To recap my day… 

Walked down to the finish line 

Had a few samples at the expo…   

  Love the excitement of the city!! 

Saw someone famous!! (But didn’t want to wait in long line to meet her, so I took this stalker pic instead) 

Best shot of the day!  

Had a bunch of carbs with friends   

Enjoyed a bluebeery beer with more friends! 

  Tomorrow – resting !!!

6 thoughts on “We have arrived!”
    1. It’s been beautiful days so far… the calm before the storms apparently! Race day forecast a feels like 41 and rainy at the start. boo! Definitely not wearing tank top or skirt now.

  1. ooooohhhhhh….. You made it to BOSTON!!! SO exciting!!!! Loving the pictures so far!!!! AND WOW!!!! Love the picture at the finish line!!!!! I can’t imagine all the excitement that must be bursting from you knowing that tomorrow you will be crossing that line!!!!! I will try to follow tomorrow! I have this thing call a job that wants to interfere with me keeping up, but I plan on checking in from time to time to see what is going on!! And, I will DVR the race!!! Can’t wait to hear your race recap!!!! I bet you do AWESOME!!!!! Good Luck to you and your hubby!!!!! HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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