Spring Break is upon us, so my workouts were all mixed up this week. But by Friday I ended up getting all 44 miles on the plan done, and I topped it off to 50 miles by Sunday! We had a lot of fun stuff going on this week, and I had great success with two of my key runs this week. And I got to run in the rain. So here’s what went down in my world…

Sunday – A few pictures from our adventure at Ray’s MTB park.  Such a fun trip!  I had originally thought I’d pass and the boys could go since I haven’t been riding my bike much, but I’m so glad I went.  I had a great time!

Mon – 5 miles, treadmill.  UGH MONDAY.  First, my cat decided I should wake up at 5am.  And again at 5:15.  But my alarm was set for 5:30 and I really can’t fall back to sleep when I wake up that close to my alarm.  Then, we had some technical issues with a new TV set up for the treadmill. I couldn’t get to the DVR.  Netflix was just buffering. Ugh.  Eventually I found something I could watch, but it was just a comedy of errors.  Which made me late for work, and the “rush hour” traffic just added to my lateness.  A rough start to the week!

As I was ready to leave work I got a text asking if I wanted to go mountain bike riding.  At first I typed “I’ll pass, I have work to do”, but what the heck – it was 67 degrees out!  Work can wait. I’m so glad I went too – I was in rare form!  Not only did I get 3 PRs on Strava for segments on the trail, I also went over all of the wooden features without hesitation and nailed them!  Woohoo!

Tues – 19.1 miles, long run.  Boom!  I won’t be around for our Saturday long run, so I got this done before work.  Started at 6am and circled around my neighborhood until 10 miles, then headed out to the trail.  I was glad to be near my house because it turned out to be colder than expected when I started (had to stop home to get my gloves!) and I needed a bathroom pitstop at 6 miles.  This run went very well and I even finished with my last two miles being my fastest at 9:00 and 8:51.  That made me very happy!!

And, in the theme of things going wrong this week, just when I was zipping out the door on my way to work, I realized my purse was in my husband’s truck, and he was at the gym 🙁  Luckily he wasn’t too far away, but I ended up being 15 mins late to work. Dang it!

Exciting news – they had a live band concert at school! The jazz band sounded amazing.

Weds – 4 miles, easy. It was going to be a rest day, but dang, I couldn’t pass up 71 degrees outside! But it was also windy. And my stomach was weighted down from a big lunch. Oof. This was a tough one! My son ran with me, which was unusual these days. He earned some ice cream tonight. It’s dangerous living only a mile away from this place 🙂

Thurs – 6 miles, “track night”. Due to the actual outdoor track being in use today, we had to run at the mall. The weather did not look ideal. Another rainy day! But, the temperatures were good enough to make this workout a go. Once we got started, the rain passed over so it turned out to be a really good evening for intervals. 2 x 1600 and 2 x 1200.

Fri – 10 miles, tempo run. Today’s speedwork was middle 6 miles with fartleks – 3 mins on, 1 min off. Once again, another great workout with my favorite Endorphin Speeds. The temperature was 46 but “feels like 36” due to the gusty winds when I started. I dressed a bit too warm for the weather. Ended up taking off both my gloves and my shirt today! My tights were hot and so was my headband.

Later I got lift weights with both kids. Yay!

And with another trip to the ice cream stand, spring break has begun!!

Saturday- rest day!

Sunday – 6 miles with my husband 🙂

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: What is your favorite GU flavor (or other fuel source)?

Birthday Cake is my favorite for races (because my spring marathon usually happens around my birthday!) but my current FAV is French Toast. Sooooooo good!

Q: Do you carry water on your runs?

I will for runs over 10 miles, when it’s not summer. I love my Fitletic belt, but I also have a handheld for smaller amounts of water.

12 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – GCM training week 12”
    1. I rarely drink much on a run. But, the last marathon I ran was humid and I did have to stop and get my water bottles refilled! I have enjoyed using Tailwind in my water. That encourages me to drink more since I’m getting more than just water.

  1. First, cats are jerks lol. Mine learned how to open cabinets and got into his treat bag and left a trail of treats…all over my kitchen and dining room this weekend.

    And wow 50 miles! I miss those kinds of weeks. With my training plan right now I’m lucky if I get 20 miles a week. I’m kind of enjoying the strength focus workouts though. It’s nice to mix it up once in a while.

    Living in Florida, carrying water on a run is a must. On long runs I have my hydration pack and on short runs usually a handheld bottle suffices.
    Montana @ Pretty Lil Mudder recently posted…Savage Race OH Training Week 2: 3/22-3/28My Profile

  2. You were busy!! I’m excited to start filtering some speed workouts into my running. It’s been a l.o.n.g time. Gu…used to be my go-to, but either the recipe changed or my tummy did LOL I liked the berry flavors & salted caramel just came into vogue as my tummy started boycotting the product 🙁

  3. How in the world do you run 19 miles BEFORE work? Let’s not mention it would take me over 3 hours (not an exaggeration). You earned those ice creams! We don’t live too far from our fav ice cream stand, but it’s far enough that we only go occasionally. Luckily.

    I’m sorry there were so many snafus last week! Here’s to a better week this week!

  4. Great job this week! So excited for your upcoming race! I rarely carry water with me because most of my runs are not long enough. I think so far the longest was 7 or 7 1/2 miles and I had my hydration pack. I like chocolate flavored gels but French Toast and Birthday Cake sounds yummy!

  5. What a great week! A 19 mile run and two workouts, with everything else you have going on! My favorite GU is Cold Brew- so, so good and a really nice kick of caffeine. I don’t carry water on my runs but I’m seriously thinking of getting a hydration pack after my unplanned half marathon on the trail on Sunday.
    Enjoy your kids’ spring break! Even if you still have work it just makes everything easier, right?
    Jenny recently posted…Weekly Rundown- Ups and DownsMy Profile

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