Hello everyone!  I’ve had a crazy busy week.  Some running related, but mostly a lot of fun with friends and family!  I decided to start on a training plan, to see if I have renewed my love of distance running.  To be honest, I love the organization of a training plan, but I’m still not convinced I have my love of distance running back again!  Time will tell.  Here I am, week 2 of my plan.


  • Running:  23.2 miles
  • Biking: 19.1 miles
  • Swimming: many laps!

I’m happy to have totals in all three sports again.  My bike is awesome, and I really enjoy getting out on it when I can.  Swimming is something I’m taking up with my son, and it exhausts me, but you gotta start somewhere.

Monday – 4.18 miles.  Had some fun new shorts to try out.  Great weather for a run!


Tuesday – 11 mile bike ride before work.

Wednesday – 4 miles with my DayBreak Divas group. 6:00am!  This is the first time I’ve been able to meet with the group this year, and I’m happy to be back!


I got ready for work speedy quick.  This was my test to see if I could do it, and I did!


Thursday – Race night!!  8K OH/MI race. Recap to follow… but I was happy with my efforts.  The race had a great turnout.  Lots of people.


Got 4th in my age group out of 43. Not too shabby!


Alan ran too….


Here’s a great picture of me.  I’ve learned not to look at my watch as I cross the finish line, so I didn’t even break stride when I stopped it this time!


Friday – Swimming, 300 meters.  I know this isn’t really far, but phew, I’m really tired after doing this.  Still, I believe I am making progress!

Saturday –  14 mile bike ride.  But first, working at the Glass City Hot Air Balloon race!  It was a 4 mile race, and I worked at packet pickup and as a course marshal.  The Run Toledo Ambassadors were out in full force!


Sunday – Long run, 10 miles.  With my busy week, Sunday was the best day for my long run.  10 miles were on my plan, and it was going to get done no matter what.  Actually, I had a lyric in my mind from a Gin Blossoms song – “if you don’t expect too much from me you won’t be let down”.  My plan was to just go out slow, and keep it going. Sweat was dripping off my face by mile 2. Phew! I took a couple of walk breaks to get it done, but in the end, I did end up making my last mile the fastest, so this was a winner!


Swim: 355 meters.  My dip in the pool when I got home was delightful 🙂  I swam laps in my pool. I’m pretty sure I’m the slowest, most out of shape swimmer ever.  But I’ll keep at it!


The rest of the day was spent lounging around the pool, and cleaning the house 🙂  Resting was much needed.


Q:  How long does it usually take you to get ready for work?

Q:  Do you run in sunglasses?

I like having decent looking race pictures because you can’t see my eyes! If you haven’t tried Goodr glasses, you should.  So comfy, and affordable!!

Q:  How about you? – love distance running, or no?

9 thoughts on “Training Tues – 7/17/18”
  1. At the moment, LDR and I aren’t speaking. We have mutually decided to take a break as a result of a recent flare up of an old injury — perineal tendinitis. Soooo frustrating, especially since I have a couple of halves scheduled in the next three weeks. My eyes are really sensitive to light so I am wearing sunglasses even on a slightly overcast day. As for getting ready for work…… well, that was so long ago, I have forgotten what it was like.

    1. Oh man, that really stinks about the injury flare up. I feel your pain- so frustrating!! Is that something that just requires rest, and not rehab?

      1. Both actually. Rest until the inflammation goes down and the tendon has a chance to heal. Then I need to get back to doing my stability exercises which I had been skipping out on lately. The tendon is working too hard to stabilize the foot and ankle on impact due to weak lower leg muscles. Back to standing on one leg before bed.

    1. 15 mins is great!! Tomorrow I’m going to try to fit in my Diva group and be ready for an early work meeting, so I’m going for the gold… 20 mins. Wish me luck. Ha! Also great that you can go without makeup. People would think I’m sleeping due to my blond/invisible eyelashes!

  2. I work from home so I just walk from the bed to work. It sounds awesome but really, when your job entails you getting up and going straight to it, sometimes that’s just not fun. When I did work in the office, I could get ready in 10 minutes but I always showered the night before. No clue how long it would take me after showering because of washing my hair, yuck! I think hair has a lot to do with it with drying, straightening, etc, plus if you wear a lot of makeup. Just don’t be one of those people who is still getting ready in the car!
    Amy Lauren Scott recently posted…Chronicles of Cross Training: June 11-17My Profile

    1. Yes!! That is crazy when I see people putting mascara on while driving. Eeeek!! Luckily, if I spend the effort to blowout my hair, it will last me 3 days, so that makes life easy. The sweat actually makes my hair some volume!
      I’m finding it a bit more challenging on my “work at home” days. Hard to see my family doing other things and I want to join them!

  3. Have never been a fan of running in sunglasses especially for a race. If it is hot, I’ll get all sweaty and that gets on the glasses. Much easier to just wear a hat.

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