First of all, explain this. Why does my firewall at home all of a sudden block my favorite site for celebrity gossip?? I certainly need to speak to my network admin about this! Hmmmpf.
I forgot to share this delicious movie watching treat I had last night. The best!

On our last trip up north I acquired a new piece for my holiday village. We got it at a resale shop and it needed some cleaning up. That’s where my little helpers come in!


They did an awesome job and now it’s all ready for next holiday season.

Today was a rest day, but there’s no rest from PT exercises! This is my traveling PT kit. It contains my exercise sheets, stretchy band and a homemade ankle weight which is using a 1.5 pound bag of rice which is secured to my leg with that pink scarf! Inventive reuse of household items at it’s finest 🙂

At night we dropped the kids at my parents house and headed over to my office party. It’s our holiday party, but held after the holidays for easier scheduling.


It ended up being a good time with lots of food, desserts, and drinks. Also some good conversation with friends. An enjoyable party!



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