We were all going to run a free club run, the Donut Dash, this morning.  But, due to our late night of partying, the bed magnet won at our house and we all slept in… until 8:30.  That seemed really late.  They we ate a bunch of pancakes.  A very nice thing to do on a cold day!  But finally, I needed to run.  Since it wasn’t quite as cold as it has been, I decided to venture out in the cold.  I was actually excited about it because I had a new podcast from Runners Connect to listen too that is all about the Boston marathon course.  It was a pretty good podcast.  I had a bit of a hard time relating though because the person being interviewed had run the Boston course in 2:20!  Say what??  Way faster than me, but still, it was some good information.


Here’s the three notable events of my run today…. I had GI issues.  Big time.  I am usually not a GI kind of girl, but suffice it to say that a stack of pancakes and orange juice is not quality running fuel.  By 4.5 miles I had to walk because the pancakes were trying to stab their way out of my guts with very sharp knives.  But luckily the pain stopped just as fast as it came, after a few times of stopping, I was able to run the rest of the way.

Item 2, I saw a cool hawk.  It looked just like the one that terrorizes the little birds around our house.

Item 3, I ran with a coyote!  A what??  Yep, it was a coyote just like this one….


No, I did not take the picture of this coyote, but it did look just like it!  Ohio isn’t really the first place you would think of when you think of coyotes but apparently we have a few of them around us.  I saw in a summer a few years ago when it ran across my running path.  I wouldn’t have believed it, but I was with my BRF and she saw it too!  Today, I was running along a part of the paved bike path that has a wooden fence along it.  It’s to keep the people on the trail safe from the sloped “ditch” it runs though.  As I was running, I saw the animal running along side me, but up ahead. At first I thought it was a German Shepherd.  Oh my, I am not friends with German Shepherds.  After being bit by one as a child, I have an irrational fear of them.  I was approaching the area where the wooden fence ended and I wondered if it was going to run another direction, or start running down the bike trail at me (oh god, no!!!!).  I was surprised to see that it was a coyote and the coyote just wanted to get to the other side!  Unfortunately the other side of trail had a little longer fence and the coyote got on the path right in front of my and tried to squeeze himself through the fence.  He didn’t fit 🙁   He did quickly figure out that the fence ended a little way down the path and he quickly sprinted over there and disappeared back into nature.  Pretty crazy stuff!

It was a cool thing to see, so I’m glad I got outside to run today, even though I was cursing the wind, and my stomach.  Luckily the walking barely slowed me down overall.  Mile 5 was bad, but I knew I was getting close so I sped up a little after that!

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 4.38.00 PM

Another exciting thing we did today was bottle the batch of wine we had made over the holidays.  It makes 28 bottles.  Good stuff!


Sydney and Zachary both tried putting the corks in.   It takes quite a bit of muscles!


We stopped over at Old Navy and the girls tried on an active jacket.  It was pretty cool, but I’ll wait until it goes on a super sale.  Sydney really liked it, but it was a tad too big for her.


And lastly, I left Zack in charge of my phone a little too long….



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  1. Wow, only 4 seconds off and got third place?? That’s crazy how close people come in to their prediction! Good job Jeff 😉

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