This race wasn’t even on my calendar until a friend reminded me of it.  It was a fun, low cost race, so why not join in? I even got to dust off my bridesmaid dress and run in it another year.  Seriously though, I wore this to my brother’s wedding. I think that was 28 or 29 years ago. It’s a true classic. It also fits like a glove (the tight leather kind that suffocates you) and it hotter than hell when you run in it!  But it’s all in the name of fun, so why not?!


I wish I could figure out where a picture is of me wearing this dress in the wedding, but I have no idea where it is.  Sister fail.  But here’s a shot of my friends with the “bride” of the day.


The Bride is our rabbit for the race.  He’s a speedy cross country runner, so this was no big deal – although he did say the strapless dress was a challenge to keep up (#flatchestedgirlproblems).

Here’s my friend Cheryl, who will be joining me as a coach in the Ready for the Race 5K training program.


Look at me go in that snazzy dress!


My finish time was 26:22, which was 30 seconds faster than last year.  Yeah that!  I guess that shows my hamstring issues are improving and I’m getting a bit stronger.  Or maybe it was because I was going to suffocate if I stayed in that dress one minute longer!!  Phew.  As soon as I crossed the finish line I stripped off the top of the dress.  It was unbearable!


I had to zip out of there and get Sydney from cross country practice, but we made it back in time for awards and raffle gifts.  This race has a ton of giveaways!  I got a pretty bracelet for 1st in my age group award.  And I got a candle as a raffle prize!


I also got a cute teddy bear dressed in a wedding veil, but I ended up giving it to a friend’s daughter.  She was super happy to receive it and even made me a bracelet as a thank you gift.  I wore it at the Jeep race.  Awwww, how sweet!


Here’s a fun parting shot… look at that bow on the back. Wow, right?  Still in style after all of these years.  hahahaha!



It was definitely a fun morning with a crazy theme.


Q:  Do you have any running related jewelry?

Q:  Favorite scent for candles?

I don’t burn them in the summer, but in the winter I love the Bath and Body Works scents of “winter” and other pine-y smelling types.

Q: Was that sports bra a fashion no-no?  Should I have gone with strapless sports bra?? (ha, do they even make those??)

5 thoughts on “Runaway Bride 5K recap (2018)”
  1. This looks like so much fun. That BOW! Omg! Why did you keep the dress? Were you IN the wedding? I love your bracelet you got. I do not have any running related jewelry. Your sports bra looks just fine with you dress. 😉 We burn candles when we have company so you can’t smell the litter box, or in case there is some cat pee didn’t find yet! Yankees are my favorite because they are so fragrant, but obviously they are very expensive. I find them at Marshalls and places like that for about half the price. Several months ago, one of the parents of a piano student gave me about 20 Yankees! Some were never burned and some were half burned. She said she doesn’t light candles anymore and asked if I wanted them. Um, yes! My favorite scents are the holiday smelling ones- especially BALSAM. When I smell balsam, I am immediately transported back to childhood because that’s what my mom’s christmas decorations smelled like.
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…Goodbye, Summer!My Profile

    1. That is the question… why did I still have that dress?? I also still have my prom dresses. Figured they were fun dress up clothes with Sydney and I guess I thought I could use them for something! (hey, I did!) I was in my brother’s wedding. I have pictures of the wedding somewhere in a box, but I’m too lazy to find them!
      I agree – Yankee candles are great! I’d be super happy to get them too!

  2. This race looked like so much fun! Wish they do stuff like this in Miami. Although I have no idea what it is to run wearing a dress!!!!!!

    When it comes to running, fashion is the least of my concerns. I would wear whatever sports bra is clean and available. So you you’re fine with that sports bra 🙂

    I have no running related jewelry but loved the one from your picture.

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