Time for some catching up!  My last run was on Friday morning, so it’s been a restful weekend.  Well, restful from working out, but not socially.  I went biking… (or is it “cycling”?  I don’t know the lingo yet.  But I do know how to inflate my tires now!!)

2016-09-23 12.39.36

We went camping

2016-09-24 18.04.24
We caught some fish! We don’t eat them, and I don’t know what kind they were, but it’s fun to catch something!
2016-09-25 10.55.15
Wicked looking spider we ran across on our nature walk.
2016-09-25 10.59.41
You’re never too big to be on someone’s shoulders! Last time I was on Alan’s shoulders was at a Sammy Hagar concert. True story!

2016-09-24 19.19.08-1

Went to a cross country meet

2016-09-24 09.31.12
XC girl’s team. Nope, not sand in their eyes. That’s their Usain Bolt imitation. I think.


Went to two soccer games…

2016-09-25 16.51.43
Not a shot from soccer, but on the way home from soccer. Happy that we can finally go home and rest!


Then tried to relax for a few hours on Sunday before the work/school week started up again!

Monday –  My dreams Sunday night were all fueled by thoughts of watching my friend finish Ironman Chattanooga before I went to bed. What an accomplishment!  I geared up for my big 5 mile treadmill run.  On a scale of 1 (“This sucks”) to 10 (“Flying high”), I would rate my discomfort level at about 5, “It could be worse”.  Not super tight on the strained glute issue, but still tightness on both side in my glutes.  I foam rolled afterwards and I swear, that foam roller is going to be my new best friend!!  (sorry Alan)  It really helps out.

2016-09-26 07.17.46-1
We have two Trigger Point rollers in our house. I bought this one at a garage sale for 75 cents!!! SCORE!


Tuesday – Intervals.  My first attempt at speedwork.  Maybe I should say “speedwork” because the pace didn’t seem very challenging on paper, but whew, running it was a whole different thing!  It was 4 repeats of 8:22, which I had labeled “race pace” and I didn’t quite get through all of them without stepping off the treadmill for a rest now and then.  But hey, it’s a great starting point and I felt much less glute/hamstring pain on my run.  Woohoo to that!!

2016-09-26 06.05.45
Not nearly as awesome as running outside, but I am catching up on lots of DVR shows on my basement treadmill!


So that’s been my week so far.  Hope you are having a good week!  Dare I say things are actually on an upswing in the running department?  I’ve been giving the hamstrings rest, then rolling and some PT exercises/gentle stretching.  And those Hansons warm ups before I run.  (but I am NOT on a Hansons plan right now, it’s actually the last 4 weeks of the Hal Higdon Advanced half marathon plan)


Q:  Do you know anyone who has run an Ironman? Have you??

Q:  Spiders… fan, or freaked out by them?

I don’t mind them.  Unless they are actually on me.  Then we have a problem!

Q:  Do you foam roll regularly?

Not sure why I waited so long to roll.  It’s pretty awesome!

8 thoughts on “Catching up, and rolling with it!”
  1. I also had a friend doing his first Ironman in Chattanooga! I have several other friends in our running club who have done an Ironman but I have no desire to even attempt one. As for spiders, I don’t mind the little ones but the quarter-sized and bigger freak me out. I have chronic Achilles issues in my left leg and foam rolling every day seems to help, even on days when I don’t run.

  2. I had a friend who completed the Ironman in Chattanooga….. a WHOLE new level of respect!!! I can’t even imagine that feat!!!!! AMAZING!

    Spiders freak me out!!! I am intrigued by them, but scared to death of them too!!!!! We have black widows around the outside of our house that we see all the time!!! EEEEK!

    I have to constantly roll my right foot… no foam roller, but rather a tennis ball!

  3. Whooo congrats to your friend! Ironman!!!

    My hammy’s have been tight the last couple of days for the first time EVER and I have been wondering why?! I wonder if my form is off for some reason since I’ve never had hamstring issues before! I’m so glad that your body is feeling better and recovering well!

    I sort of like foam rolling. I mean it hurts and it’s hard but I like doing it just so I can complain about it and make Adam give me a massage after! lol
    Kristina Running recently posted…Hill / Bridge Repeats: Need Your Advice!My Profile

    1. Ugh. I hope yours goes away. Hamstring pain is no fun! Rolling is painful, but a good pain indeed. Apparently just not pushing yourself, and taking rest days is all that is needed sometimes to make a situation better. Who knew? (not those Hanson brothers I tell you. haha)

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