So it’s been 4 weeks since I ran Glass City Half Marathon, and I am not back to running yet.  I do think it’s maybe not an adductor muscle, but maybe high hamstring?  Not sure that matters much, but I will be visiting my Dr this upcoming week for some insight and guidance.  Despite a brief moment of feeling a little better, it’s really not feeling any better now.  Not as bad as it first was, but just not making any improvement lately.  It’s 18 weeks until the Berlin Marathon and ideally my training would start this upcoming week. Sigh. Walking has been my exercise of choice, with biking happening a lot too.  I’d bike every day if I could, but I’m still not sure if it’s helping my injury or making it worse!  I did walk 16 miles this week, ran 0 miles, and biked 46 miles.

Mon – lunch walk with my Mom.  Twinning with white tanks.  It was almost 83 degrees – feels like 94 today!

The summer vibes were strong. We took the Mustang out for a drive.  The kids both know how to drive it, but can always use a refresher.  The drive went well.

Tues – 20 miles biked before work. I love morning rides in the summer!

Taco Tuesday.  Tacos and rollerblading with my son.  A wonderful night.

Weds – More walking!  I’ve got a new brace which I hope will help my leg heal up / feel better.  In general compression has felt good.

Thurs – pickleball!  I’ve had paddles for a while now.  Our last attempt at playing was not great, but this time I think we did a good job. I made a conscious effort not to go for any shots which involved me moving fast or far (so yeah, the game was pretty low key!).

26 miles cycling. Group ride night!  Our son joined us for a group ride.  My first group ride of the season and his first ever.  Yay!  The advertised speed was going to be between 16-18 and we ended up with an average of 16.9 on my Garmin.  Good job group!  We had 10 riders and my son fit in perfectly.  He enjoyed it and wants to do another one soon.  Not sure why I didn’t get a picture of us with our bikes, but an afterthought picture is good enough!

Fri – kayaking and camping night.  We had a mini camping trip for just one night.  I have always wanted to camp in this spot along the river in our metropark, and our son needed to test out his new gear.  Have I mentioned that he will be gone all summer to a job out West?  It’s happening in a week so he wanted to make sure everything worked well.  He’ll be backpacking all summer long and he needs some ultra light equipment.  He made some great selections.

We went kayaking when the river was smooth before sunset.  Sadly my husband had a drone mishap and it went into the river!!  We aren’t sure if it’s still working because it’s been drying out for a few days.  

Sat – After a nap (yikes, I did not sleep much at all last night while camping!), I took yet another walk and chilled out by the pool.

Sun – Sunday, fun day!  7 miles cycling. We hit the mountain bike trails for a midday ride.  I used to get scared when I saw the “big wooden thing”, but not anymore!  I’ve come a long way since I first started riding 4 years ago.  I ride the majority of the wooden features on this trail.

My plans for the upcoming week involve spending as much time as possible with my son before he leaves for his summer job. He’ll be working for the Rocky Mountain Youth Corps, so basically living in a tent all summer and working on a Conservation Crew that fixes up trails and campgrounds. He might be in Colorado, Wyoming or Utah. Who knows! Well, we don’t know yet as his assignments will change based on need and weather. And, the cell service is sure to sparse. I will miss the heck out of him, but I encouraged him to apply for the job. I mean, living in the great outdoors all summer long and get paid for it? Dream job for him.

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Q: Did you have any summer jobs (away from home) when you were in college?

I did not. I lived at home, commuted to our local college and pretty much stayed put. Maybe that’s why I travel so much now 😉

Q: Do you have any summer vacation plans?

23 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – hello summer!”
  1. Well, you’re still keeping busy despite not being able to run… that’s for sure. How fun you were able to camp and kayak with your family. I do hope you get some answers regarding your adductor, so you can start training again.

    1. At this point I’d be excited if my Dr said I should get a steroid shot! I’ve never had one, but they do seem to help other people. Hopefully I do get some good news and a plan. Fingers crossed!

    2. I know, the clock is ticking on Berlin training! I only had an 8 week cycle for Chicago. Hopefully this won’t be a repeat of that training plan!

