I found this in my draft posts…never got it finished on time… so enjoy it a little late!

I foolishly thought I would have lots of time over Memorial Day weekend to “do stuff”.  Instead of doing stuff, I drove my kids all over the place!  Welcome to the life of having tweens & teens!  So foolish of me indeed.  We did celebrate a big occasion at our house though – my daughter is now a teenager.  Yep, the big 13!

2016-05-29 19.48.19-2

2016-05-30 11.03.24
Birthday treat from Starbucks!! Decaf for sure 🙂


We celebrated by going to Cedar Point.  Sydney got to bring along a friend.  We all had a fun time!

2016-05-28 12.26.04

We also had a cookout with my family.  It involved burgers, and this super yummy cake.  The cake has a layer of chocolate chip cookie dough in the middle.  This is the 3rd year she has requested this as her birthday cake.  It’s a hit for sure!

2016-05-30 17.40.43

Oh, and the kids got to run in the Toledo Roadrunners “Kids Kilometers” run.  Sydney was happy to learn that she still has one more year to race it.

Sydney ran 3K with a 7:39 pace. Great job birthday girl!  2nd place in age group.


Zachary’s age group ran 2K, and he cruised in with a 7:46 pace. Also 2nd in age group!


How has my running been going?  On Sunday I had to wait until 10:30am to run intervals (8 x 600m) due to sleepover friend being at our house in the early AM.  Holy moly, what was I thinking?  It was hot, humid and really sunny.  Due to time constraints I decided to run over to the bike trail, and run there instead of going to the track.  1.25 miles to get there would be my warm up and cool down.  Perfect!  I converted my 600 m intervals, with 400 m rest to .35 miles fast, and .25 rest.

The target pace was 7:49.  I went too fast on the first one.  Ok, it’s a learning process.  Then, the paces were all up and down, but kinda close… until I got about half way through and had visions of me passing out right there on the path!!  I swear I was getting dizzy from the heat.  My “rest” time became “walk” time.  Then I thought about my coach Chris who just happened to be running the Comrades race on that day… in Africa.  Yep, running 50+ miles in the African heat.  I’m getting no sympathy from him, so I struggled through and finished my sets.  I really thought about just quitting at one point, but then remembered I was 1.25 miles away from my house and that would make for a long, sad, hot walk home!  🙂

2016-05-29 11.41.33

My “fast” intervals ended up being: 7:32, 7:53, 7:48, 7:48, 7:59, 8:07 (thought about stopping!), 7:53, 7:59

Given the temps, I’m calling that workout a success!  btw, for that workout I just used the “Interval” setting on my watch.  It asked me for the distance “on” and the distance of “rest” and how many reps.  It was easy peasy, no math involved!!  Only “issue” was I had to convert to miles since my watch determines everything in miles vs meters.


Hope you are enjoying the start of your summer!  

Q: Favorite time of day to do speed work – early AM, any time you can fit it in, or night?

Q: What treat do you request for your birthday?


6 thoughts on “Holiday and Birthday weekend!”
    1. I have the 235. I didn’t spend any time researching it but I was thinking the km/miles setting would be an overall change and the pace would then be “per km” instead of “per mile”. Thoughts? I could program a Workout, but the Interval setting seemed so easy!

    1. I really thought I was going to pass out!! Hopefully switching my speedwork to Tuesdays will force me to run early morning. I’ve got one more day of speedwork to do tomorrow (on Sunday) and then they move to Tuesdays on my schedule.

  1. You are right. That would make your pace in kilometers and that would present a whole new issue. Probably better off sticking with the present system.

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