I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!  We did around here.  The kids didn’t come to our bedroom until 7am, which is actually sleeping in a bit for us!  I don’t want to talk about Christmas today though – I wanted to talk about my run.  I woke up this morning feeling pretty much zero motivation to run.  But I knew it would make me feel good when it was done, so I geared up to go outside.  We are having a bit of a warming streak and it was 44 degrees!  A freaking heat wave for sure!

2016-12-26 08.19.25

Another reason I ran today was to flush out my body.  It’s no secret that I enjoy treats.  I mean I love salads and fresh veggies, but I also can never say no to 2nd brownie, cookie, candy bar or fudge.  Christmas is a time of overindulgence for me, and I have no shame it that.  I workout so I can enjoy my treats!  It felt good to work off some of that extra sugar.

While running I crossed paths with Alan.  He dressed appropriately for his speedwork.  Go GCM!!

2016-12-26 08.57.44 2016-12-26 08.58.19

Me, not so much.  Well, my run was actually just “fun run”.  I even put my Pokemon Go app on and hatched some eggs.  Go me!

2016-12-26 09.30.15

My planned 6 miles turned into 10 miles for another reason today too.  I’ve been feeling a bit blue about Christmas this year.  It’s a mix of a few things.  I struggled to find gifts for people.  I felt unprepared.  But two larger family issues have been weighing on my mind.  First of all, my family is out of sorts.  My Dad is in a rehab facility (nursing home), which has been a bit tough.  He had to have emergency knee surgery early this month.  It’s hard to see him frustrated that he is making progress very slowly (and some days not at all), and having my Mom home alone while he is there.  They are getting to that challenging part of their lives when a lot of things just suck.  As they tell me all the time, “getting old sucks”.  I hear ya.  I see it.  No one is sure when he will be home.  It’s just a long journey to normal again.

Second reason, Bunny and Marv are on my mind.  They are Alan’s parents.  My MIL and FIL passed away two years ago, on Dec 20th and 26th.  It was a very unexpected dark time in our lives, and each holiday reminds of that.  We miss them dearly and wish they were still with us.  I am still trying to figure out the best way to honor them during this time.  It’s tough.  The nursing home where my FIL spent his last days is on the path where I run quite frequently, and each time I pass there I give a special gesture and prayer for him.  Marv and Bunny are so very special to me.  I just wanted to take this moment to remember them both.  Love you guys 🙂

Bunny & Marv at their 50th wedding anniversary

Bunny was a strong opinionated German immigrant (real name, Brunhild!).  She knew my love of chocolates.  She always gave me the best chocolates for Christmas!  Marv was a funny guy – my husband definitely gets his sense of humor from him.  He was also the most mechanically inclined guy I know.  He taught my husband a ton of skills.  They used to rebuild car engines together!!


So there you have it.  Thoughts overload this morning.  As you all know, running is a workout for the mind and body.  I’m glad to have it today!  Despite the blues today, I do also want to take this time to give thanks for Alan and my kids being in good health.  Count my blessings every day 🙂


Q:  Are there any special blessings you are thankful for this holiday season?

Q:  Is the weather warmer in your area?

Q:  Do you have to work this week?  Doing any traveling this week?



4 thoughts on “10 mile flush, therapeutic miles”
  1. Hmm yes, I think the weather is a little bit warmer here. By a degree or two or 50 🙂 It was 79 degrees on my run this evening when the sun was already starting to set!

    What a lovely post with sentiments for your in laws. I can feel your love through them in your words. They sound like great people who brought a lot of joy to your life. Their memories live on!

    I am sorry to hear that your dad is in rehab. A couple of years ago my grandfather spent Christmas in rehab/nursing home after he fell. I know it’s not easy seeing your dad in there or having to visit him there during the holidays, but by being there he will recover so much faster and will be home where he belongs quicker. Sending positive thoughts your way! xo
    Kristina Running recently posted…Finally Conquering a Personal FearMy Profile

    1. Thanks Kristina! My in-laws were very special people. The nursing home/rehab situation is tough seeing all the people there far worse than my Dad. Positive thoughts- it’s just a temporary relocation!!

  2. Marv and Bunny look just like Alan! I can imagine the holidays are tough for you guys not only because you don’t have them here anymore, but because it’s when you lost them. My grandfather died 14 years ago on December 20th. I think about him all year long, and around Christmas, I feel more sad for my grandmother who is still with us and she doesn’t have him.

    I’m glad your run helped you sort through things. Life just sucks sometimes, but it is also good to count your blessings, like you do! Hang in there, dear Lisa! <3
    Megan @ Meg Go Run recently posted…MGR’s Weekly WorkoutsMy Profile

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