What, it’s Sunday morning and the weekend isn’t done yet?  Well I do feel like I’ve had a full weekend in just one day!!  Saturday morning was a key training run/race for me.  I swapped out the “18 mile long run, with 14 at marathon pace” with two races instead.  The first was the Great Black Swamp 25K race.  I’ve never run a 25K, so at the least it would be a PR 🙂  It was a chilly morning and the course was filled with tons of runners from our local Dave’s Running Marathon in Training program.  They all have training jackets which are pretty sweet, and the groups were also using this race as a training run.

2016-03-19 13.56.22
Brrr. It’s cold out here! Some of my “She RUNS this town” friends.


The course was on streets and the bike path that I typically train on.  My plan was to keep on a solid 8:45 pace, which is my planned marathon pace, no matter what.  I tried to slow down early on if I was going any faster.

There was only one “hill”, and that happened around mile 9 when the 15K racers left.  Ironically it was not only uphill, but also into the wind!!  Whew, that zapped a bit of life out of me.  And I had an iPod issue, so that mile wasn’t the best.  Around mile 12 the wind was at our back and the sun was peeking out.  I was getting a bit overheated and I had to stop to take off a layer of tops.  Unfortunately my bib was pinned to two layers of shirts, so I had to repin once to accomplish that task.  That’s a running tip for you – make sure you have a plan if you are going to peel off layers!  I would have pinned the bib on my leg but I didn’t think it was really going to get warm enough.  I didn’t even bother repinning, but made sure my bib was visible on my backside.

My husband and kids were there to cheer me as I finished.  I loved seeing them!  Sadly the best picture of me at the finish area was in front of the port-a-potties!!

2016-03-19 11.18.16 2016-03-19 11.18.18 2016-03-19 11.18.22

Overall I finished with *exactly* 8:45 as my pace!!  And, I got 3rd in my age group!  Good enough to get a bottle opener age group award 🙂  However, this run felt much harder than it should have.  I kept my pace but really questioned whether or not I was going to make it after that hill/wind situation at mile 9.  And even when I had a mile or two to the finish line, I was unable to pick up my pace to finish strong (faster) at the end.  So overall, I have mixed feelings about this race.

Here’s my splits:

  1. 8:41
  2. 8:38
  3. 8:36
  4. 8:40
  5. 8:35
  6. 8:36
  7. 8:39
  8. 8:52  – started uphill & windy!  iPod issues
  9. 9:04
  10. 8:43
  11. 8:44
  12. 8:45
  13. 9:31 – had to stop and take off my shirt
  14. 8:46
  15. 8:38
  16. 8:37

Only 3 hours after I got home from the 25K, I got geared up for the Blarney Shamrockin Shuffle.  It’s a “3 mile run/walk” which was probably the 2nd least athletic race I have been – the first being the Color Run.  A lot of people (including me!) just having a good time.  Since I was running this race as a Glass City Ambassador, I needed to wear my race shirt – which made me very easy to find!  Also, I don’t own anything green, so I pretty much looked like I was in race mode in the midst of a party! 🙂

2016-03-19 15.11.05

The race included a huge heated tent, where the DJ was spinning some great tracks before the race, and people were already drinking.  (what?, that’s going to kill your race time! hahaha)

2016-03-19 17.14.31

Due to the nature of the event, we ended up being almost the last people to cross the start line.  We were behind everyone and I initially ran with my friends who included several people who do not run regularly, if at all.  My friend and her husband did keep up a decent pace (10:00), and I was encouraged to run ahead if I wanted to.  About a half a mile into it my legs were getting over their initial soreness from the 25K and I decided to just “go for it”.  I couldn’t hold back the runner in me!  I started weaving through the crowds.

Can you find me in this race photo??

The best part about the race was that since I started almost last, I spent the whole race passing people!  I felt like one of those charity runners who earned $1 for each racer they passed.  If there were stats, I figured I must have started around 900th (out of 942) and I finished in 191st place!  Crazy fun and empowering to be passing people, especially due to my feelings at the 25K.

The race finished with a long downhill stretch and I was flying!  The running felt really good on my tired legs.  Best pace was 7:27 for that strip.  For some reason the chip timing was not working, but my Garmin had me at 26:02 for 2.98 miles and my clock time was 27:49.     My splits were:  9:25, 8:28, 8:02

2016-03-19 16.35.59
More friends from “She RUNS this town” group

We headed back to the warm heated party tent, and celebrated my day of racing!!  There was a band and lots of friends having a good time.  I would definitely run this event again.  Running is not always serious, and it shouldn’t be!

2016-03-19 17.01.28

I’m taking styling tips from my friend next year.  She looked fabulous from start to finish!!!

That ends my week with 3 races (don’t forget Pi day on Monday!)  Whew!  Maybe the best part of the whole day… slipping into my comfy clothes and eating pizza!!

2016-03-19 19.51.59


Q:  Have you ever run a 25K?

Q:  Do you typically pin your bib on your leg or shirt?

I tend to get heated up when I run, which annoys me a lot when I’m racing, so I usually plan on stripping off a layer of clothes. One time I raced in a vest and had to throw it out on the course because you can’t tie those around your waist!  Lesson learned, never race in a vest.

Q: Have you participated in any fun themed races?  Did you dress up?


7 thoughts on “Racing weekend recap”
    1. Thanks! It always takes at least 5 shots for find a good one when running. One will be good, and the other four will look like I’m walking 🙂

  1. Damn you are a racing machine! I never understand people that manage to still look beautiful after a long run. Do you follow Ali @ Hit the Ground Running? She looks better after a 20 miler than I do after a shower and a fresh coat of makeup. 🙂

    I do usually pin my bib to my leg because I am always worried I am going to get too hot!

    1. So true about Ali! I supposed I’d have to wash my hair more and actually style it to achieve such loveliness. No time for that. haha!
      The great part about stripping off a layer mid race – the feeling that a weight has lifted and you’re running free!

  2. Holy cow… you were quite speedy!!! And to make race pace goal and still have to deal with the bib pinning issue?!!! You ROCK!!! Hands down, I see a perfect Marathon in the near future! You got this!!!!

    Not sure if i am overly tired or what, but I laughed out loud at the photo where everyone is in green and there you are in bright red!!! Love that!!! Can’t miss you!!! 😀

    I am suppose to sign up for the princess half marathon next Feb…. a group of us are going and we will dress up…. I am suppose to be cinderella 🙂

    1. Even if I had to wear a red Ambassador shirt again next year, I would be much better prepared for that race! I never thought of all of the fun accessories that I could have bought at the dollar store. I’m much wiser now 🙂 Maybe I’d even wash my hair next year. Say what??
      Thanks for the positive thoughts about my upcoming marathon. I’m starting to have some serious doubts about a securing a solid BQ. We’ll see. Maybe some tapering and Race Day Magic will get me there!

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