It’s been another busy week for me. First week at my new office, running all the miles, and trying to be organized. I think it all is coming together! I’ve traveled almost 92 miles on my 137 mile virtual journey down the Maumee River (River*X Challenge).

  • Miles run = 37.7
  • Miles biked = 25
  • Elliptical mins = 40

Here’s a fun share from last Sunday – we went mountain biking in the afternoon and got to see the treehouses they are building at our metroparks. Hopefully they will be available soon for overnight rentals. So cool!! Wouldn’t you love to stay overnight in one?? We want to.

Monday –  6 miles, running.  1 mile walk after work (it was so beautiful out!)  Today is the first day at my new building.  That means a 25 min drive to work vs my previous 8 min drive.  Great news, I made it to work on time!!  I was hoping to be a little early, but oh well, I arrived when my boss got there, so that’s a win!

I even used my new feature – the standing desk.  I didn’t think I would, but it was actually a nice break from sitting all day. It’s been weird – almost no one wears a mask at this new office. Management said it’s up to us. At our previous office they wanted us to wear them any time we were away from our desks. I guess we are more spaced apart here?

Tuesday – 2 miles, bootcamp.  This was a big test for me… can I still do the bootcamp group and get to work on time??  Answer = YES!  I had to skip the chit chat at the end with my friends, and be super organized, but for sure, I can do it!   

At night I had a Girls Night Out with my pals – it’s been far too long since we’ve all been together.  

Wednesday – 6 miles, running.  Phew, this was a tough run!  It was already almost 80 degrees at 6am.  Feeling a little beat up. Definitely a slog of a run!  I was a little irked because I actually got to work 5 mins early today!… I could have spent those 5 mins to hop in the pool because it took a long time to cool down without it.  So week 1 at the new job location has been a success!

Sidenote – I am LOVING having my music loaded to my new Garmin (Forerunner 645 Music).  My Aftershokz headphones pair seamlessly to the watch.  Awesome technology!!

Thursday – 40 mins elliptical.  Big surprise – my glutes were feeling a bit sore from all the running, so I used my old friend the elliptical!  I haven’t used it in quite awhile.  I was glad to catch up on my TV shows.

Tennis with Zach!  My son and I like to hit the tennis ball around, so we started our season up with 30 mins.  We don’t play by the rules, just hit the ball back and forth. Luckily there was a more “skilled” person on the courts too so I copied their technique.  It actually improved my backhand swing!  I learned that a two hand grip really controls the ball for me.

We went out to dinner. Good food and drinks. Yummm

Friday –  Busy day… bootcamp… biking… tennis!  Our bootcamp class had an amazing wildlife experience this week.  The bald eagle flew right over our heads… twice!  (not my picture, but this is what it looked like!!)

Then the weather was great, so I went for a 25 mile bike ride around the town.  Early morning rides are the best!  I have noticed my speed is getting faster on the bike too.  Yeah!

After biking, I played tennis with my son again for 45 mins this time.  I can see improvement in just a few days of playing now. Maybe we’ll advance from just hitting the ball back and forth to an actual game!

Saturday – 10 miles, long run.  My pace was actually a bit faster than I expected on this one (9:23 avg).  I haven’t set up the right screens on my new watch yet and I had no idea what my current pace was.  At least it was a good surprise!

I’ve spent many of my hours this week in “vacation freak out mode”.  Things to do.  Lists to make, and complete.  Things to buy.  Here’s a preview of a trip to Bass Pro Shop this week.  Interesting, no? Hiking shoes, bear spray and beef jerky. It’s getting real!!

Sensing my stress level, my husband agreed to my request for a walk after dinner, and suggested a stop at the ice cream parlor too.  🙂  Much appreciated.

Sunday – 12 miles, running!! Ok, this was not expected. I was only going to run a few miles, maybe 5… or 6. And then ended up just continuing because it was feeling so good. I had comfy shoes on, the weather was amazing (56!) and I was running slow. And my mind had a lot to process. By mile 10 I wished I had eaten more than just one fig newton, and had a GU or water with me, but I made it home safely 🙂

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Well, it’s time for me to go. Many more things to do. You might not hear from me for awhile, so I hope everyone stays healthy and safe. We’ll catch up later! (but please leave a comment… I will reply 🙂 )

Q: Have you ever encountered a bear??

We have seen them from afar, but never on our trails. I hope that trend continues!!

Q: How is the weather where you live?

No complaints here, it’s been pretty great!

34 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – moving along”
  1. Nice week! Gotta love it when 5-6 miles turns in to 12. I do kind of miss my standing desk,though not enough to want to drive half an hour to get to it;-) But it was really nice to be able to stretch my legs out by standing for the first part of the day and it really helped with the afternoon slump to be able to stand for a bit. Enjoy your vacation and I can’t wait to hear about it.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Sweats: Another Virtual 10k and Another PRMy Profile

    1. That 2nd long run of the week did surprise me! It is always a great reminder of how much farther I can run when I keep the pace easy.
      Luckily I’m short enough that you can’t see me over the cubical dividers when I stand up at my desk 🙂 That’s not the case for everyone in my area!

