I exercised two days this week!  Wow!!  I know, so much for that super running I *used* to do, but hey, given the circumstances this was quite impressive.  I was going to go to gym on Weds and ride the bikes, but the kids had a fog delay for school so I took advantage of an extra hour and walked on my treadmill.  Funny how it takes forever when you walk!  But I got a solid 5K done… in 50 mins.  While I did that I read a book that I heard about called “Strong Curves“.  It’s a glutes intensive training plan.  I thought I would give it a try for a couple of weeks when I am able to do some more physical exercises.  That is an area I could really use some strength training!

2015-05-06 07.44.43

Then I did an ab workout.  I thought the blue sky of my sunroom really made my shoes pop!! 🙂

2015-05-06 08.25.28

My next adventure in exercising was this morning.  I went for a long bike ride.  I think of biking as half the work as running, so I biked 21 miles because I would have liked to run 10 miles today.  Even though I have an old hybrid bike, I do enjoy biking and think “geez, this is so easy!  I just covered 20 miles no problem.”  Then I feel kind of silly for running.  So much easier to bike!!  Then I start to have visions of me competing in triathlons!  I know, I’m all over the place.  Some day I would like to “try a tri”.  The only thing stopping me is the lack of a seriously competitive bike, and being very unsure about the swimming part.  I mean, eww, swimming in open water?  Not sure I’m cut out for that.

2015-05-08 08.41.25

I planned very well for this bike ride because I took along a string bag.  By the end of my bike ride my bag was full!  I stopped back over to that neighborhood garage sale and found some treasures.  One lady told me that I looked like a person “who runs marathons” and “is fit”.  I’m guessing my neon half marathon shirt had something to do with it, but even so I told her my Boston marathon story – because I’m certain everyone loves to hear about that!

2015-05-08 11.16.43 HDR

I even stopped at the mall on my bike ride.  I was being very environmentally conscious today.  Next stop was back to the periodontist.  I’ve been having an issue with the incision in my mouth – known as the “donor site”.  It hurts like #%@^& at certain times of the day.  Randomly it will hurt so bad I have to stop and just clench my fists.  It did it again three times today.  The first time was when I was at the turnaround spot on my bike ride!  So there I am 10 miles from my house on my bike, with tears in my eyes not knowing how long the pain was going to last and wishing I had brought along some pills with me.  Not a good situation.

Such a lovely view.  Maybe to take your mind off the pain in your mouth…

2015-05-08 13.15.15

The Dr thought the incision looked OK, but gave me a prescription for an antibiotic just in case.  And then he decided to take out the stitches.  Oh my.  The first one was no problem.  The second and third hurt so bad I wanted to punch him in the face.  The last one was a lot better.  Until he pressed on the area with his finger.  REALLY???  Did he really have to do that????  By the time I left there I was once again teary eyed.

The last time I got the wave of pain I was at the grocery store with my kids getting my prescription filled.  I just stood there in the dairy isle like a zombie wishing my head would just explode and end the pain.  Ironically it put the kids on their best behavior and they stopped touching every box of food in the store.  Good kids!

Here’s hoping my meds will clear up whatever issue I’m having (or not having) and time will heal all wounds!


Q:  If you have kids, do you take them grocery shopping with you?  Are they helpers?

If you take my kids individually they are great helpers.  Together they run the cart into each other’s feet.

Q: Do you own a bike?  If so, mountain, racing, or a hybrid kinda cruiser?

Q: Do you ever read books on the treadmill?


2 thoughts on “Breaking a sweat (barely) and a trip to the Dr.”
  1. Aw no I hope that mouth pain clears up soon it sounds intense!! I love your thought process about the tri, sounds like the sort of thing that goes around in my head 🙂 your sun room is soooo gorgeous, I love the lamp! Very cool 🙂 I have tried to read on the treadmill many times and I wish I could but I always end up feeling really sick :s it would be awesome for my study though!
    Jessica @ kiwiyogirunner recently posted…The one with taking yoga off the matMy Profile

    1. Thanks! I keep thinking it’s going to get better day by day… My sunroom is a really great room – I think it’s my favorite place of my house.
      It’s a bit easier to read while walking on treadmill, but I definitely can’t read while running it makes me a bit woozy too!

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