I canceled my Dr’s appointment today.  I was really torn if I should go or not.  I’ll be honest – it’s a financial decision at this point.  Do I need to spend $80 to have the Dr tell me that I should take it easy on my foot?  The pain fluctuates between a minor annoyance, to a slightly more minor annoyance.  I get tend to get overly excited about pains that I don’t think are right, but as I get older I should probably just start chalking some of it up to “work out hard, expect a few pains”.  I don’t think it’s any sort of permanent damage, although I am surprised that it is still lingering at this point.  I think the Dr will just say:  Ice it after you run.  Don’t do things that make it hurt more (running on frozen snow/uneven ground).  Stretch it out.  Lace your shoes differently so there is not pressure in that spot.  As luck always has it, it was feeling better this morning than it has in the past week.  And I even wore high heels yesterday!

The last time I went in for a minor annoyance (my knee), I ended up with 2 Dr appts, 5 physical therapy appointments, and about $500 out of pocket.  Ouch.  So, I’m going to just suck it up and let this foot thing go for a little while longer and see how it progresses.  The best thing about having a blog is that I can look back weeks from now and know precisely when I made a dumb decision 🙂

I’ve had an odd feeling all today, which will probably last for the next week.  I keep thinking I’ve forgotten my kids somewhere!  My schedule is all messed up this week and I’m working a half day when I’m supposed to be off, and off when I’m supposed to be working, and need to pick up my kids from places and take them places… oh my!  My brain is swirling.  I’m not sure I’m going to be the right place at the right time!  Just breath deep, and keep checking my calendar.

To make matters worse, not only did I get relocated temporarily on Job B (in case you didn’t read about my two job locations), I was also told on Tuesday that we are moving out of our office space on Job A to a new part of our building (thus me needed to come in on my day off).  So I spent the afternoon trying to put all of my work crap into boxes.  I figured I’ll just shove everything in boxes, and then weed out what I really want to keep when I get to my new spot!

2015-03-04 14.24.55
I have to move when??

My new spot does look nice and sunny… that will be a nice change of location!   Not sure why my picture is so blurry.  Hopefully my new space will be back in that corner.  Fingers crossed!

2015-03-04 13.26.16 HDR

Speaking of change of location, I found my Garmin data very interesting.  Look at the elevation on my normal run.  Pretty darn flat.  Elevation gain, 32 ft.


Then check out my run in Colorado.  Elevation gain, 193 ft!


So now I’ve got a 17 mile long run on the schedule for tomorrow morning, after the kids go to school.  Then over to Job B, with a going away lunch for a coworker.  I’m looking forward to my run.  I’m sticking with the treadmill though, for a nice flat place for my feet to land 🙂

Q: Do you have that “mixed up” feeling often, or do you usually have a good grip on your schedule?

A: I have my moments – but as soon as I put my schedule on my calendar, I feel much better.

Q:  What altitude do you live at??


2 thoughts on “New spaces and places”
    1. New insurance plan this year. Dr visit not a $20 co-pay. Pay a deductible first, and I estimated around $80 was the contracted rate for a visit. But luckily, my foot was feeling even more improved this morning. Fingers crossed on the trend!

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