This is it… my top mileage week for the training cycle.  By design, and also because of the fact that I’m still coaching the Ready for the Race group.

  • Miles run: 38.8
  • Miles biked:  18.6
  • Training for:  Columbus half marathon 10/14/18

Monday – 2 miles, easy  + 3 miles, intervals. I ran in the morning before work for 2 miles, because I need that on a Monday morning!  In the afternoon we had another “ice cream hill run” with the cross country team. I got a few miles in on my bike.


In the evening, the workout for Dave’s Pink Divas was 12 x 200’s.  My pace group gave me a run for my money! Our interval paces were all within the range of 8:30 – 7:45, so they were truly some speedy sprints.  My body was feeling it the next morning….


Tuesday – 4 miles easy, treadmill.  This was supposed to be a hard speedwork day.  Up the “monument hill” 4 times, at interval pace.  I had completed that workout at threshold pace, which was slower, and surprised myself, but I really didn’t think I could achieve interval pace, so I just bailed on this workout.  Yep, I chickened out and just ran on my treadmill instead. It happens!


Wednesday – 2 miles.  Last training group run for our Dave’s Pink Divas.  We made a nice sea of pink as we ran. 🙂


Thursday – 6 miles, easy.  Why do easy miles always seem so hard?  This was the first morning I’ve considered “chilly” and I needed sleeves to cover up!


Friday – 13.1 miles, long run.  My plan said 11 miles, I was thinking 12 miles, but I also really wanted to see some deer on my run, so I had to go a little farther to get to the park… and when you’re that far, why not just make it a a half marathon.  Right?? It totally makes sense.


It was such a great day for running, I even threw in some pace miles on the way back. Big winning day!  First day wearing gloves this fall too!  And a buff.  I really like that buff!


Saturday – Cross train day!  The weather was so nice that I decided to go for a bike ride.  I went to see my son who has a job as a referee for soccer this season. I like that he’s earning some money!!


Sunday –  8 milesRace for the Cure day!!  Ran Race for the Cure 5K in the morning.  Great race day (recap later this week!).


My plan had an 8 mile tempo run on it, so I decided to just “do it”.  I debated getting out there to run in the afternoon – typically my worst time to run – especially following the morning race, and a celebratory donut with my daughter – but in the end, this turned out to be a really good run!  Overall pace was 8:34.  Goal achieved!!


Q:  Do you ever wear a buff?

They are so versatile!  Alan actually gave me that one, but I also wore it in the cold winter (to cover my face), and in the hot summer to hold ice around my neck at Mohican marathon!)

Q:  Have you worn gloves yet this fall for running?

Q:  Would you rather run interval runs or tempo runs??





3 thoughts on “Training Tues – 3 weeks to go!”
  1. Whoa! You are totally rocking your training right now!

    You always have so many cool runs, specially this one with ice cream lol.

    When it comes to decide between tempos and intervals, I would totally choose the intervals. Just because I feel like I’m done with them in less time, whereas tempos take longer and therefore are more painful.

    1. Fingers crossed – if race day isn’t humid it could be a really good race!
      The ice cream run is a good reward for the kids running up that hill. It’s usually a warm day, but it was drizzling that day. The parent helpers enjoy the ice cream too 🙂

  2. Would much rather do intervals. The pain is shorter and you know you get a break in between sets! With a hard temp run the pain lasts much longer!

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