This week we had a big milestone in our family – our daughter turned 21!! Where has the time gone? When I first started this blog she was only 11 years old. Wow. We are also in the process of making sure our son has everything he needs for his summer job out West. Trying to spend as much time as I can with him before he leaves on Monday. He joined me for a lot of my workouts this week because there was no running, but lots of biking. My running miles were zero, but I did get over 100 miles of biking. Go me! There are 17 weeks until the Berlin Marathon.

Mon – 21 miles biking.  With the Memorial Day holiday I was able to get out and ride in the morning.  I beat the rain AND I didn’t get lost like last week.  Winning!

Since our son will be gone for his birthday in June, I decided that we needed to throw a little surprise birthday party for him.  He was indeed surprised!!  I would love to go see him during the summer, but with his job I’m just not sure we can coordinate a trip to wherever he will be.

Shooting hoops was probably the best part of the night (after the red velvet cake that is!). Fun to hang out with the kids and their boyfriend and girlfriend. I’m not a good basketball player but I do try!

Tues – 20 miles biking.  A ride before work is almost as good as a run 🙂 

Evening – 14 miles biking.  Ladies Ride is back for the season!!  The rain cleared up just in time for the ride.  We even got a rainbow!  Cycle Werks provided pizza and drinks.  It was a good night.  My husband and son went out with the group ride and it only consisted of 3 riders which was nice for my son.  

This fast group usually has about a dozen riders. I guess they all thought it would get rained out!

Weds – 30 mins of treadmill walking while I watched TV.  

Dr visit! I swear just going to the Dr seems like a fix even if nothing is done.  I was feeling pretty good when I went to this appointment.  My Dr said it looks like a tendon strain, and he was not surprised that it’s still bothering me after only 4 weeks.  He said it takes around 12 weeks to heal up (and gave me a sad face!).  BUT, I honestly thought this was good news and that means I’ve only got 8 more weeks to go!  He said biking and walking are fine, as long as it’s a dull ache and not sharp stabbing pain (check!).  I got some advice on exercises and a script for PT, if I decide to do that.  I’m taking it easy and might do some exercises next week.  Also, he said I could try some slow jogging in a few weeks if I’m feeling OK.  Despite this not being the best start for my Berlin training, I’ll take it.  Slow and steady will be fine.  I just want to be healthy by the time the race happens.  I’m thinking a 12 week plan with limited weekly mileage could work, so I’ve still got a few more weeks to go. 

Climbing!  This was fun because my whole family went.  My husband finally reluctantly agreed to join us.  He is “not a fan of climbing”.  And guess what?  We were there for two hours and by the end of the night he declared that “he’d go again”!  Sadly, although I was a little cautious on my climbing, this wasn’t the best activity for my injury.  Duly noted!

Thurs – 14.5 miles biking.  A “zone 2” ride with my son.  I recently recalibrated my heart rate zones and I think they are more correct.  I used to hit zone 4 for everything, which was nuts.  I set my max rate higher, so everything looks more correct now.  

We visited a botanical garden today.  It had a sky bridge and an amazing collection of bonsai trees!  I have decided to grow a bonsai.  Check back with me in 20 years to see how that project is going 😉

It is our daughter’s 21st birthday!!  Dinner and cake.  She is spending her summer working an internship at a local company.  Since the company is primarily remote work, she is at our house all of the time.  We are losing our son for the summer, but we are getting lots of extra time with this one!

Fri – 22 miles biking.  An early sunrise ride.  A bit chilly (51 degrees!), but beautiful sunrise views were the reward for a little bit of discomfort.

Sat – Rest day!  Just a lot of walking around Cedar Point.  A nice family day 🙂

Sun – 10.25 miles biking.  One more time out of the bike with our son.  I have now learned that “hill sprints” also fall in the category of things that make my injury angry.  Doh.  For the record, that was my son’s idea, not mine.

Hopefully all will go well at the airport drop off for my son tomorrow. We have to leave our house at 3am. Yikes!! I only have myself to blame for that one. Saving some money by taking the early flight!

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20 thoughts on “Weekly workouts – milestones”
  1. AWww mama! Good luck with the goodbye tomorrow! The hardest part about having kids is letting them go. Both of mine left at the same time–one for college and one to move to the city for his job. It was a big adjustment. I think you and Alan will be fine because you guys do a lot of things together. Your son’s job sounds so exciting. And you’ll have your daughter there all summer!

    I hope your injury calms down soon.

  2. 21! Happy birthday to her! And happy early birthday to your son! I hope the summer is amazing for both of them. My kiddo starts his new job tomorrow and I’m excited for him.

    I’m super jealous of your temps. Last week was in the 80s and 90s and I thought I was done for!
    Glad your leg is healing up but do be careful with the climbing!

  3. I hope tings continue to improve for our leg. At least you’re learning what exercises/fitness things are best to avoid. Looks like the birthday celebrations were great, as was your week of family stuff. I love all that cycling, and I’m jealous of those long rides before your workday!

  4. Congratulations to both your daughter and your son. Big milestones indeed. I am sorry you’re still dealing with injury but I like how positive you are about it.. I mean it’s not like frustration is going to heal it sooner. You do what you can!

    1. I actually haven’t missed running much at all! For sure, nothing is going to help the situation other than waiting it out. If I didn’t have cycling it would be a whole different story!

  5. Aww what a wonderful week! Exciting birthdays! Looks amazing. Love red velvet cake.

    I have a handful of running friends here doing Berlin as well. I hope you all have an incredible time!

  6. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!! I’m happy for you that she’s home this summer. And, hope the airport dropoff went well today. my husband and son just flew back from CA on the redeye, and they are exhausted (well- they’re both asleep, actually.)
    Sounds like you have a good plan- ugh, why do tendons take so long to heal??? i’m sure all the movement you’re doing is helping it. I’m glad you have cycling to keep you sane!
    Since your son left for the summer, I think you need a new batch of kittens : )

  7. Happy 21st to your daughter and (almost) birthday to your son! How fun that she will be home working remotely this summer. And wow, lots of miles biking – nice job! And nice job playing basketball – I am so bad that I don’t even try, but I should!

    1. It will be nice to have our daughter around this summer. Hopefully she won’t feel smothered by all of the togetherness because I have so many ideas of things we can do together!

  8. Happy 21st to your daughter. It is kind of bittersweet watching them become adults and then having to let them go. Good luck! Glad to hear that you are continuing to feel better and it looks like you are able to stay so active doing other things than running right now.

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