Wow, I was going to write “7” weeks, but I realized I skipped a week on vacation and we’re down to only 6 more weeks!  If you are interested in running the Owens Corning Half Marathon at Glass City, it’s over 70% full, so make sure you get signed up so those weeks of training don’t go to waste!

While I was on vacation I ran with my husband three mornings.  It was incredible running in the mountains, and equally exhausting.  I did my Garmin Resting Guy several times during my run.  Does that pose look familiar to anyone?  I don’t have the pacer guy on my watch anymore, but that was what my old Garmin showed me if you paused it.

2016-03-07 06.43.16


Surprisingly I ended up with 38 and 36 miles for each of the last two weeks of training.  It was a much needed break.  So with that, it’s back to work!  This week my schedule is loaded with races.  More races than I’ve done in the past 3 months it seems!  Here’s what I have coming up:

  • Sunday – (done) 8 miles on treadmill.  Because I hate rain.
  • Monday – (done) 8 miles on treadmill again.  Because I like repetition.  PLUS, Run for Pi race at night! I couldn’t pass up another fun themed race (March 14, 3/14, 3.14…). One of the other GCM Ambassadors, Tom, organized this event and it did not disappoint.  I donned my best “nerdy” attire (hey, I work in IT, but I am NOT a nerd).
  • Tuesday – Rest!  and Gym day
  • Wednesday – 12 miles medium long run, and gym (easy effort at the gym!)
  • Thursday – 6 miles recovery
  • Friday – Rest day!!  So unusual that I have a Friday off, what will I do with myself??
  • Saturday25K race in the morning, run at marathon pace.  PLUS yet another holiday themed race – the Blarney Shuffle 5K in the afternoon.  I am going to be exhausted.  But I’m also going to be pretty happy because the 5K event involves a beer tent 🙂
  • Total = 56 miles

I’m going to try to just take my miles slow so I can perform at the level I want to during the races, and not be sore.

Recap of the “nerdy” Run for Pi race:  I decided I’d just go with the flow when I ran this.  It was a bit crowded at the start with a mix of people – kids, etc.  You know how you judge your pace in races sometimes by the way other people look?  Lets just say I was totally happily surprised when I saw my first mile was 8:00 on the dot!  I thought “hey, I could really race this thing!”.  I slacked a little on mile two, and picked it again for mile 3.  Finished in 25:37 – 8:09 avg, good enough for 2nd place in my age group out of 25.  I’ll take it!  We were encouraged to wear nerdy clothes… because nerds love Pi of course.  And math.

2016-03-14 17.49.17
Wool blend skirts are surprisingly athletic!!


There was pie, and Pi for all finishers…

2016-03-14 19.01.50
The pie was sooooooooo good!!

2016-03-14 19.01.29 2016-03-14 19.00.02

And beer glasses for awards.  Nice swag!

2016-03-14 19.48.17

BTW, I found a fabulous house when we were running in the mountains.  If I start talking about moving, you know where we’ll be heading!

2016-03-08 06.32.22


Q:  Which organized races do you sign up for more often – 5Ks, half marathons or full marathons?

So glad the Toledo Roadrunners provides great low cost races for the club members. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be running many 5Ks because race fees really add up for the whole family!!

Q: Are you training for the Glass City Marathon (or other spring race)?  How’s it going?

Q: Did you run any holiday themed races this week??







7 thoughts on “Training Tuesday – GCM, 6 weeks left!”
    1. Ironically, hardly anyone else was dressed nerdy! Oh well. I usually don’t dress up for races, but it was fun getting into the spirit of it. Guess that shows how nerdy I really am. Ha!

  1. Awe, you look so cute in your nerdy outfit! I can’t believe you ran TWO races in one day. I don’t race much anymore and when I do, they’re either half marathons or fulls. I ran my first 5K ever in Arizona in January! That’s a tough distance. Whew!

    1. I know what you mean – after running those long marathons I feel like I’d like to run some short 5Ks… until I’m out there racing them. Exhausting in a whole different way!!!

  2. I looked that house up on Zillow, only $2.18 million. If we cut back a bit, sell the Mustang, and perhaps donate a few organs we might be able to swing it!

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