On Friday I decided that I needed to get some more hill training in so I went over to the upcoming half’s race course to run some of the hills we will be racing on in just a couple weeks. My run started early and it was a bit dark and foggy out!

I avoid running on streets as much as I can, but this was the race course so it had to be the street. Oddly enough, the only vehicle that made me nervous running on the road was a school bus which seemed to almost “run me over”!

I thought I had a good visible outfit on. My tights even had reflective patterns down them.  (Oops, missing in the picture!)

I ran 8.5 miles on the course and then drove back home to run 4.5 more with my friend. I haven’t run with her forever so it was great to catch up with her.

It was good to get 13 miles in, but it sure didn’t give me any confidence that I was going to bust out a fast half!! Sigh.

On Saturday we drove to a beautiful place in Ohio – Hocking Hills. It was a lot of hiking up and down into the caves. I will post more about that next time because I haven’t taken the pictures off my DSL yet (I’m posting this from my phone on the way home!) but I did have my selfie stick to capture this classic…

And this one too 🙂 ….

They just don’t take me seriously!! Oh, and I was overjoyed when we got to stop at an Athleta store and I scored an awesome tank top for $5 after using my rewards. Thank you Old Navy Visa!! 😉

Hope you are having a great weekend. It was 73 degrees today. Simply incredible weather!! We’ll be carving pumpkins and getting ready for Halloween on Sunday.

Oh, and we kept the kittens for a few more days. More kitten neck warmers!


Q: Are the leaves falling where you live?

Q: Do you run on streets or trails (paved or stone) more often?

Q: Prefer Athleta or Lululemon?

Athleta is my only splurge, when I have rewards to spend!

3 thoughts on “Hills and more hills!”
  1. So funny, I ran 13 on hills yesterday! It was great weather but a cruddy run. I am very weak on hills, apparently. I normally run on the street. There aren’t any paved/gravel trails I would feel comfortable running at in the dark early morning hours around here. I could drive over to Harrisburg but I love just stepping outside my door.

    1. Looking back at my splits they were pretty consistent, which was good, but at least 45 seconds slower than I hoped!
      Sorry to hear your run was cruddy! (I’ll go read about it :)…)

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