It’s officially summer around here because the kids are out of school! The pool is clear (but chilly). The sun is up early, and the days are long! it’s been a good week of workouts. I hate to say this out loud, but I am starting to feel a bit of tightness in my lower abs again 🙁  I’m trying to stay on top of the situation with some stretching and strengthening exercises. I did run 32 miles and biked 31 miles this week. I haven’t committed to a fall marathon yet, but I am 3 weeks into a training plan. That seems good, right? I just need to make sure the date for the race is a Boston Qualifier for 2024 (so September-ish and later). Here’s to the last week of school…..

Mon – 5 easy miles.  Feels like 44!  Finally time to get some use out of my capris 🙂 

Tues – 6 miles, with negative splits.  This was an interesting task in pacing.  Last 3 miles should be faster than the first but not faster than race pace.  The weather was chilly again. Good thing I didn’t pack away my favorite long sleeve shirts.  Perfect for running!

7 miles biking – The mountain bike path was finally open (it had been too wet to ride) so we hit the trails after school. They are opening up a micro brewery at the park and we got to peek inside. It will be a nice addition to the park!

Weds – 3 easy miles. Technically it was a rest day, but I got to work from home in the morning so I had to take advantage of a later run. We got to celebrate my son’s hard work as he received the high honors academic award at school. They said if he keeps it up, he’s on track to graduate with a 4.5 GPA or higher and summa cum laude. Let’s hope all goes well for him next school year!!

Windsday group ride – 24 miles biking So challenging!! I was brave tonight because my husband didn’t ride, so I had to make friends all by myself 🙂 I decided to ride with the faster group again. I had to laugh because the ride leader said we weren’t “trying to break any records” and then the group started out at 23 mph!! The wind was at our back and we were flying. Garmin said it was a max of 25.5 mph. As we turned into the wind, things got challenging, but luckily we regrouped just as I was starting to fall back. I was able to keep up with the group and we finished the 24 mile ride with an average of 19.3 mph. Dang! I was sweaty.

Thurs – Rest day! Well actually my training plan said “fun workout”, but it was a rainy day so using the elliptical was as fun as it got!

Fri – 4 easy miles. I thought it was fun how much my shoes glowed! Vizipro Saucony Kinvaras.

Sat – 14 miles long run. Avg pace 9:08. Still not quite up to my training plan, which is 15 miles, but I did get close. There were 5 miles of race pace mixed in. This went pretty well. The weather was cooler (59) but still very humid. I was tired later an even took a nap by the pool 🙂

Later we enjoyed some ice cream along the river and watched the sunset.

Sun – Cedar Point day! I got a kitten-sitter and the whole family is heading to the park. Going to be a great day! Here are some Bekah pictures from this week. Still a cutie!

Need some more inspiration? I’m linking up with Deborah at Confessions of a Mother Runner and Kim from Running on the Fly for their Weekly Run Down. Check out all of the fun blogs there!

If you use Strava you may have heard that they acquired Recover Athletics. Recover is an interesting app that guides you through “prehab” exercises based on information you tell them. Just this week the Recover app started popping up after a run with a prompt to do exercises in Recover. I really like it! It’s simple, straight forward workouts to help in specific areas. You should give it a try!

I hope you are enjoying a long Memorial Day weekend. Is anyone having a cookout or going on vacation?

23 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – summer is here!”
  1. I am sorry you are feeling some tightness in your abs again and hope it is nothing serious. I have not tried any of the recover classes but I do love my Strava. Have a great week

    1. For $5 a month I’m actually considering the upgrade to get the full exercises. I don’t care about the upgrade to Strava, but I anything that gets me to do exercises after my run is a win for sure!

  2. Sounds like a great week! Omg Bekah is the cutest- how are you ever going to be able to give her up when it’s time??? I would be a bad faster mom, I would end up keeping every single one.
    You had a great week of running, and that group ride probably pushes you way harder than if you just went by yourself. Oh and congrats to your son! What a great kid.

    1. My avg speed is around 16.5 mph on my own. The group rides are so great for pushing the speed! June 7th is Bekah’s check up, but if she’s big enough she will leave us then. She’s a little ball of energy!!

  3. Your pool looks so lovely, and does the river view!

    I hope your twinges don’t get worse. That app feature sounds great.

    Great effort on that ride. That’s a solid effort both ways.

    1. The group speed was supposed to be closer to 18. I was definitely one of 3 of the slowest riders but the group is strong when we’re working together! And luckily I didn’t have to pull for too long since we had around 14 riders.

  4. Bekah is SO adorable! Sorry about the knee pain, hope it resolves as quickly as my niggle did. You WERE brave going biking all by your lonesome & it sounds like it paid off.

    That photo of the river is stunning!

    1. It turned out that it was so windy on the group ride I didn’t even get a chance to small talk with anyone! 😂 I was hoping we would get a big sunset at the river, which we didn’t, but it was very pretty regardless.

  5. Awesome river photo.

    Help the knee pain is minor.

    Kudos on the negative splits – I am the queen of positive splits.

    Every time I see a post with biking, I remember that I own a bike and I should take it out for a spin.

    1. Ha! You do need to get out on your bike! The more I ride the more I enjoy how easy it is compared to running. 😉 Running in my race shoes really helps with the negative splits! And cooler temperatures.

  6. Very interesting about Strava and Recover Athletics. I didn’t know about that so thanks for the information!

    Sorry about your knee pain 🙁 I’ve been dealing with a wonky knee for the past 2 weeks so I feel your pain!

    1. I do like the format and information provided by the Recover app. I found that I had a much better rate of adhering to a PT program when there was an app involved and it told me what to do. The Recover app is very similar to that. I think I might sign up for the membership!

  7. Great week of workouts for you. Can’t wait to see which marathon you select. Congrats to your son, that is an amazing accomplishment! Hope the tightness in your abs fades away without incident.

  8. Happy Summer to you!

    Our last day is Thursday, but I’m not highly motivated to send A after tomorrow. It’s been a bad last year at his school. There was no “graduation” for the 8th grade (not because of COVID but because the school didn’t want to), and it was a huge struggle to get anything done on behalf of the kiddos. He’s got one foot in his new high school, so I may just let him speed up the process LOL.
    jenn recently posted…week 74: june is coming in hotMy Profile

    1. That’s completely understandable. With the events last week it’s been so tough. I’m sorry it’s been that way. Our school district only has a ceremony for the 4th graders as they are then moving on to the campus with buildings 5-6, 7-8, 9-12. Besides that one we don’t have any other “moving up” ceremonies.

  9. Hope you get your abs sorted and it’s not a major problem bubbling up. I’m enjoying our special bank holiday, we have today and Friday off for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and I have managed to get both days off even though I’m self-employed!

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