The theme for today is…. purple!  Today’s workout was 8 miles with 10 x .1 strides.  So for the last 2 miles of my run I pumped up the speed on the TM starting at 7.3 (8:13) ending my last fastest interval at 8.3 (7:14).  Recovery in between was at a 9:30 pace.  I also put my heart rate monitor strap on to see what it registered.  For this run the majority of the run my heart rate was at 150 bpm, and when I did my fastest interval it went to 183 bpm.  I’m no sure if that is good or not, but it’s some good data to have for comparison later on this year!

So back to the purple theme… I decided to give my Mizuno Elixir’s a run today (kind of like deciding which horse you are going to take out of the stables!).  To match it up I had another pair of slightly ill fitting purple shorts.  I seem to be lacking in good fitting shorts, which I guess is why I like my skirts so much when I race.  They just fit so much better!  Here I am doing my stretches this morning – in my closet!

2015-01-20 07.05.03

My knee was feeling “pinchy” today.  It was complaining that I hadn’t done my PT exercises in three days.  My bad.  I was prepared to do them at the hotel this weekend, but at the end of the day I was too tired and I didn’t feel like laying on the hotel carpet.  (ewww)  Don’t get me wrong, it was a clean hotel, but anything other than my own floor kind of creeps me out.

Purple just happens to be the color of the Boston Marathon jackets this year.  I was surprised when I first saw them, and didn’t much care for the color, but it has definitely grown on me!  And lets be honest, no matter what color they are, I’m buying one.  It’s not about the color, it’s about the tradition and what it stands for.  I’ll be wearing mine proudly 🙂  I might just sleep in it for the first month.

2015-01-20 16.52.16    2015-01-20 16.52.25


That model looks pretty speedy in hers!

At lunch time today I went to the gym to do some weights.  I read somewhere that you should do weight training on a tough day vs a rest day so that you can completely rest on your rest day.  So that’s my plan, and I’m trying to make sure I fit my weights in… no matter what!  After my trip to the gym, I chowed down on this salad ASAP because I was starving.  I like to always put eggs in my salad for extra protein.

2015-01-20 13.06.48

After dinner I cleaned and prepped my house for the bunco night tomorrow.  My husband laughs about how I “stage” my plates and bowls on the counter, but I wonder, am I the only one who does this??  I certainly don’t want to be surprised to find out I don’t have a proper bowl/plate for my food, or not have enough food.  I think this is perfectly normal!  Oh, and I finally got around to doing those PT exercises.  Ouch.

2015-01-20 19.49.58


Q: Do you “stage” your food for parties?  (or is it just me….)

2 thoughts on “Purple on my mind”
  1. Yes, I plan my bowls and platters, too! Complete with slips of paper! Too funny. And, AMEN, to the hotel floors! I never walk on them barefoot and if the kids sit on the floor or something, it creeps me out, too. Blah!

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