It’s Glass City Marathon week!!  Hard to believe I would have been running 26.2 miles if the quarantine wasn’t happening.  Actually I’m sure I wouldn’t have made it through running all 26.2 miles, so it’s all good.  I’ve seen so many fun pictures of my friends completing their own virtual races.  We’ve all been behaving and cheering each other on at a recommended distance. Congrats to all that completed their journey!!!

Week 6 of COVID-19 quarantine and the announcement was made… school will not be back in session physically this year.  While some kids were mourning their year being taken away from them (those poor seniors!!), my kids responded with “Yeah!!”  I guess they are not sad 😉  Apparently they are enjoying sleeping in, staying up late, and cramming some school work in between those two events. I am not missing the 6:00 am school alarms either.  I still wake up early, but now it’s completely ME time!

Monday – morning, ran 5.2 miles.  Afternoon, ran 5.2 KM.  Do you see a theme here?  Yep, it’s my birthday!!  I started the day with a run around my ‘hood.  Not only was it great to see the sunrise again, I also found some Airpods in the neighbors yard!!  After getting excited about it for 10 seconds, I certainly wasn’t going to keep them, so I got in touch with the mom whose yard I found them in.  They were returned to a happy teen.

After a fun day at work (hahaha, just kidding – it was a typical day other than I got a card and nice little gift from a coworker), I rounded up my family and we enjoyed the amazing weather on a trail run of 5.2KM.  This run was originally slated as our 5.2 mile run, as the 4th (and final) virtual Stomp the Virus race. But I certainly wasn’t up for another 5 miles, nor were my kids excited about it, so it was 5.2KM instead!

After that we had a delicious dinner, followed by gifts, cake and ice cream.  I think this my card pretty much sums up a birthday coronavirus edition for everyone in March and April so far!

Tuesday – 40 mins, elliptical.  Tuesdays are always a tough day for me (why??) and this day started out as the most Tuesday-ish of all Tuesdays!  But dang it, I wasn’t going to let it get me down.  Sweat session completed, with massage too.

Afternoon workout was more weights with my son.  The class I picked was not a winner though because it was part of a series of classes, and the instructor kept referencing things we had done before (what are you talking about?).  The rest breaks were also too long.  But still, something is better than nothing!

Wednesday – 40 mins elliptical.  I did something new. Did a short Peloton yoga class.  I was pleasantly surprised they had 5 min classes!  Stretching felt good.  Maybe this “recovery period” which I will be embarking on soon will be my time to discover yoga!

Guess what? I *finally* joined my first Zoom meeting! The Run Toledo Ambassadors got together. It was fun to see all of my friends again! I had to laugh because it was just like all of the funny videos I’ve seen on Facebook. It did not disappoint.

Thursday – walking, 5K.  I was on a leisurely morning walk and I got an SOS call from work.  I spent the next few hours trying to put out fires at work.  Technology SUCKS when it doesn’t work right!!! (especially when you’re in charge of it) 

And then for another technology fail – the Peloton app kept buffering during a strength workout so we just bailed on it.  Couldn’t stand it anymore, and just did weights on our own.  Some days be like that.

Friday – running 13.12 miles… virtual Glass City Half Marathon!  We picked the best day of the week for sure.  I probably could have worn a tank top, but it wasn’t too bad.  I’ll do a race recap of this later in the week, but I’ll leave it at “we survived”!! 

Speaking of surviving, I went to see my friend finish her virtual full marathon. [side note: I finished my race 2 hours earlier, yet haven’t changed my clothes yet. LOL!!!!]  Holy moly, she smoked it!!  3:19.  Dang girl.  She inspires me – she’s a breast cancer survivor.  I’m so impressed with her amazing comeback. Maybe there’s hope for me! 😉

Also walked 1.5 miles later in the day. Enjoying my latest audiobook!

Saturday – 7 miles walking.  Still feeling a bit sore from yesterday’s half.  Oddly, I’m not sore in any of the places that hurt right after the race!  Just DOMS.  I didn’t plan on walking 7 miles today, but I wanted to listen to my audiobook (1 hour in the AM), and then I got to walk with my very missed friend (1 hour in PM).  Our walk was good for the soul (and sole).  It’s been too long since we’ve gone for a walk together.  I also did a 20 min yoga class.  I normally don’t have the attention span for yoga, so I give myself big kudos for completing this class.

Sunday – 40 mins (3 miles) elliptical.  I’ve fallen off the wagon as far as PT exercises go, so once again, it’s couch-to-PT for me!  Starting over *again* and making another vow to stick with it.  My next two weeks will focus on low mileage (or maybe no running?) and focusing on recovery.

Projects finished this week…. finished a cross stitch project from about 20 years ago, and finally put together my Boston Marathon scrapbook from 5 years ago!

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: If you had to pick a core class based on description, would you go for “crunches” or “planks”?

Crunches for sure!!  The Peloton classes with planks are kicking my a$$!

Q: How was your week?

29 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – Virtual Race week!!”
    1. Cool! If you hadn’t signed up for any of the Glass City races you definitely would have been having FOMO based on my Facebook feed this past week! A ton of people took advantage of the virtual races. Pretty cool to see everyone with accomplished smiles on their faces!

