4 more weeks to go!!  Woot!!  4 more weeks for me means only one more really long run, and then it’s all cutting back from there.  I’m hoping that cut back in distance will give some much needed relief in the sore glutes area.  Regarding that issue, I’ve been doing more PT exercises and stretches based on a book I read which discussed glute pain directly – Running Strong, by Dr. Jordan Metzl.  And since it’s from the Runner’s World Dr, I figured it’s got some good science behind it.  It’s a good book with very detailed info.  I’ve also been considering going in to see my Dr again, who is a sports Dr.  I have discussed the issue with him before, but I don’t want to go to PT again ($$$$) and I’ve heard that a shot might be a solution, which we have never discussed.  Anyways, those are the random thoughts in my head!

Last week’s running went pretty good – totaling 48 miles.  I ended my week with a 6 mile run with my kids on Easter.  My daughter was a bit unbelieving when I told her we were going to run 6 miles, but I had total confidence that she could do it.  The weather was so beautiful so I included my son too and he biked along side us.  We stopped to take a picture at a monument along our route.  When I saw this shot I was shocked at how long her legs are!  I guess that’s why she is almost as tall as me 🙂

2016-03-27 11.54.22-1

My schedule this week is kind of random again.  Kids are on Spring Break so we are taking a quick trip to Chicago:

  • Monday – (done) 7 miles with 6 x 100 strides
  • Tuesday – Rest day!
  • Wednesday – 11 miles…. this might not happen, because we will be on vacation in Chicago.  I did bring my running gear, but I’m just not sure how far the run will be.
  • Thursday – 4 mile recovery run
  • Friday – Rest!!
  • Saturday – 22 miles!! **
  • Sunday – ?? plan said 10 miles, w/ speedwork, but after 22 miles I don’t think that will be happening!
  • Total = At least 40 miles

** Saturday is another Toledo Roadrunners club run.  It’s the Ed Dibble run, which is in memory of a popular runner whose wife used to bake cookies which were served to all of the runners at the end, back when this was a small event.  This event has grown significantly in the past and it’s now a premiere training run for the Glass City Marathon.  You can choose 11, 18, or 22 miles.  It’s a supported training run for only $10 with water stops, fuel, port a potties and tech shirts.

It’s funny because I haven’t even written the last three weeks of my training plan yet!  I mean, I haven’t transferred it to my calendar, switching the days around, so that 10 mile speedwork really doesn’t need to happen after my 22 miles.  I will work something better out hopefully.

Hope you are having a great start to your week!


Q:  Is anyone else on Spring Break this week?  Traveling maybe?

Q:  Have you ever been to Chicago?

11 thoughts on “Training Tuesday – Glass City Marathon, 4 more weeks!”
    1. The plan isn’t written that way. I shuffled the days around and that was the only spot to put it! I’ll move it to later in the next week I think. There is a lot of speedwork in my remaining workouts. Shorter distances though.

  1. We just finished up Spring Break! It actually totaled 17 days because Spring break was combined with Easter long weekend. All my teacher friends were loving it and all my parent friends were like UGHHHH SEND THEM BACK. Ha ha!

    I have to say that I really, really love the idea of that supported training run for $10. Absolutely brilliant!
    Suzy recently posted…Week in Review: Spring BreakMy Profile

    1. That’s funny about the long break you had. I can definitely see both sides! Looks like you had a fun spring break. Especially that WorldCup qualifying game! Too bad for the rain though. We are getting some rain here today, but I’m back to work 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, I LIVE in Chicago. Well, actually, out in the western burbs. Chicago is a fun place to visit with lots to do if the weather is beautiful like it is this week. Having to deal with the traffic, crime, and high taxes makes it a less-than-ideal place to live. Considering moving out to Colorado or back down south to Atlanta.

    1. How ironic that you live near Chicago!! I loved the city, but was a tad bit stressed with the traffic situation 🙂 Oh, and the high parking rate when I wasn’t driving. BTW, I ended up using a tip you posted on the RW forum a few years ago about transferring a MarathonTours booked room over to us. We scored a cheaper room now for Boston. Woohoo!

  3. Can’t wait to hear about Chicago! Wow 22 miles!!!!!!!! So awesome! And really great you guys nailed the 6 mile run, so nice you could take both the kids with you 🙂 Were moving back to NZ in May (ish) and Im gonna force Curtis to follow me on his bike when I run- a good option because he doesn’t love running quite as much as I do 😉 And wow Sydney does have long legs haha jealous!
    Jessica @ kiwiyogirunner recently posted…The one with when we don’t wanna do something and we do it anywayMy Profile

    1. It is really nice that my kids can go for a run with me. My daughter is so funny though. She has to always sprint the last part of our run super fast… I guess just to “beat” me? Guess that’s a good practice for racing, but still, we’re just having a friendly run together! 🙂

  4. Mayor Daley was so concerned about his legacy that he sold the parking meters to a private company just to avoid raising taxes. He then turned around and blew all the money before he left office. Now they are free to charge as much as they want. I use an app called ParkWhiz to find cheaper parking around the city.

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