  2. No bears so far. Colorado managed to eradicate Grizzlies 50 years ago but there are black bears up in the mountains. Biggest threat here is from mountain lions. Homeowner 2 miles from me encountered one in his garage last week. Colorado Wildlife officers sedated it and took it for a ride back up into the mountains. It has been in the 90s here in Colorado but the humidity is only 19% so it isn’t as bad as the same temperature back in Chicago. I will try to send you a picture of the lion.

      1. /Users/rapearce/Pictures/Photos Library.photoslibrary/resources/derivatives/D/D022711E-2A90-4BC0-813D-7FD20768CBE1_1_105_c.jpeg

  3. A busy week for you indeed! I’m glad that the first week at your new office went well and it’s great that you can still fit in your bootcamp class before work, even though you have a longer drive.

  4. Aww, that ice cream place looks so cute (and delicious!)

    So glad the first week with the longer commute was successful! Interesting that you don’t need to wear a mask now, but did before.

    Great week, thanks for sharing!

    1. The ice cream place is the best. Only 1.1 miles from my house. I run by it ALL the time. Wish it opened earlier though. I’d be their best customer after my long runs!!

  5. I have never seen a bear up close, and that’s ok with me. Just missed some hiking once, apparently (long time ago).

    Good job getting in your boot camp before getting to work! Your bald eagle photo is amazing!

    This weekend was great for running. Although I haven’t felt the need to go longer than 6 in a long, long time, LOL!

    1. I am really enjoying “just going out for a run” and having no speedwork to do. My body is agreeing with it right now too! That’s a huge plus.

  6. wow back to your office and out to dinner! Big steps. Wearing real clothes too! People are still working from home around here and our restaurants are only open for outside dining. Nice and busy week for you! Thanks for linking up

    1. Sadly, I have been wearing real work clothes this whole time. Just a new office space for my company! Social distancing inside restaurants is odd. I like going out to dinner when there are people around. The restaurants are so purposely empty now! But at least the service is really good 🙂

  7. Nice week for you! Those treehouses are so cute–I’d be game to stay in one. The preserve where I run has a campground and that opened back up this week. It’s nice to see that. Plus there’s a bathroom…need i say more?

    I use a standing desk when I’m seeing patients. I could sit but i don’t.

    Bear spray not needed here! Whew!

    1. I forgot to mention – the treehouses are really decked out. They aren’t just a plain room. They were built in collaboration with the “Treehouse Masters” guy if you’ve ever heard of that show. One of them is also a larger meeting one.

    1. I am a little overwhelmed with all of the travel logistics right now, but looking at pictures of our destination has got me really excited about going!

    1. Thanks! I am finding the morning traffic is not bad, but there seem to be lot of crazy drivers out and about on the way home. I guess they all sleep in!

  8. I think the treehouses are cute!! Yes, I would go there. Great job on your running. You’ll be done with your challenge pretty quickly. I remember you saying you wanted to be done early in the month because of your vacation plans.

    Have a great vacation!

    1. I was just reading more about the treehouses and they will have heat, electricity and AC! And hopefully not tooooo many mosquitos. They also have hammock and tent stands. I will take the treehouse 🙂

  9. Glad to hear your first week in the new work location went well. Hooray for being able to fit in Bootcamp! Those treehouses are so fun. I saw bear in Alaska but not around here.

  10. what an amazing week actually! running, bootcamp and made it to work on time, fun with friends and family, prepping for a trip! I can’t believe you ran 12 miles though when you only intended 5 or 6!!

    never came across a bear luckily!

    typical Dutch summer weather. One day cool and gray and threatening rain, the next hot and muggy!

    1. I used to play bunko (dice game) every month with the ladies I got together with. Unfortunately we stopped playing around 7 years ago. Now our kids are all graduating and going to college! Heck, we used to talk about the woes of preschoolers back then. It was great to catch up.

  11. Glad your new commute is working out, even if it is taking more planning and precision! How fun to playing tennis with your son. It’s such a fun sport. We took bear spray hiking in Yellowstone, but never had to use it. I think the only bear we saw was from the bus. We saw lots of bison though.

    1. I’m glad I bought the spray! I didn’t use it yet, but it’s been very assuring to have it. We did have a close encounter… will blog about it later!

  12. With all of the hiking we did in the Tetons when we were first married and on our return trip there two summers ago, we have never seen a bear. We’re heading to Shenandoah National Park to hike tomorrow and I hope we don’t see one then either (unless while we’re driving to the trailhead). Having seen your IG post, I know that you not only SAW A BEAR, BUT IT HIKED WITH YOU FOR A WHILE. Hope you’re having a wonderful time on vacation!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Runfessions of a Simple Girl Trying to Master Internet Stuff and GadgetsMy Profile

    1. The bear encounter was pretty cool! But, we had about 8 people in our group. Not sure I’d be so thrilled to see one with just my family of 4. I’m all set for now!!

  13. What A Brilliantly Worded Post – Gorgeous Photos Throughout – So Stoked For You – Bears Are Out & About Around Here For Sure – Our Weather Was Perfect All Spring Long – Low 80’s For The High And Upper 40’s At Night – Last Week, Smack You In The Face Heat – Oh Joy – Anyway, Thanx For Sharing Such Stunning Photos, Family Life Adventures, And For Living Life Outside – My Heart Smiles


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