So Erie Marathon is coming up on September 8th.  I’m in the deep trenches of marathon training now.  I’m also pleasantly my body has been holding up to me running 6, or even 7, days a week.  I hate to say this out loud, but I think this continuous load of running has actually improved my hamstring issues (high hamstring tendinopathy).  Or maybe I’m finally getting healed up? Either way, I’m very pleased with it all.  Although I did have a little issue with poison ivy this week. Sigh, I’m the queen of rashes. A steroid shot cleared it up fast!

Monday – 7 easy miles.  What?? “7 easy miles” My heart sank a little when I saw this on my plan this morning.  Figured I was going to have 4 or maybe 5 miles, but 7 miles? Ugh. I would say it was hard getting up this morning, but my cat decided to pester me at 4:40am and I didn’t sleep very heavily after that.  But still, why not start the week off with maybe 5 miles? Sigh.

Tuesday – 9 miles, pace work.  I swapped up my workouts this week due to some travel I have at the end of the week.  This was 2 miles warm up, alternating 1 mile of marathon pace (8:49) with 1 mile of threshold pace (8:27) and 2 miles cool down.  I actually did this on my treadmill because it was hot and muggy outside. Hello Treadmill we meet again!! It’s been a long time!

Wednesday – 6 easy miles.  Despite the muggy weather, I was ready to hit the streets due to an early wakeup.  Don’t you love it when your spouse sets his alarm earlier than yours, but then doesn’t even get up? [that’s right Alan, I’m looking at you!]  Maybe I was just excited to wear my glow vest again and very little amounts of clothes [ok, not my best look…]. Who knows. A super sweaty run, but it was enjoyable.

Thursday – 17 miles, long run. I had to get my long run done extra early today due to family vacation. 4:40 am. Woot!! No complaints here, other than it was still crazy humid and warm. But I’ll get up at 3am if I’m heading for paradise 🙂

Friday – 3 miles with Sydney.

Saturday – ?

Sunday – ?

On a totally different topic, our foster kittens when back to the humane society this week. Look how big they are! Hope they find a home together.

I’ll be skipping my weekly workout recaps for the next few weeks, but will be back soon enough! In the meantime, check out some more motivational blogs in the Weekly Run Down: Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly .

Q: Where’s the last place you went on vacation?

Q: Have you ever had a shot to get rid of poison ivy?

13 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – Erie, week 11”
  1. I was just in Glacier National Park a few weeks ago after the Missoula Half Marathon. Only 3 days but had a great time with friends. We rented a house near the park so we had plenty of room to spread out, a full kitchen, and a washer/dryer. I was raised in the South where poison ivy was a regular occurrence. We used Calamine Lotion by the gallon to try to relieve the itching.

    1. I don’t even mess around any more – a few days of itching then I’m headed to the Dr! Luckily it seems to only happen once a year. The shot made me really hungry because it was a steroid- but my family didn’t believe that excuse. True story!!

    1. I’m not really sure what wakes my cat up, but then she wants me to take her downstairs to her food. She has food, but she just wants me to show it to her! If she continues that behavior for a long time, I end up just having her spend the night in that room. That seems to get the situation fixed for a bit 🙂

  2. I’ve done the Prednisone dance several times, but it’s always been the oral meds. I can’t remember if I’ve told you my story…but we did an extensive house remodel about 10 years ago, and my skin was on fire for almost 2 solid years. Thankfully that was 10 years ago, and I have not had any relapsing, but I’m always on guard.Sensitive skin bites!! Enjoy your vacay!!!

    1. My dr gave me the oral prednisone originally to take on my vacation with me, “just in case”, but I went back the next day and convinced him on the shot. I didn’t want to drag it out!

  3. Even “5 easy miles” on an early morning kind of freaks me out. We run in km’s here – I’m lucky if I ever manage 5KM in the morning! I’m amazed at all the miles you are racking up but I guess that’s a necessity with your race coming up, what, 6 weeks from now???

    I’ve thankfully never had poison ivy! glad you were able to get a shot!

    My last vacation was just 2 weeks ago to Denmark. In 4 weeks we go for 5 days to Helsinki. Then in October it’s Chicago Marathon time! I live for vacation!!

    1. I think the race is about 6 weeks away… I’m afraid to look at my calendar. Haha! It really is a lot of miles, but that’s the beauty of a training plan – it gets you there before you even realize it I think.
      Denmark sounds really cool! Helsinki too!

  4. The fosters are so cute (I have a black cat, love black cats!) I do hope they get a home together too. My next cat (which hopefully will come in a long long time as I hope my current cat lives really really long!) will definitely be a bonded pair as well. My current kitty hates cats 😉

  5. Wow, nice job getting in those 17 miles before leaving for vacation! We love Hawaii, although were only on Oahu briefly (we’ve spent most of our time on Maui & Kauai). Enjoy! My last vacation – and it was a short one! — was Savannah in Feb.

  6. Solid week of training and nice work getting up so early for the 17 miler! It feels so good when you’re done though, right? Nice work!

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