When I was sitting around thinking about running, and my PIA (pain in the ass), and training, and more running, and more training… I wondered how my training looked last year.  Last year at this time I was training for the same marathon – Erie.  And as luck would have it, a 20 miler always seems to fall on July 4th!  Yes, the hottest day of the year.  Or so it seems 🙂

Here’s what I was running this week, 2015:

  • Mon = 8 miles + strides
  • Tues = 10 miles (8 miles at half marathon pace)
  • Weds = Rest!
  • Thurs = 9 miles easy
  • Fri = 20 miles
  • Sat = Rest!
  • Sun = 5 miles
  • Total = 52 miles

Here’s what I’m doing this week… per my reduced, lame condition:

  • Mon = Rest!
  • Tues = 7.5 miles, intervals *(had some pain)
  • Weds = 6 easy miles *(had pain, pain, pain!)
  • Thurs = Rest!  I biked 8 miles
  • Fri = 8 easy miles *(had some pain)
  • Sat = between 3 and 6 miles, depending how I feel
  • Sun = 9 or 10 miles, 7 at marathon pace
  • Total = 37.5 on the high side

Oh man.  My training has really sucked this cycle.  I was running so many more miles last summer and doing quite well.  Some days I’d crank out 13 or 14 miles before work and feel just fine.  Now, I feel pain from the moment I walk out the door.  Sucks.  But… I’m still working on the issue, trying different things and hoping for the best.

I think above all the rest days help.  I didn’t run at all on Sat, Sun & Mon and then Tuesday I was able to crank out my goal paces on 3 x 1600 intervals.  That accomplishment felt great!  (Until I paid for it the next day!)

2016-06-28 06.27.33

Today I got through my 8 easy miles with a lower amount of pain, following my rest from running day yesterday.  I actually enjoyed my morning bike ride quite a bit.  Biking was far less tiring than running, and I still got out to enjoy the early morning!


My bike is in need of an upgrade!  It’s at least 17 years old, and makes terrible noises due to needing a tune up.  But, it has been a reliable form of transportation for all of these years, so I have to give it credit for that.

I’m looking forward to the long holiday weekend.  We will be going to see some fireworks, and do some relaxing.  I hope you are all having a good weekend too, if that means racing, resting, traveling or just doing nothing!!


Q:  Are you racing this weekend?

I have never run a July 4th race… see previous comment about 20 mile long run usually falling on this weekend!

Q: If you’re training right now – how has your plan been going?

Glad I have a coach, because I’m pretty far off the “paper” training plan now!

Q: What’s your favorite way to celebrate the holiday – cookout, fireworks?


3 thoughts on “What a difference a year makes”
    1. It didn’t bother me while I was biking, but afterwards I was feeling a little sore and wondering if I should have biked as hard as I did (as fast as my little bike would go, which isn’t much!!). It was definitely a lower amount of pain though, not as much as running!

  1. Go to Cyclewerks in Whitehouse for repairs or upgrade. Jon and Julie are awesome people who run as well…

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