Happy Halloween! Wrapping up October today, and the month really flew by. Not surprising with travel and a race thrown in the middle. I also worked a lot of hours at work this week. It’s funny because a lot of workers are heading back to the office and I finally worked a full day remotely! I think I was the only person in my company whose remote access wasn’t set up completely, and now it is. I’m thankful for it when I want to pick up more hours to get my project done, but I also don’t want to have “work time” slip into my “home time”. It’s important to have that separation! I did end up running 30 miles this week, which was kind of random and not really following my training plan.

Mon – 5 miles, treadmill.  A crappy day outside means it’s treadmill season again!  No worries because I’ve got a lot of TV shows to watch.  Started with the new season of “What we do in the shadows”.  Love that show!  My watch & footpod combo resulted in pretty accurate distance on the treadmill too. We did carve our pumpkins and they turned out great!

Tues –  4 miles, “speedwork”.  Not really much speedwork here, but I did try to do every other minute with an interval.  Not the best feeling run, but it was something! In the evening, band awards night. If you thought the marching band is loud outside, you should hear them in the gym!! wow.

Weds – 4 miles.  Is it just me, or does everyone else find that an audiobook doesn’t get finished until the very last days of the borrowing period??  Even though I get 21 days from the library I still am always down to the wire listening right before it’s due.  So, today was an audiobook morning, which meant running outside.  But it was beautiful out!  I don’t mind the dark one bit if it’s not windy.  40 degrees meant time for long sleeves and tights!  Also, a great opportunity to try out my new Noxgear vest. They are rechargeable now and have 2 colors at once.  Love it!!

Thurs – 6 miles, hills! Weekly hill workout. I ran along the Churchill’s race course. Funny how the hills don’t look that big, but they are challenging!

At night we went to Cedar Point for one last time of the season. We rode a few coasters and went into a haunted house and outdoor scare zone. The night was cut a bit short due to rain, but it was still a good trip. See ya next year CP!!

Fri – Rest day! Spent the evening at the football game. The high school team is in the state playoffs. They crushed it again!! 34 to 0. It was a drizzly night, but we were. prepared. Side note – those $1 ponchos I bought for a trip to Hawaii a few years ago really have been a great purchase! The game was a muddy mess, and the band played well despite the weather.

Sat – 11 miles, long run. Seeing all of the fall colors popping out today! I was also very happy to see the rain had cleared. I probably should have cut this one short at 10 miles because the hernia felt a bit tender at the end. Need to rest now! Two more weeks until Churchill’s half marathon!

Sun – Rest day!! Halloween! Might just indulge in a lot of candy eating today. Yep, quite the possibility!

And in big news… introducing our new fosters!! We will have this pair only for 2 weeks. They are a little older (9 weeks), but in need of some TLC. Their name are… wait for it… Dill & Pickle! No, we didn’t name them. They are quite the pair. Always playing and wrestling! Hopefully I’ll have better pictures of them next week when they stop to rest at some point!

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

Q: Do you have a Noxgear vest? (they are awesome, right??)

Q: If working, what is your WFH status? Did you head back to the office?

29 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – 2 weeks until Churchill’s”
  1. Oh yes, I’ve had my Noxgear vest three years (I think?). Last year, they notified me that I’d won a contest (which I had not even entered), but they sent me another vest…so I have that on standby. The new rechargeable ones look nice! I agree on the pic of your hill…pics NEVER do them justice. Cute kitties! IS it hard to foster them, and give them back? I suppose it’s reassuring they are going to a good home, but I’d be so sad ;-(

    1. My husband has a harder time giving up the fosters than I do. If it were up to him, we’d have dozens of cats by now!! 🙂 It’s hard to give them up, but I feel we’re doing an important part of finding a forever home for them. It’s truly amazing the amount of care, money and resources the Humane Society puts into every animal in it’s care to make sure they get a good home. I had no idea the extend of it until I volunteered there.
      I’m selling my old vest on Ebay right now. I loved it, but I think rechargeable is a great upgrade! I’m all about the rechargeables.

  2. On no, it’s starting all over again. I will be over ASAP to pick up Dill and Pickle!!! I’m very partial to calico and black cats (that’s what we had growing up and what we have now!). They are adorable.
    You get extra credit points for carving pumpkins. I think it was last year that I asked the kids if they minded not doing it, and they didn’t- phew. It’s just such a messy job. But yours look great!!!
    Sounds like you had a great week of running! Fingers crossed your hernia stays quiet.

    1. As long as we warm up the pumpkins in the house I don’t mind carving them. The seeds are a nice treat too! Dill and Pickle are doing so well now. It’s amazing what a little bathing and meds will do! Soon they are heading away, but I think they will do just find. They are very friendly!!

