see the carpet and the wood paneling! It smells like cat pee, but not my problem because it’s Paul’s man cave. If he can’t clean up cat pee from his man cave, not my problem.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Runfessions!My Profile

    1. Newtons are definitely a different animal. For the older models, which had a solid core with the lugs (so they would not become disconnected), the rep told me that you could pretty much run with them until they didn’t feel good, or the lugs were worn flat on one side. Depending on your gait, that could be sooner (for new Newton runners) or later. Quite interesting technology! (and on that note, why didn’t they pick me as an Ambassador??)

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