I’ll do a real race recap later on my Glass City Marathon, but I will give you a spoiler alert… the weather was not conducive to me running a good race!! The week started out with snow and ended with 82 degrees on Sunday. Ugh. With my full marathon included, I ran 45 miles this week. Here’s what went down… and how it ended!

Mon – 5 miles. Nothing speedy, just ran easy on the treadmill. But hey guess what? It SNOWED today!! Crazy! There was a light coat of snow and by evening it was gone.

Tues – 3 miles.  It was 419 day, which is our local area code.  Sure, I could have run 4.19 miles, but I kept it at 3 miles and joined some runners for dinner instead!  It was a chilly, windy run, and fun to catch up with people who had been in my training group.

Weds – 5.4 miles… birthday run!  I usually run outside, but it was just as nice to watch Inventing Anna on my treadmill run.  There was an early meeting at my work with all employees, and they sang happy birthday to me.  How fun!  My boss also took me out for lunch, and I made an early coffee run before the meeting.  My family made my day special too!  

We got the “warm temperature warning” email from the marathon race director today.  I’ve run in warm temps for marathons, but of course it’s the challenge of acclimating which causes the biggest concerns.  Race day should be interesting!

The rest of the week was a blur because we got some foster kittens on Thursday! We were being Mother Teresa at our house because we took on the task of raising four ONE WEEK OLD KITTENS! OMG. Did you know that when they say “needs to feed every 2-3 hours”, that actually means you wake up the kittens and bottle feed them!! I did not. I know, a bit stupid on my part. Anyhow, as you can imagine, we aren’t getting very solid sleep around here. The 2am, and 5am feedings are rough, but they are starting to open their eyes which is very rewarding to see. Baby milestones!

On “night before race” we spaced out the feedings so I had to feed them at midnight, and again at 4am when we woke up for the race. Sleeping for 2-4 hours at a time is a rough gig, and I don’t miss is from raising my own kids!

Friday – I worked at the race expo and greeted people. Then I assigned bibs to people when the pickup line got overwhelming! I do really love working packet pickup and interacting with all of the runners.

Saturday – We volunteered at the kids race. It was a toasty day in the stadium by the time the kids ran. It was so rewarding seeing those little kids cross the finish and get a medal!

Sunday – Race day! The temperature was 64 degrees at the start and 78 when I finished, in full sun. I’ll leave you interested for my race recap by telling you I scored a new Personal Worst (road marathon). Woohoo!! And no, I’m not sad one bit about it! Hopefully I’ll get it written up soon, between those kitten feedings 🙂 [UPDATE: Race recap is here: Recap

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Q: Did you get to enjoy some “early summer” temps where you live? Or did you have to race through them??

13 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – What a week!”
  1. I got a personal worst for my half yesterday as well thanks to the heat! I thought that I would be safe from 80 degree race days in April…ha ha ha ha. I’m looking forward to your race recap and to hearing all about the kittens!

    1. Stupid crazy April weather! I saw a lady on the course who was running her 50th state marathon. She probably thought it was a safe bet running Ohio in April! What a way to finish off her goal! I’m sure you will be seeing kitten overload in the next 6 weeks (or more??).

  2. No matter how well prepared we are, race day is always a wild card. Too hot, too cold, pouring rain, sleet, snow, or brutal headwind. I ran Boston in 2015 and got pumped to BQ again. Decided to run a marathon in the Rockies a month after Boston. Downhill, still cool in the mountains, beautiful sunny day. I was still in marathon shape. What could go wrong? Didn’t take the course seriously enough and underestimated the damage of running downhill. My marathon PW. It happens to all of us. Congratulations on toughing it out and finishing.

    1. Ouch! That downhill is rough on the legs!! I do feel bad for those who were training for a first race, or going for a big PR. It wasn’t the day for that. But hey, spending hours out on the course with a bunch of people in the same boat as you is always entertaining. I did have some fun conversations out there!

  3. Yeah, this time of year is hard. 78 degrees is hot, especially if you’re not acclimated to it (hard to acclimate to heat when it snowed earlier in the week.) But, you did it! I’m looking forward to the race recap.
    And… you can imagine my excitement about your kittens! That sounds like a hard job, taking care of babies. I always think of our cat (the younger one)- she and her siblings were rescued from a dumpster when they were one day old, and her foster mom did an incredible job taking care of her!!! We love her so much- someday people will be loving those kittens and feeling so grateful to you for raising them.

    1. We are definitely getting into a routine with the little kittens. I don’t think I would request any kittens this little again because it is a huge commitment, but it’s very interesting learning all about them. (Did you know the momma cat just “recycles” the kitten’s waste by eating it?? Ewww, I never even thought about that! And no, we just have to clean it up. hahaha!)

  4. That is tough. I face that when I train in upstate nY in the winter and then I do a race in Florida. Impossible to acclimate.

    Can’t control the weather and you are, I am sure, proud that you trained well and you finished (upright).

    Can’t wait to hear the details.

    1. That first warm run is always a tough one around here, but why did it have to happen on race day?? Ugh. And today, it’s raining and chilly again. Go figure. I’m glad it’s done!

  5. We have seen some Spring temps, but definitely no Summer temps.

    I’m so sorry about the weather! I have been in that position too many times — for halfs, though. Can’t imagine having to battle through that for a marathon!

    And oy on the kittens! As if the weather wasn’t bad enough, that definitely didn’t help.

    Well, to end on a better note, Happy Birthday! Sounds like everyone made your day special.

  6. As much as I LOVE the heat, I do appreciate an acclimation period…especially if there’s a big race involved. Sounds like you had a great attitude about it, so that’s a plus. Oh those little kitties! I’m not a cat person (ginormous allergies),but I cannot deny how cute they are <3

  7. Those kittens with their teeny tails!

    Well done on your mara – will catch up with the race report later. My first was much hotter than I’d trained for or expected and it was pretty brutal!

  8. i’m sorry. Once you said “kittens” the rest went out the window for me.

    That stinks that the temps shot up so high. That’s our norm here, so I’m used to having to contend with the heat, but if that hasn’t been your training norm, that’s so hard 🙁

    Happy birthday!

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