  3. What cute kittens! Yeah, I know, running blog but I have to live vicariously through others when it comes to cats now.

    Sounds like you did well with running this week!

    I almost never run in the dark. Not sure what’s going to happen if there’s actually a trial while I’m on jury duty in November. Which is why I’m trying to make sure I get some runs in now in case.

    1. I’ve definitely found a renewed interest in running in the dark since I’ve paired up my Noxgear vest with a light. The vest is just not enough to make me feel comfortable with the ground in the dark.

  4. Great pumpkins! I don’t bother carving now that the kids are gone — not sure I miss it either. 😉

    We are supposed to be back to our new normal starting this week, whatever that means. I think I’m expected to be in the office at least 3 days a week. I actually had better separation with WFH because I leave my laptop in my basement office and don’t do more work after dinner, whereas if I go to the office I bring it home and am more tempted to pop it open and get “one more thing” done.

    Good luck with your half! I am DNS-ing mine, but hoping to manage my 10 miler next weekend.

    1. Sorry you are going to miss your half this season. But you are being smart and that will pay off for you for sure! The good part about remote work for me is that I’d get paid for the hours (hourly employee!) but I have so much work on my project that I could just do it every day, all day long. Nope, not going to let that happen!

  5. I don’t have a Noxgear vest but I know several runners that have it and they absolutely love it! Perfect for early morning/night runs.

    Your new fosters are so cute and I love that their names are Dill and Pickle, lol!

  6. It feels weird not to have pumpkins, but with the boys both grown and flown, I kind of don’t miss it? I used to roast the seed and the hubs misses that. We even tried putting them outside for a few years, but the squirrels ate them.

    I have a Noxgear vest and I just love it for those early mornings! Nice work on the long run. I hope your hernia behaves for your half.
    Wendy recently posted…A Change of Scenery: Jackson Hole, Grand Tetons, and YellowstoneMy Profile

    1. We have a lot of chipmunks and a few squirrels, but have never had a problem with the pumpkins being eaten. I guess they don’t hang out in the front of my house!

  7. I love What we do in the Shadows! It’s too funny…and so random. We just finished this latest season.

    Dill & Pickle! I hope some TLC helps over these two weeks.

    Great long run!

  8. We got caught up on What We Do in the Shadows this weekend. We’re loving the new season.

    I’m permanently WFH and I love it. My old job was bad about work-life balance, but the new gig has been great. My husband and I both have dedicated offices in spare bedrooms so it feels like we have a good separation between “work” and “home”.

    Enjoy your kitties! They are so sweet.
    Beckett @ Birchwood Pie recently posted…Weekly Round Up Part 2 of 2: a lot of AFI moviesMy Profile

    1. I’m so glad your new job is working out well for you! My home office looks out the front of my house so I get to spy on the neighbors all day. It’s always fascinating to me what goes on in the ‘hood during the day! I love being the nosey neighbor 😉

  9. I have plenty of those $1 ponchos too. They come in handy while waiting for a race to start.

    Still WFH until Dec 31. I wish I could do it forever…. but it will end at some point.

    For now it’s great hat sometimes I can run at lunch.

  10. Your fosters are always so cute!

    I always work from home, when I do work, but I attend events, and those are definitely going back to in-person vs virtual.

    Our new high school had its first home game on its own field this weekend. It’s really cool to live so close to the action!

    Get some rest!
    Jenn recently posted…week 44: happy halloween!My Profile

  11. Dill and Pickle are adorable! How do you not get too attached to them?

    Even though I’ve been back in the gym since May, a few of my clients at the 55+ gym still prefer virtual workouts. All of my at home gym clients are back since it’s just the two of us.

    I remember those freezing cold rainy high school days watching our sons run cross country. Thankfully, wrestling is an indoor sport! You’re good parents for being out there!
    Debbie @ Deb Runs recently posted…Weekly RunDown: October 24 – 30 / A Reset with a Lighter Workout WeekMy Profile

  12. D & P are so cute! Enjoy them! Congrats on another season of marching band. It’s so great the kids are able to do more in person this year. It makes a big difference. All the best with your race! Hope the hernia cooperates!

    1. Now the band is moving on to “parade season”. There will be one in Toledo, and a big trip to Chicago for the Magnificent Mile Lights parade! I can’t wait for that trip!

  13. I don’t have a Noxgear vest but I just got a similar one to try out! (It just got delivered today!) I’m excited because my old vest was not cutting it anymore. I worked from home until February and then started going in twice a week until the end of August when I went back full time. Occasionally we get work from home days- like Friday when the weather was really bad so thats a nice treat!

    1. I hope you love your vest as much as I love mine. It’s such a secure feeling wearing it! I always wonder what the heck the cars think when they drive past.

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