Ta Da!!!  Here they are… my new shoes!  Brooks Launch 4.  This is proof that I don’t buy my shoes based solely on color. I’m totally a pink or purple shoe color girl. Granted, this color combo does go with everything I own, but it would not be my first choice by a long shot.  Given that the other choices were the Shamrock design, or the American Flag design, I went with black 🙂  I am practicing what  I preach though because that’s what I always tell my daughter when she’s running shoe shopping!  Buy based on feel. 


Not selected… American pride


… and Shamrocks.


My choice was a bit overwhelming though because I tried on a dozen different brands and models. They got eliminated one by one based on slipping heel, feeling too tight, and just feeling too heavy.  In the end, I had 4 candidates.  One was eliminated due to the weird shoelaces they had.  Another pair (Saucony Kinvara) were eliminated because I thought they were “too sexy” for me.  Yep, super light on the top, cushy feel, and I felt like I would just wear through them too fast!  Money has to be a factor in the decision too!  I can’t even remember why I picked these over the final candidate, but they won.

I got to try them on my treadmill Tuesday morning.  They felt pretty good.  They felt good while I was running, but afterwards my calves were a bit sore. 🙁  The heel to toe drop is more in these shoes than my Newtons, and just a different ride than my Newtons.  So day 1, I’m no completely sure on my selection.  oops.  (ps, 30 day return policy!)

Here’s the kicker though… When I stopped in the store to get my shoes, I handed over my slip from myPT with the shoe specifications I should be fitted for.  The sales clerk read the part about “hamstring and glute pain” and said “OK, but in my experience a different shoe model is not going to help.  But I’m not a PT.”   He mentioned that “stretching, strengthening, rest, cross training and listening to your body” is the fix.   Soooooo true!!!  That was some solid words of wisdom.  And it has been stuck in my head!

I’m not sure I’m totally sold on the new shoe idea myself, but I’m game.  I feel like I’ve been on a quest to solve the mystery of glute and hamstring pain for far too long now and I really want to believe someone who is more qualified than my Google searches.

I do have another PT appointment this week and I’m hoping to have a solid game plan when I leave that office.  In the meantime I’ve been keeping up with my stretching (Jasyoga), strengthening (glute bridges and Myrtl routine), resting (2 days off after my race weekend, and after hard workouts), cross training (biking on Monday) and listening to my body (making my morning runs slower and shorter, and dropping my training plan for right now).  Hopefully all of this is putting me on the road to pain free running in the future.  And hopefully it’s the “near” future 🙂  It sucks to see my training plan workouts pass me by with no hopes of actually doing them, but hey, these things happen!

One a side note… something even more exciting that was acquired at the running store… A SAUCONY RUNNING JACKET!  So exciting because I have never owned one before.  I feel like a pro now 🙂 🙂



Q:  Do you own a running jacket?

It has taken me forever to commit to one!

Q:  Which color would you have selected –  black, flag or shamrocks??

The shamrock design is pretty cool.  It would have made it easy to spot me in a race or race photos!

15 thoughts on “What shoes did I pick??… the suspense!”
  1. Those are some crappy color choices! But then again, my speed shoes are purple so like you say, the color doesn’t matter.

  2. I have 3 running jackets hanging in my closet that I rarely ever run in. The jacket I use the most is my 2014 Boston Marathon volunteer jacket. It is thin with no lining and only has a back pocket big enough to hold a key fob. it is just enough to knock the wind off and feels good over a couple of warmer tops. I definitely would have gone with the black. I am more picky about fit than style, but some shoes are just butt ugly and if you don’t like the way they look, chances are you won’t like wearing them. Hope this works for you. I ran in the Brooks Defiance for years and really liked them.

    1. I’m debating going back for the Kinvara’s now. Sigh. Anyhow, I was happy that they are Launch “4”, meaning they have been around for awhile. I’d hate to pick a pair that is only around for a year and then they drop the style!
      I have run in my Boston jacket just a few times. Alan thinks that’s crazy – he’d never get his Boston jacket all sweaty! (ps, I don’t sweat. hahaha)

      1. I have never run in my 2015 official Boston jacket because to be honest I think the official jacket is kind of crappy. The only time I wear that one is when I go back to Boston and volunteer. The volunteer jacket is a lot better for running.

  3. Those are some pretty lame shoe color choices. I would have gotten the shamrocks with the hopes that they would bring some extra luck on race day.

    I just ordered two new pairs of shoes yesterday. I realized last weekend that on race day my choices are 1) run in shoes that have 500 miles on them or 2) order a new pair and hope I get a chance to test them before the race. Feeling like a dumb runner for not thinking of this sooner, but at least it isn’t a goal race!
    Heather [is probably running] recently posted…Race Goals and StrategyMy Profile

    1. Inside of the shamrock design it says Kiss Me & I’m a Runner, so that’s pretty fun! I don’t know if it’s the shoes or what, but post run I’m just feeling achy all over after wearing the Launches. Time will tell. Back to the Newtons tonight for Dave’s Training! yeah!! My body will be all confused 🙁

  4. I race in brooks launch…. usually 5k distance. Not able to run long in them…

    I most likely would have picked the red white and blue ones, but I love the black!!!!!! The shamrocks… um, no… only because I have bought similar and then hardly word….. matching them was quite hard… lol

    I haven’t committed to a running jacket, but I keep looking at them!!!

    1. Ah ha!! I thought I had seen one of my blogger friends with my shoe color!! I’m just so used to seeing a bright pair of shoes. Black is such a change. Interesting that you run short distances in yours, not long.
      I’m not sure how I’ve made it this long without a jacket! I was surprised how warm my jacket is, but still very breathable. The tag didn’t lie!

  5. Loved your shoes Lisa!! I think I might be going for that color combination when I get my new running shoes next month. To be honest, there’s nothing like having a versatile pair of running shoes.

    Your Saucony jacket looks very pretty. I don’t have any because honestly I don’t need one with this warm weather of Miami. I wish I was able to wear them though.
    Nathaly Abrahan recently posted…Nike+Run Club: All You Need To Know + Tips & Tricks.My Profile

    1. That is true – you’re missing out on all of those jacket opportunities… and gloves, balaclavas, fleece lined tights, hats… but that just means more warm weather running wear!! 🙂

    1. I’m thinking the 10mm heel drop of the Launch is just not for me since I’m used the 3mm of the Newtons. Might be going back for the Kinvaras tomorrow!!

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