  1. LOL! This week was just like LAST week. Our stay-at-home order expired today and now we are under safer-at-home order which will allow businesses to gradually reopen. Still just running 5 miles a day until I see what is going to happen with Fall races. I have a feeling Boston and Chicago may get cancelled.

    1. Interesting that you will slowly be transitioning into “real life” again. I think it will take a long time for that to be “real” again, and I’m OK with it! I’m guessing those big races might switch to just an Elite only race this year. How could Boston lose their streak!

  2. Happy Birthday and Congrats on your virtual half! You did great. It’s been a lot of fun, seeing everyone crushing these virtual races.

    BTW, Peloton has a feature where you can pre-stream a class before you do it, to avoid the buffering issue. Works great!

  3. Happy happy birthday! Great job getting in your virtual half. Love that your son is working out with you. Welcome to Zoom-it’s fun isn’t it!? Thanks for linking and have a great week

    1. If I attend more Zoom meetings I definitely need to work on the lighting. I felt the image was a bit harsh! Or consider Botox. That’s a thought. LOL

  4. Happy belated birthday! That cake looked super yummy too 🙂

    Congrats on your virtual half marathon! I have loved seeing so many runners do their races virtually. It shows such a commitment to their training. I don’t know if I could do a virtual half marathon – that’s a lot of miles!

    1. Thanks! I could have picked a better route for my half, but it was nice to have company to keep my pace up. My cake had peanut butter frosting on it. It’s my new favorite!!

  5. ha ha…I’d pick planks over crunches LOL Sounds like you had a great birthday despite the current state of everything.My birthday (March 14th) was right when all the craziness was beginning, so things weren’t too “sheltered” at that point, but all he11 broke loose a few days later. Great job on the 13.1….those are tough doing in a virtual setting!

    1. I know – my friend is so speedy! That was probably close to a PR for her. She was really overdressed too. I would have melted if I was wearing her outfit. She’s an inspiration!

    1. That’s great that you are keeping up with a routine – and running 5 days a week! I need to figure out what my new routine will look like. Will involve a lot of PT, that’s for sure!
      Good to hear from you Liz, stay safe!!

      1. I have to run pre-breakfast to feel safe enough from being near too many people, and that limits how many miles I can do at a time, however I wanted to keep up with my 20 miles a week that I know supports my immune system. So five a week it is, and I’m feeling OK at the moment. Stay safe yourself!

  6. Congratulations on completing the Glass City Virtual Half! I know it’s not at all the same as the real thing, but you did great!

    It’s hard when the livestreams don’t work properly. So frustrating when you want to get things done.

    It’s funny how some kids are so onboard with crisis learning, and some are less so. I wonder what this is going to mean for in-person school going forward.
    Jenn recently posted…week 17 (2020): my return to couch to 5KMy Profile

    1. I really hope school is back to normal by the fall. It will be my daughter’s senior year and she would be so bummed if she missed out on cross country!!

  7. I laughed when I saw your daughter’s neat and tidy room versus your son’s sloppy room. I had one of each and they are both boys. Now as adults, they’re the opposite of what they were as kids/teens.

    Normally I would be drawn toward the Peloton class with planks, but since I think it’s the planks that keep aggravating my spine, I guess I’d go with the crunches.

    Here’s hoping your birthday was totally adequate!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…When the DNA Results Don’t Match the HashtagsMy Profile

    1. My daughter does have a walk in closet that she tends to mess up quite a bit, but she also takes a lot of time to clean it up. But my son? Ugh. I often go through his room and kick his clothes around just to make a point. And yet, it still doesn’t get cleaned up!! 😉

  8. Happy Birthday and congrats on your virtual half! I’m amazed at the people who are running full marathons virtually right now. Amazing but I guess it’s the only option. Love that your whole family will run with you. That’d never happen here.

    1. I think if the race would have been a newer thing for me (like 1st-3rd marathon) I would be more inclined to continue the training and run the full marathon. Of course, me being chronically injured made the decision for me, but for the newer runners, I think it’s a great end to their journey. Especially since we were only a month away from the race. But if it were the first month of training, eh, maybe not go for it! 🙂

  9. Happy birthday, Lisa! That cake . . . OMG it looks amazing.

    I’d go for planks. Crunches don’t work the core all that effectively.

    One of these days I have to try the Peleton app, cause that’s the only way I’ll be doing Peloton.

    I’ll bet that teen was glad to get their Airpods back!

    1. The family was actually pretty chill about the Airpods being lost, and returned. If it was my kids, I would have been “Do you know how much those things cost???” ha!

  10. Happy Birthday! That card is so perfect it’s hilarious. I would pick planks over crunches but accidentally picked a crunches one. 😉

  11. Happy Birthday! I am sure that teen was happy you found the Airpods. Great job on your virtual half marathon. So many people are doing great in their virtual races. I am just happy to run. 🙂 Isn’t Zoom the best? I am enjoying the ones I am doing but don’t like how sometimes the screen freezes or the sound quality isn’t the greatest. Must be my wi-fi. As for the Peloton issue, I would suggest you preload the class.

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