  2. Wow, I had not realized it has already been four weeks of not running. Ugh, I hope you get some answers soon, or at least some relief from all the soreness. Your post reminds me that I haven’t had any sunrise rides yet in my new place! Maybe tomorrow…

  3. Sorry to read you are still having leg pain. Do I remember you having the high hamstring issue a few years ago? At least it does not look to be stopping you from doing lots of other activities. Hope you get some answers this week

    1. True – hamstring/glute pain is not new to me! But this pain is not in the same place as before. It’s up quite high (in my crotch!) and on the inside vs along the “underwear line” pain I had in the past. I’m surprised it hasn’t calmed down more. It will be interesting to see what the Dr thinks.

  4. I’m so sorry about your glute/hamstring pain! I hope you get some answers and ideas about it.
    Your son seems to have an exciting summer ahead! That little tent looks perfect. I hope your drone survives! I’ve had some rain mishaps with my camera, twice when I’ve been out and hit by a very sudden super-heavy rain and no safe place to quickly hide the camera (the camera bag isn’t 100% waterproof if it rains so heavily). My camera is made to use underwater (with the right lens) but the zoom lens I was using both times got fungus and I had to discard it. Now I make sure to always remove all lids and put the gear in the window for a few hours just in case if I’ve been out in rain.

    1. Those drones do have a full warranty which would have covered the incident (if it is broken) but of course that warranty has expired now. Ugh. 😣

  5. When my pain appeared, I thought of you. I could walk but not run or walk up stairs.

    My chiro did very painful ART on some trigger points. She mentioned abductor but it’s pretty much gone.

    I’m doing one more session next Friday.

    Fingers crossed you find a solution.

  6. You aren’t letting that injury stop you! What a fun, busy week! Your son’s summer job sounds really exciting! Do they take old ladies? Lol. The camping part would be a dealbreaker for me. But yes, it does sound like a perfect job.

    1. Quality gear is going to be the key to having a comfortable experience camping, so hopefully he is all set. Our air mattress was awful to sleep on but he said his sleeping pad was very comfortable. It’s going to be an unforgettable experience for sure!!

  7. Looks like you are having a great kickoff to summer! Sorry about the injury. I had a high hamstring partial rupture and if yours is that, it does take awhile. You’ll be back though! Like you, I worked all summer and commuted to school so nothing too exciting. Your son’s job sounds amazing and I know he’ll have an experience of a lifetime.

    1. Ok, I now have a new term to google – partial rupture! I did ice the area immediately, which seems to be the first step no matter what. I do see ruptures or tears take much longer to heal. Not great timing for Berlin. 🥺

  8. I hope the compression sleeve helps and that you get some good news and direction from your doctor.

    Your son’s job sounds great for a young guy who loves the great outdoors! I hope he has a great summer! Any chance you’ll be able to go see him? Our summer plans include North and South Dakota with some fun stops along the way.
    Debbie recently posted…Weekly RunDown: May 19 – 25 / Remembering That Memorial Day is More Than Just a Three-Day WeekendMy Profile

    1. There is a potential we could see him on a weekend when his group is in town, but we don’t know what his schedule will be yet. So, it’s a moving target. I really hope we can! They go to town every weekend to wash clothes and shower 🙂

  9. That sounds like an amazing summer job! I did the waitressing thing most summers. One summer I worked in a chemistry lab, which was interesting for a chem major.

    Ugh on your injury. I vote for an MRI since I wish I’d gotten one sooner last year. I could have skipped 8 weeks of PT …

  10. Everything sounds amazing, except that you would like to start marathon training on time. Sounds like it’s definitely time for intervention- I hope the doctor can help. I hate these frustrating injuries where you don’t really know what it is. But there’s always a solution.
    Your son’s job sounds INCREDIBLE. He’s really an adventurous kid- he obviously takes after you.

    1. I’ve heard some scary injury stories lately so now I’m afraid it’s worse than expected!
      His job will be such an experience. I just hope he gets to call me every week so we can hear all about it!

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