GCM participants: Don’t forget to fuel up before race day!  There are many dining choices in the Toledo area.  Whether you prefer pasta or something else, you’ll be able to find it here!  Take a look at the official list of marathon restaurants here.  You can get a 20% discount at these establishments on Saturday and Sunday of race weekend.  Score!

Time to get really close and take a look at the important detail… WTF?  Yep, Where’s The Finish!!  For former participants you will note that the start line has been moved out of the campus area, and on to Bancroft St.  That will give all of the runners some more room!


The finish line is located right outside the Glass Bowl Stadium.  It’s going to be a sight for sore eyes (and legs, and glutes) for sure!!

After you finish the race, there will a celebration area set up to help you recovery, celebrate and refuel!  If you left a bag at bag dropoff, it will be waiting for you in parking lot 10 next to the food tent.  Love the feel of some nice dry clothes after my races!!


Q:  Do you use bag drops at races?

I never used to, but I’ve done it recently and not sure why I didn’t in the past!!  It’s so easy and convenient.

Q: What is your favorite pre-race meal?  Are you a pasta lover, or something else?


7 thoughts on “Glass City Marathon – belly full, and a bird’s eye view”
    1. Yes, all of the courses have changed! I was a little bummed that we don’t finish directly in the stadium this year (due to turf replacement), but I won’t miss the “uphill climb” into the stadium! I know, barely an incline but at the end it sure seems like it 🙂

  1. I’ll be there at the finish line cheering you and everyone else on! And probably drinking a beer and eating a cupcake. 🙂

  2. I have never used bag drop at a race, but often wanted to!!! I just might try! It always seems like it would be so bothersome, but perhaps I should try……. there has to be a reason so many other runners do….. right?!?

    Night before a race…. it is always a grilled chicken breast, sweet potato, and salad for me…. I know, kinda different….. but it works for me. Race day, it is a half of a bagel with peanut butter topped with banana. OH, and 2 days before a race I have pasta…… usually egg plant parmesan from olive garden:)

    1. Last Fall the people we were with wore nice sweatpants and jackets right up until the time they got in line for the race. Dropped it in bag drop, so they had it at the end. Great idea! Of course, the race needs to be cold… so maybe you wouldn’t have as many of those experiences around there! 🙂

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