I was trying to do some stretches this morning on the treadmill, but the soles of my Newtons don’t really work quite so well on this move!  Just an easy 5 miles on the schedule today – but wow, my legs were sore from yesterday’s run!  Whenever I run outside I find that I typically run at least 30 seconds faster per mile.  So, what is an pretty “easy” pace first thing in the morning on the treadmill is a 9:30 on a good day, my outside pace would be around 9:00!  But today, I kept with a really easy 10:00 min mile to rest my legs.


Then of course this happened…


It is quite the trend for 2015 apparently!   We actually did get quite a bit of snow overnight and this morning.  It was a beautiful winter wonderland in our backyard.  So peaceful and pretty!!!



This was my view driving to work.  Don’t worry, I’m actually stopped… as far as you know. 😉


At work I was tempted by left over party treats.  Thanks coworkers for making me consume far too many calories for my own good today!!



I was an awesome Mom and I arranged for the kids to have playdates at friends houses this afternoon, so I transported them on my lunch hour.  It was much needed for them to get out of the house!  We have been together for quite a loooooooong time.

And then tonight, this happened.  My little man bought an iPod Touch and has turned into a tween with earbuds when I am trying to talk to him.  Oh man.



But I won’t mind it too much if I continue to get texts like this….




Question of the day:  Does a school delay or cancellation throw off your schedule?

Yes, I wish I knew about it the day before so I could sleep in a little later!!

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