So much going on this week. There were a lot of things to celebrate this week! Birthday, anniversary, speedy runs, super speedy bike rides, family, and wonderful weather. I ran 35 miles this week, and biked 51 miles (with more being added today!). It was a busy week, which is exactly how I love it. I officially am signed up for two half marathons now – Columbus (OH) half Oct 17 and Churchill half (Toledo) Nov 13. I guess it’s time to get serious about my training, even though my sports hernia loves to remind me I need to be cautious.

Mon – Happy Labor day!  I did all the things today.  If you know me, you know I love being outside and I enjoyed time with my family.  Here’s today’s active time…

8 mile run – 7 pace miles!  I was supposed to have a last mile cool down but I often just skip it.  My bad. It was just going so good.

Weights and stretching – I took it outside to enjoy the beautiful morning!

Hiking – my family went for a 2 mile walk around the park together, and found a cute rock.

Swimming – I got a half hour of swimming in while my kids finished their scuba certification.  I mentioned this before, but life on the quarry is amazing.  The water was warm even though the air wasn’t very hot.  I forgot my goggles so I just swam breaststroke, or “like a frog” as I call it.  I don’t have an “open water swim” mode, so I set my Garmin for “hike” and GPS was really wonky!

SUP – 15 mins, but this was really just like paddling on a surfboard because I was laying on my belly with no paddle!  With my Garmin in “SUP” mode the GPS worked perfectly. Good to know!

Phew, it was a tiring day!  But very fulfilling.  I loved having my daughter home from college.  It seemed like a long time even though it was just two days (one night).

Tues – 5 easy miles.  I was highly visible this morning!  It was only 55 degrees so I figured it was time to bust out some arm sleeves.  Good choice, it was perfect weather for them! And oof, the top of my legs were sore from all of that swimming yesterday!!

Tues night’s Ladies Ride was small, so we all rode in one group.  The speed was a bit pokey to accommodate our slower riders.  No worries, we enjoyed some good snacks afterwards! The guys ride never disappoints and they averaged 21.6 mph. Phew!!!

Weds – 25 miles cycling – SPEEDY!  It was another group ride night and I decided to give the 19-21 mph group a try again.  I was a bit worried because my leg was still sore from swimming! It was windy as heck and we only had 16-18 mph as our speed going out for the ride.  But, on the way back we were hitting 22-25 mph!  My Garmin said my top speed was 29.6  (wow!).  My average speed for the ride was 20.0 mph, exactly my goal.  Heck yeah!! I felt so accomplished from this ride! I also got some instruction on the best cadence for cycling and some techniques on drafting based on the wind direction. (that’s me with the shiny bike light in the middle!)

Thurs – 6 miles, speedwork.  Today’s workout was mile repeats, 4 times with 1 min rest.  I wasn’t sure what pace I was targeting for the Threshold miles (I ended up going faster!), but I got close to 8:00 min miles and it felt great!  

It’s Alan’s birthday today! We will celebrate later this week when the family can get together, but just the two of us did some day drinking. LOL. That is fun, but not a lifestyle I can sustain. Needed a nap afterwards.

Fri – 5 easy miles.  I joined a friend I haven’t run with in a long time.  It was so good to catch up with her.  The miles went by fast.

Friday Football night... a really good band performance, and oh hey, the football team crushed their opponents 56 to 0. Woot! We had another front row spot in front of my son for the half time show

Sat – 10 miles, long run.  I sub coached again for the Dave’s MIT (Marathon In Training) group.  Target pace was 9:45-10:00.  We ended with 9:43 average, a tad faster on the last miles.  It was a beautiful morning for a run! My group was small. The bulk of our group chose to run slower. During the run we did observe a minute of silence on this anniversary of 9/11.

14 miles biking – I got a ride in while I waited for my son at a meeting. Also a beautiful morning for a ride! 

We got to see our daughter again as we went out to celebrate Alan’s birthday with the whole family. Can you guess how old he is?

Sun – It’s our 29th wedding anniversary today!! xoxo Will be spending the day on the mountain bike trails with our son. Being around the family is the perfect way to celebrate 🙂

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Fun topic for the end – cats! I was cat sitting for a neighbor this week. They have three cats, each one gets a different mix of dry food and wet food, depending on the meal. They had two different kinds of wet food (one only eats dry!) which were not “special” food, just regular canned cat food. AND, I had to feed them three times a day! wow. We just give our cats a bowl of food which is filled randomly and when we go away for the weekend they are on their own. Low maintenance is the reason we picked cats over owning a dog 🙂 (and… they eat on the counter!). But they are such cuties, I loved every visit with them!!

23 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – celebrations and more”
  1. Happy Anniversary! Wow on the cats. I thought mine (when I had them) were high maintenance . . .

    Your Labor Day sounds awesome! What fun! I mostly do breast because I wear my contacts when I swim — unless I’m at a pool and actually use my goggles.

    1. The cat schedule was a bit crazy. I will confess I didn’t quite make it at the times she suggested, but they got fed 3 times a day and they were happy! 🙂
      I really did not expect to be so sore from swimming. Go figure!

  2. That’s a busy week; you probably know I’m a fan of those 😉 I’ve been wearing the arm sleeves a lot recently…those sub-60F temps are chilly (even when I’m running). I’m just not ready to dig out the official long-sleeved running gear yet.

  3. Happy anniversary! What a lovely week you’ve had. Love those kitties. We have feeders that are set for ours so only one cat can access each feeder, which has helped with our little “issues” quite nicely!

  4. aww, cute kitties! But wow, 3 times a day…

    You had an amazing week! Some speedy runs too!

    50th birthday and 29th wedding anniversary- you were married young! But it worked 🙂 Happy anniversary!

    I can’t handle day drinking either- I had a beer at this dog festival on Saturday after the long run and then crashed for a nap for like 90 minutes 🙂

    1. It was 54 years – see the “plus 4” in the front? 🙂 It was a left over candle from the 50 year (we are 5 months apart) so I had to reuse it. But yes, married at 24 yrs old seems super young now!
      Yep, day drinking guarantees no productivity for the rest of the day!

  5. Happy anniversary and Happy Birthday to the hubs! I’m exhausted just reading about all your activities. Sure that’s not what made you sleepy, lol?

    My Garmin Forerunner 35 doesn’t have a SUP mode! No bueno!

  6. Wow, you had a fun week and I’m so envious you got to see your daughter twice- I won’t see my son till Thanksgiving! : (
    i’m guessing your husband is 54 (nice way to be creative with the candles.). Happy birthday to him and happy anniversary! Ah, the good old days of day drinking- I would probably pass out now.
    Glad you’re able to run/bike/swim ETC so well- you’re showing that hernia who’s the boss.
    Jenny recently posted…Weekly Rundown- That Was WeirdMy Profile

    1. It was a good find when I saw the old 50 candle hanging around in our junk drawer! 😉 Sorry you won’t see your son until Thanksgiving. Hopefully he’s keeping in touch with you. I think communicating with my son will be a challenge when he heads off to college.

    1. Since I don’t really have any goals for my half (other than not getting any more injured!) I think I’m ready. It feels weird to not be running the long miles for the marathon distance. I do miss the challenge!

  7. I laughed. I have low maintenance cats. I put food in their bowls…if they don’t like it, they starve LOL. I just leave food when we’re gone. I leave water but I’m embarrassed to ay that they refer the toilet bowl.

    Looks like you had a busy but fun week. Happy anniversary!!

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