So technically this was week 1 of the training plan for my fall marathon, the Erie Marathon, but there were a lot more important things going on!  We had several really big events going on this week, but as far as workouts went, I did “enough”.  Here’s how my week went…

Mon – 5 miles, Monday Runday #4!  These were much needed miles.  Coming off of that garage sale last week (my house is a freaking mess!), and heading into graduation and my daughter’s birthday this week (I need to plan and get stuff done!!), my mind is toast. Not to mention the pile up of work projects, my stress level is at an all time high.  But, things are going to happen if I’m ready or not, so I’m just going to roll with it and do my best to enjoy it all 🙂

Tues – Rest day.  I skipped my bootcamp workout this morning so I could wake up my son for school.  With only a few more days left in the school year I wanted to make sure I was home to wake him up 🙂  I know he’s almost 16 years old and can wake up on his own, but I’ll take this fleeting time together for as long as I can get it! We also got my daughter’s car in the spirit.

Weds – 5 miles, with MP pace miles.  Despite wearing my speedy shoes today, this run was a challenge!  I swear I’m still feeling a bit janky from that bootcamp workout last week (skaters are not my friend!!)  It was sprinkling when I started running, and got a little heavier in the middle.  In the end, I did hit the paces on this run (3 MP) so it’s fine.

Then I sent my daughter off to her last day of high school.  It’s fine.  Just fine.  Hold back the tears 🙂

Thurs – 2 mile run.  Just a quickie this morning before the senior breakfast, graduation practice and senior picnic.  It was a little chilly today (68 degrees) but that didn’t stop a huge group of seniors from going on the slip and slide!  They had so much fun doing this.  I’m glad my daughter decided to join them.  She was hesitant at first, but had a blast.

Fri – 3.5 mile run + strength workout.  It was a rainy day, so I ran on my treadmill.  I only got 3.5 miles done instead of 4 because I wanted to wake up my son on his last day of school 🙂 Goodbye sophomore year!!   The weather was rainy, but I’m sure everyone was just so happy to be done with this school year they didn’t care!

After I dropped him off at school, we took my daughter to the gym with us.  It was funny because after one set on each machine she would inform me how tiring each exercise was. LOL!! I’m not sure her gym visit was all she hoped it would be.

Then, it was time for the big event… graduation!!  The ceremony was great.  We still had to wear masks, but students were able to cross the stage without them. And afterwards I think pretty much nobody cared about wearing them at all! The senior video was a tear jerker.  They all looked very happy and we were super proud.  And that’s a wrap on high school.  🙂

Sat – 8 miles, long run. I ran with some friends for my long run. 

Since the weather was crappy on Friday, the girls missed out on taking pictures before graduation.  Rescheduled photo session today! As you parent know, high school goes by in a flash!!!

Sun – 2 mile run with the birthday girl. Yep, today my daughter turned 18!  Yikes, so many things going on for this momma!! We spent the day at a farmers market, going to the park and will finish the day with a cookout, cake and ice cream.

Here’s a funny… seen on Instagram. Someone asked my daughter if she met the president today too!! Nope, not her – but that really would have been a nice birthday treat!

Only one more big day coming up for me soon, graduation party in two weeks. It’s going to be a bit out of my comfort zone, so I hope being prepared makes it less stressful. Fingers crossed!

Q: Do you like hosting parties?

NOPE, I do not! 😆

19 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – so many milestones”
  1. I’m totally right there with you! My son had his last day of high school this week (sob) and his graduation is June 8th (SOB!). I’ve been rearranging all sorts of things to be home with him- as he likes to remind me, next year he’ll be gone. Some things are way more important than 100% sticking to a training plan.
    I absolutely hate hosting parties. I don’t know how people do it (you’ll have to tell me all about it!)
    Congratulations to your daughter!!!
    Jenny recently posted…Weekly Rundown- Soggy EditionMy Profile

    1. What a stinker reminding you he’ll be gone! Sounds like something my son will do though 🙂 I hope you have a great day for the graduation. I think the realization of graduation didn’t hit me until after the ceremony. Good thing because I would have been a mess!

    1. High school went by so fast!! I still remember when they first went to the middle school (5th grade) and they were introduced as the class of 2021. It seemed sooo far away. Nope!!

  2. Congrats to your daughter. She is beautiful.

    I’m impressed that you got in as much running as you did.

    Good luck with the party. I would host in a restaurant lol.

    1. After this party at our house, I might just decide to host somewhere else too! That is, if my son wants a graduation party. So far my kids have just been invited to girl’s parties.

  3. An emotional and busy week, and you rocked your workouts!

    Since I didn’t have kids, for the most part, I haven’t done a whole lot of parties. I used to host Thanksgiving, though, does that count? As long as they get food eventually, though, my family isn’t that hard.

    1. My side of the family is pretty easy going too. Or at least I’m more relaxed about it. My sister in law did make an unkind comment one time about a party I was hosting and it’s made me anxious about hosting ever since. There’s no need for extra stress like that!

  4. Congrats to your daughter! It’s crazy how fast the time does go by. Our kids were all three years apart in school…so for YEARS, we had three kids in three different schools. It wasn’t until our oldest daughter was in 8th grade (and our son was in 5th), that we finally had two kids in the same building (the middle school). Then it was fast-forward after that LOL

    1. It sure does zip by too fast! I realized that if all goes well at college we’ll be celebrating graduations for the next 6 years (every two years). Phew!

  5. Congratulations on high school graduation! That’s amazing. My niece graduated last week and the ceremony was limited with guests, so we just watched on youtube 🙂

    Too funny that people thought Biden’s instagram was your daughter!

    Good luck with the party!

    1. Live streaming was a nice outcome of COVID. This ceremony was live streamed too, and my Dad watched it from home because it would have been hard for him to more around at the ceremony. Also nice if you just want to watch it later and fast forward until your student goes on stage. haha!

  6. Congrats to your daughter! Oh my, that picture is adorable. I am assuming that was kindergarten? The slip and slide looks like it was fun. I would love to do that too. I also thought that was your daughter with POTUS.

    1. Yes, that was kindergarten with her Barbie Wedding backpack. Kind of a funny choice because the really didn’t play with Barbies much, but the sparkles on the backpack was a bigger draw I guess! :). The slip and slide was amazing. So much fun! One of the parents did go on it, and I was regretting it a little. I probably would have hurt myself and that would have been super embarrassing!!

  7. Ohhh! Congratulations to your daughter! That’s so exciting! And happy birthday to her as well!

    How funny/cool would that have been if she had the photo with President Biden?

    I DO like hosting parties, but it’s stressful, too. My husband wants to host a big anniversary party this year, so I need to wrap my head around that.

    1. Yes, I did notice that you have some great looking pictures of things related to parties (yummy foods and drinks!). You have skills! I am getting excited about the party as the pieces are coming together now. I just hope the weather cooperates!

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