Even though it was a recovery week from the Chicago Marathon [recap HERE], I kept more than busy with my family this week. My heart is full of joy from being able to spend time with them. I kept active almost every day, and by the end of the week I was feeling 100% ready to get back at it. I learned that the 2026 Boston Marathon will be held on my birthday, so that got me thinking of how I can get back on track and get some speed/endurance back. #goals! I signed up for our local Churchill’s half marathon (Nov 11th), so I’ve got a month to get ready for that. It’s a hilly course, and I haven’t done any hill work. It might be a challenge to incorporate hills and stay healthy. And, I decided to run the Glass City half marathon in April. Maybe doing a few half marathons will keep me strong as I head to my next marathon, which will hopefully be Berlin in September 2024! We did sign up for the Berlin lottery, so fingers crossed…

Mon – Rest day!!  After a surprisingly good night’s sleep after the Chicago Marathon, we tried to go to Wild Berry for breakfast, but apparently everyone else had that plan too.  So, we ate brunch at SmashBurger instead.  Breakfast of champions!!  We explored the hotel and took a few pictures. Instead of walking around we drove up along the coast and checked out the sights from the comfort of our cozy warm car.  The rest of the day was spent driving back to Ohio and stopping at a few charging stations along the way.  

Tues – Rest day!  Still some pain sitting down on the toilet.  Just thought you’d like to know that.  LOL! I volunteered at a Toledo Roadrunners club 5K. It was a club run before a meeting. I got to hand out the popsicle timing sticks when runners crossed the finish 🙂

Weds – 3 miles walking.  I walked almost 2 miles with my Mom at the park after work.  It was a beautiful fall day and I’m glad I could enjoy it with my mom.  The weather was so good that I went for a 2nd walk after I got home just to soak it all in.  My legs are moving good!

Thurs – 30 mins elliptical + core workout.  Back at it!  My legs are feeling 95% good, and my watch says some light exercise is in order.  No joke, I really do get more sleep now that I wear my watch to bed.  It’s been interesting to take in all of the stats my Garmin has been providing me and encouraging me to sleep more!

My son is home for fall break for a few days, so he talked me into getting donuts this morning.  It was a hard sell. 😉  At night we went to the Fall Harvest Fest at the Toledo Zoo.  The zoo has an award winning Christmas light display every year, and this year they lit up some of the lights early and had some fall themed displays.  I was surprised that it wasn’t busy! 

Fri – 30 mins elliptical + core workout. Ouch, my abs are sore from yesterday’s workout! Since both kids have a few days off school for a short fall break, we were able to coordinate a camping trip.  The only problem was that my daughter still had some school work to do.  The solution? She “camped” out at a Starbucks for three hours close to our camping site while the rest of us went mountain biking! 

1 1/4 hours mountain biking – This modified plan worked out good because she got her school work done, and we got to enjoy the perfect weather.  This bike trail was a little more advanced than I expected and I was a bit unprepared, only wearing some jeans and a cotton t-shirt.  Oh well, the sunset in the trees and leaves were worth it.  Even if I did have blisters on my hands from breaking so much during the ride!

We had a roaring campfire, and made “fire pies” for dinner. Pepperoni, cheese, pizza sauce and green peppers. Yum!

Sat – not the best day for camping.  It was cold, damp and rainy!  But, we made the most of it.  Went thrift store shopping, played some mini golf, read, cleaned up email, and even played Monopoly.  At night we watched a movie.  I couldn’t care less if it was raining.  It was great family time.  It was so great to spend time with both kids.

Hole in one! 🙂

Sun – time to drop off my son at Ohio State!  The Columbus Marathon was going on, but we didn’t see any runners. I did track many friends, and it looked like the weather was great for them. One the way home we got a pumpkin spice Frosty.

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Food questions this week…

Q: Have you ever had a fire pie?

I guess they are called campfire pies, but have always been known as “fire pies” to us due to the tendency to totally cremate them in a matter of minutes by putting them too deep in the fire. They are an old camping tradition!

Q: Have you had a Wendy’s Pumpkin Spice Frosty?? Yay or nay?

I’m not a huge fan of PS drinks, so to have just one for the season is good enough for me!

25 thoughts on “Weekly Workouts – fall fun”
  1. Omg. You know I’m a frosty fan. I may head right over now. Lol.

    Good luck with the lottery.

    You are keeping active. I think the half’s will help.

    I’m glad I don’t aspire to run Boston. Not a possibility at my age.

    Have you run NYC?

  2. Congrats on the marathon! Sounds like your recovery is going well. I hope you enjoyed Chicago. I miss fall break now that my daughter graduated from college but we’re heading to Atlanta to visit her next weekend anyway. Haha!

  3. I would say you did more activities in this recovery week than I’ll do for the entire fall. And you have plans and goals! The halfs sound like a good idea, and I hope you get into Berlin- that would be incredible. Do you have a marathon recap up? I’m going to have to check and see.
    Glad you got to spend time with both kids this week!

  4. Good luck with the Berlin lottery. I hope you and your husband get in! Which marathons do you still need for the World Majors?

    I’ve never heard of fire pies, but I bet they’re delicious when you’re out camping.

    You would have been so proud of me. We ran into several miles of very technical trail at Lake Minnewaska State Park yesterday. Lots of rocks, mud, and water; and I didn’t crash (or panic) and I loved it! It will be in my recap next week… no change to finish a blog post this week.

    1. Well done on the bike ride! Did I mention that I did fall on my ride? I slid on an exposed root. Those things are tricky!!!
      We only have 2 stars – Boston & Chicago.

  5. What a great week of recovery for you! Glad you enjoyed your time in Chicago including your drive along the lakefront (not the coast, lol). I used to work on the south side of Chicago while living on the north side and that was my commute every day. It never got old!

    How great that you had both kids at home! I know how much you loved it. And no, I’ve never had a campfire pie.

    1. Ha, you are correct. It is lakefront! Same difference. 🤣I think I would get a bit crazy if I had to deal with those Chicago drivers though. I’m not used to that environment!

      1. Funny you mention the drivers—I gave Bonnie and her hubs a ride back to their hotel and they commented on it as well. She said I should be a taxi driver, lol. Just used to it, I guess…

  6. The campfire pies sound good! Kind of like a grilled cheese, but over a campfire, I assume? Looks like a great recovery week for you; I’m glad to hear you’re feeling good and ready for another race 😉

  7. It sounds like you had a great week. Brilliant idea to let your daughter do her school work at Starbucks!

    I have not had a fire pie or a PS Frosty. We don’t really go to Wendy’s — they aren’t so common around here.

  8. I hope you get into Berlin! It was my first international marathon. And so easy to add on Oktoberfest in Munich to your trip!

    This looks like it was an amazing recovery week full of so much fun family time!

  9. A pumpkin spice frosty? Nah, I’ll pass. When does peppermint mocha launch????

    Love that cute pumpkin wall and the lights displays. Our alligator farm does a Halloween trick or treat thing with some lights, but our big zoo does Christmas lights. No word on them trying to expand.

    I haven’t had a donut in ages. Maybe this week!

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