While I’m not running this week (resting!!), I thought I’d catch you up on stuff.  Now that the kids are back in school, my husband and I are finding one nice quiet day a week, on my day off.  So far we’ve gone out to lunch a couple times, complete with a ride in the Mustang convertible and a beer (so deviant, a beer at noon??).

2015-09-14 13.29.37

But another thing we’ve done is some cooking!!  One thing that drives me crazy is not having a plan for dinner.  When I don’t have a plan, I find myself going to the store 4 times a week because I didn’t plan ahead and I forgot something.  What a time and money waster!  So when I saw a freezer crockpot meal plan in my inbox, I decided to give it a try.  Note, this is NOT a sponsored post, but just some ramblings about my day….  The plan promised 20 meals in under 2 hours, and for $160!  Sold!


I made a couple shopping trips to Sam’s Club and the grocery store to get the supplies, and then we were ready to go!

2015-09-04 12.13.36

There were lots of veggies to cut.  LOTS.  I have to say, the plan was very well organized.  We had recipes with chicken, beef, hamburger and pork chops.  We bought a lot of stuff in bulk at Sam’s, so we had some leftovers (onions, lots and lots of onions!).

2015-09-04 12.27.45

We didn’t quite get this all done in an hour like I expected.  I mean, if one person can do it in 2 hours, we should have crushed this in an hour, right?  Nope, I think we were in the kitchen for 3 hours that day.  But, we did get our 20 bags of meals to put in the freezer!  And by my records, we spent around $135 because there were some things we didn’t need to buy.

2015-09-04 13.18.57 2015-09-04 14.15.35

Are you wondering what crockpot meal included that watermelon??  Uh, I’m just lazy and couldn’t find another place for it.  That’s why this isn’t a cooking blog 😉

We have tried two of the meals already and they were good.  So far I think it was time well spent.  Did you ever wonder what your parents did while you were at school?  I’m sure they were doing a lot of this.  haha!


Q:  Have you ever done any “freezer cooking”?

I do it sporadically.  But I typically have some bags of pasta sauce, soups,  or Cincinnati style chili in the freezer at all times.

Q:  What would you like to do when you have a day off?

8 thoughts on “What’s cooking around my house”
  1. Whenever I read about people who do the freezer meals, I think, I WANNA DO THAT! But I never do. I would like to do it where like me and 3 friends each choose one thing to make a butt load of and then trade!

    1. I really liked the crockpot concept if these menus, and the fact that nothing had to be cooked ahead of time. I’ve done some other large cooking days where I had all sorts of stuff cooking and it’s pretty time consuming. But still, it’s time well spent!

    1. We have a large stand up freezer which is great! The only problem is that you have to really watch out when you open it up now because it’s so packed – you might end up with a frozen bag of chili on your foot. ouch!!

  2. I have so many freezer meals pin to my board on Pinterest….. but have yet to try it!!!!!! So wish I could, but dang, every minute of my day is accounted for!! But, oh how I would love to do this!!!!!!!

    1. Sounds like me, Pinning lots of recipes! This plan was really nice because of the detailed assembly instructions. Typically I just make a few at a time on my own, not a big group of recipes.

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